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1.4ATA portable hyperbaric chamber: Top Features in 2020

By hqt / 4 6 月, 2020

All Features of 1.4ATA Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

Macy-Pan’s 1.4ATA portable hyperbaric chambers are the first choice for people who want to step into top quality hyperbaric chambers.  The chamber comes in different shapes and sizes. If you are not comfortable lying down in an enclosed chamber, you can always go with the choose the one that offers the sitting facility.

However, before you get down to choosing any type of hyperbaric chamber for yourself. You need to understand what is HBOT and how it is effective? So, in this article, we are going to talk about the basic HBOT concepts and then focus on the features of the 1.4ATA portable hyperbaric chamber.

1.4ATA portable hyperbaric chamber

 Introduction to Portable Chamber

Macy-Pans portable chambers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for effective, compact, and portable chambers. Most of these chambers split open in the middle and they are zipped down towards the feet.

The chambers come with an 89-inch length. However, we do offer different length options. So, if you are looking for a shorter or a longer chamber, you can check with us. Our outstanding and high-quality portable chambers have the ability to deliver compressed oxygen at a number of ATAs.

For instance, we have portable chambers that offer 1.4ATA or 1.3ATA. To ensure 95% of oxygen purity, our chambers come with upgraded 10LPM oxygen generators. Pure oxygen enhances the overall treatment.

Since our top priority is your comfort, therefore most of our chambers come with a dehumidifier. These dehumidifiers tend to make the overall treatment session comfortable. At the core of our chambers is security.

Every chamber is designed to offer a high level of securities. Therefore, most systems incorporate speed exit. There is an emergency pressure relief button that would allow the patient to quickly exit the chamber, in case of the emergency outside.

Furthermore, our chambers come with inbuilt dual pressure gauges. Thus, making it possible to provide redundancy of airflow both outside the chamber as well as inside it. There is no denying that our competitors cannot offer premium quality chambers at the prices we do.

Quality and Experience

We are in the business for 13 years now. Each unit manufactured by us lasts for about 25 years or so. Their high durable heat-welded seams along with proprietary zipper system and thermoplastic polyurethane that is medically graded make them the reliable chambers.

Not only this, but we also promise to deliver quality. Therefore, we have acquired all the industrial certificates that ensure our superior quality. After all, we do understand that investing in portable or hard type hyperbaric oxygen chambers is an important decision.

In addition to investing a handsome amount, you would also be treating people. Therefore, it is imperative to have only the highest quality hyperbaric chambers.

Top Features of our Oxygen Chambers

Below are the basic features of all our chambers including the 1.4ATA portable hyperbaric.

Warranty Provided

Unlike many of our competitors, we do offer a warranty for our oxygen chambers. After all, our objective is to make our current and potential clients trust us. Since we maintain the highest quality standards, therefore, it is highly less likely that you would encounter any problem.


Regardless, the shape of the hyperbaric chamber you choose. Our chambers, vertical and horizontal, are made to offer comfort. There is enough room for you to sit or to lie down without getting uncomfortable.

Most of these chambers support one person. However, there is enough room to be at ease throughout the entire session of your treatment.

Transparent Windows

We understand that some of you might not like the idea of being enclosed in a small box, no matter how comfortable it is. So, to make you at ease, we have incorporated a good size transparent window. The idea is to make it easier for people who suffer from cataphoric issues.

In addition, these windows allow ambient light.  Also, they help in monitoring form different viewpoints.

95% Pure Oxygen

Our high-quality and effective chambers have the ability to provide 95% pure oxygen to their respective patient via a nasal cannula or a facemask. This high level of oxygen purity is what makes our chambers top of the line.

Prevention of Carbon Dioxide

Our experts have come up with a unique design that does prevents the build-up of carbon dioxide. The effective carbon dioxide filters do not even let micron level pollutants enter the air.

3 Zipper System

The chambers come with the amazing 3 zipper system. This further enhances the security of the chamber. Two zippers are for the chambers, one located on the inside whereas the other on the outside. Both these zippers seal the center flap.

For the additional cover, there is a third zipper. It also helps in reducing the possible breakage as well as the stress.

Proper Pressure

Our unique pressure design ensures that the proper depressurization of the chamber. The relief values present inside the chamber as well as the outside ensures correct depressurization. In addition, there is an emergency valve inside the chamber. This also helps in the depressurization of the chambers.

Effective Oxygen Sessions

We use state of the art technology in our chambers so that they tend to deliver effective and safe oxygen sessions at different ATA. For instance, our 1.4ATA portable hyperbaric chamber delivers oxygen at 1.4ATA.

Also, changing the exhaust values is simple and smooth. You would need 5 minutes to do it.

Internal Pressure Gauge

All our chambers come with an internal pressure gauge located in the inside of the chamber. This pressure further enhances the control of the chamber pressure. In addition to the internal pressure gauges, chambers also have external pressure gauges.

Internal Steel Frame

Our chambers are extremely robust. Their structure is strong, thus ensuring security and safety. To entry the unit, you would pass through an internal steel frame. This frame ensures that the unit does not collapse on top of you while you are entering it.

Moreover, it helps maintain the unit shape especially when you are not using it. After all, the correct shape of the chamber is imperative for its effective results.


To further enhance your experience, our chambers come with an additional dehumidifier. It makes the overall experience more relaxing and comforting.

Certified Machines

One of the reasons that we are the leading company is that our materials are certified non-toxic medical grade. They have an extra strength of three layers forty-four oz TPU. They embed the TPU with the Dacron, a polyester material.


It is possible to continuously use these chambers at the same time; you will be reducing the build-up of carbon dioxide.

Competitive Price Range

What makes us among the best manufacturers, is our competitive prices while ensuring the highest quality of the product. Our competitors are not able to offer the same quality at the same price.

Take Away

Macy-Pan delivers high quality, reliable, and robustness hyperbaric chambers across the world. They offer versatility in terms of shapes and sizes. Their 1.4ATA portable hyperbaric chamber, 1.5ATA hard type chamber, and several others are of superior quality.

They meet the highest industry standards and have all the required certification that ensures that every chamber they build is unique and top-notch quality. So, regardless of the purpose of you purchasing the oxygen chamber, reach out to them to get the best that is there.