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Plateau Oxygen Bar | Oxygen Star One Civilian Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber throughout the Tibetan plateau and other regions

By macypanhbot / 21 12 月, 2023

Plateau Oxygen Bar | Oxygen Star One Civilian Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber throughout the Tibetan plateau and other regions

Tingri County, Shigatse City, Tibet is located at the foot of Mount Everest in the northern foothills of the middle section of the Himalayas, with an average elevation of nearly 4,000 meters, thin air and oxygen content of only 60%-70% of the plains……. This is a true portrayal of the harsh environment in Zada County, Tibet’s Ali region. This is also the place where Songjiang’s Tibet aid team has been carrying out aid work since 1995. The high altitude and low air pressure here are a great test of the physical ability of the people who enter Tibet. Knowing the hard working and living conditions in the area, Baobang Medical donated 4 sets of civilian hyperbaric oxygen chambers to the area with the support of Shihudang Township Government to support the cause of Shanghai’s Tibet Aid.

In this Tibet’s most remote, one of the longest border line county, the influx of a large number of aspirants to participate in the construction. They have different identities, there are civil servants serving the people, and there are soldiers of the army with a mission in mind……. However, the difficulties they face are similar: the lack of oxygen and the low-pressure environment in Tibet often bring headaches, vomiting, breathing difficulties and other symptoms.

According to incomplete statistics, 80% of the people who go to the plateau will have plateau reaction. High reaction, the most fundamental reason is “oxygen partial pressure is too low” and “hypoxia”. At an altitude of 3,000 meters in the plateau area, the air oxygen content of about 66% of sea level, 5,000 meters above the plateau area, the air oxygen content of only 52% of sea level. Therefore, people living in the plains who travel to the plateau will experience plateau reaction due to lack of oxygen. People living in the plateau area for a long time are not “immune”.

As a direct and effective way to relieve altitude sickness, hyperbaric oxygen has become an essential part of everyone’s daily life.

Working principle of civilian hyperbaric oxygen chamber

The solubility of oxygen in liquid increases with the rise of pressure, and the working principle of civilian hyperbaric oxygen chamber utilizes pressure pedal power equipment to increase the pressure inside the chamber. In high altitude areas, increasing the cabin air pressure is equivalent to lowering the altitude, which can increase the oxygen content in the user’s blood. When a plateau reaction occurs, the advantage of using a civilian hyperbaric chamber over oxygen cylinders is that there is no dependence on oxygen cylinders, no additional oxygen is added, and a rapid descent is the only and safest way to relieve symptoms. The use of civilian hyperbaric chambers can descend to a safe altitude of less than 2,000 meters to improve the user’s symptoms and provide health care.

Oxygen Star One also has many users from the high Tibetan plateau area, recently received from the Tibet Zhongba County customer feedback, the customer said that Oxygen Star One civil hyperbaric chamber can not only be very good to alleviate the discomfort of plateau reaction, but also can be carried out in the daily recuperation and health care.