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Customer feedback

Voices from our customers:

“Someone told me my skin got a glow when I was doing hyperbaric therapy.”

“It’s been about 2 years now and we have been using your chamber on our son(5 years old), and have seen amazing health benefits for his brain injury. ”

“Yesterday, we skipped this hyperbaric session and I evaluate my child. He really have a better vocabulary and better eye contact.”

“As for the health, I can say that my tinnitus has gotten better.”

“Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(mhbot) is discussed in many biomedical treatments for Autism books which I have read on my journey to try and improve the symptom of our autism diagnosis.”

“He feels improvement, he is suffering from lyme disease. We have a lot of lyme patients and the hyperbaric is part of the treatment protocol.”

“I myself went 10 sessions of 30 minutes without a mask effect felt improved mood, energy became more.”

“I wanted to share that since using the chamber I feel like my brain is more awake, I definitely feel more alert.”

“I feel that I’ve made one of the best purchases of my life.”