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What are the side effects of 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy?

By hqt / 29 6 月, 2020

List of diseases treated with Hyperbaric Chamber therapy

1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber

What does 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy mean?

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, pure oxygen is breathed in a therapeutic 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber at a pressure. It is above normal atmospheric pressure. The usual total pressures are between 2.0 and 3.0 bar.

1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber – a new process?

Pressure chamber treatments for diving accidents have been known since the turn of the century. However, there have been pressure chambers before. In the 1940s and 1950s, the process of breathing oxygen under positive pressure was intensively researched.


1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber has been used increasingly since the 1960s. It became widespread in the USA at an early stage.

What happens during Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy?

The goal of this therapy is to increase the oxygen content in the blood. For this purpose, pressure serves as an aid. It apart from some illnesses has no therapeutic significance of its own. People breathe pure oxygen under an increased ambient pressure. This will increasingly dissolve in the blood fluid.


At conventional therapeutic pressures, the oxygen solubility is increased by a factor of 20. This achieves the following therapeutic effects:

Oxygen penetrates many times deeper into the tissue and thus reaches body

Cells that are responsible for building new tissue when wounds heal need a minimum amount of oxygen to function.

The new formation of small blood vessels healing process is stimulated by HBO therapy

1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy works against pathogens in several ways. Certain germs cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment. Therefore killed off directly during HBO.

Part of the body’s own defense cells. They require large amounts of oxygen to kill germs. If there is a lack of oxygen, their function is impaired. As a result, wounds can become infected. HBO therapy can improve the performance of these cells and thus the immune function.

Swelling in the tissue can be reduced by 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy.

In the case of smoke poisoning, the elimination of carbon monoxide from the body is accelerated by HBO therapy.

What diseases are treated with 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy today?

The following diseases are recommended by international professional associations for the treatment with 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber.


Diving accident

Gas embolism

Smoke gas and carbon monoxide poisoning

severe soft tissue infections (e.g. gas fire)

Acute diseases:

Skin and muscle transplants with endangered in growth

severe burns (more than 20% of the body surface or on hands, feet, face)

life-threatening blood loss without the possibility of administration of preserved blood

severe soft tissue injuries

open fractures of a higher degree

Foci of pus in the brain tissue

acute inner ear diseases: e.g. sudden hearing loss, bang / noise damage with or without tinnitus

Chronic diseases:

poorly healing wounds, e.g. B. in diabetes or circulatory disorders

Side effects of radiation therapy with wounds or organ damage (e.g. on the skin, bones, bladder, rectum); partly also for prevention

Inflammation of the bone tissue

Scientific studies have shown promising results for the following diseases. But the potential of 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy is the subject of further research efforts:


Circulatory disorders of the retina of the eye

Migraines and so-called cluster headache

Sports injuries

Bone infarctions (aseptic bone necrosis)

How does 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy work?

Every 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy is divided into three phases. First the ambient pressure is slowly increased. In this phase, the patient notices a feeling of pressure on the ears. It corresponds to the feeling when landing on an airplane.

By chewing or swallowing movements pressure equalization is established and the pressure disappears. The actual oxygen therapy follows the pressure build-up. It is usually carried out in 30-minute sections.

They are interrupted by short air breaks. Oxygen is breathed through special masks. Mini-oxygen tents are used less frequently. Air remains in the pressure chamber itself throughout the treatment.

With further oxygen breathing, the pressure is then reduced to normal pressure again over approx. 15 minutes. In most diseases, the individual treatment lasts 95 to 135 minutes.

Once-daily therapy on five to six days of the week is the norm. But emergency treatment may require 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber treatments several times a day.

The total number of treatments required varies depending on the condition being treated. For acute inner ear diseases, 10 to 15 HBO sessions are carried out. And for wound healing problems, bone the total number of treatments is 30 to 60 sessions.

What safety precautions are there and how is Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber constructed?

Modern pressure chambers have 10 to 14 comfortable seats. The chamber length is approx. 6 to 7 meters with a standing height of more than 2 meters. Auxiliary personnel can get in at any time within 30 seconds via a special antechamber.

1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber suppliers

Individual patients can also leave the 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber at any time. Via a video surveillance system, contact between pressure chamber personnel and patients can be maintained at all times during treatment.
With regard to medical monitoring, it should be possible to check the oxygen content in the blood at several places. The equipment for monitoring the ECG and blood pressure is also part of the standard.

How to check emergency cases with 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber?

Pressure chambers for the treatment of emergency patients can be equipped with a variety of other monitoring options.
Fire protection plays an important role both in the construction and in the daily operation of 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber.

All chambers are checked with regard to the applicable regulations in this regard. Patients are advised not to take any flammable objects into the pressure chamber.

What are the side effects of 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy?

HBO therapy is considered a safe procedure if we follow proper instructions. Serious side effects are very rare in relation to the frequency of use.

Side effects due to overpressure: less pressure equalization may result in strong pressure can arise in the ear area. Therefore, it can become painful.

Pressure equalization problems usually occur with colds, hay fever or restricted nasal breathing. The 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber personnel must be informed immediately of any such problems.

The treatment can be stopped for the affected patient. Moreover, it usually continues after a break of a few days. If pressure builds up despite problems, damage to the middle ear cannot be excluded.

Similar difficulties occasionally occur in the area of ​​the paranasal sinuses. The patient then notices pulling pain in the forehead and / or upper jaw area.

Oxygen intolerance: The usual HBO treatments are designed so that oxygen intolerance is extremely rare. The latter can manifest as malaise, nausea, tingling on the fingers and face.  Moreover, they are harmless according to 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber knowledge.

Which preliminary examinations are carried out before the therapy?

Every patient is examined in detail before 1.5ATA Hard Type Hyperbaric Chamber therapy. Of course, this also includes the discussion of the medical history with regard to the therapy. In addition, the following examinations are carried out for each patient:

Assessment of the middle ear

physical examination of the lungs and heart

Checking lung function

EKG at rest

Chest x-ray (not older than two years)

Do other oxygen therapies have similar effects to HBO therapy?

The positive pressure aid is decisive for the significant increase in oxygen solubility during HBO therapy. Breathing oxygen at normal pressure may increase solubility. But not in areas where the above effects are achieved.

How do I find the closest pressure chamber center?

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