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5 Proven benefits of Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber: (2020 Guide)

By hqt / 8月 31, 2020

How to use oxygen hyperbaric chamber for pet?

Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber


Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber is one of the latest technologies build for animals especially. If you love to keep pets or you want to use advantages of oxygen therapy, hyperbaric chambers are the best options. These chambers come in various sizes. In this article I will explain what benefits and features hyperbaric oxygen chambers provide to animals and humans.

What is the hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment is the use of oxygen at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. The customer is therefore placed in an environment with an ambient pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. It increases the oxygen pressure that the person will breathe.

The benefits of the Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber    

Do you know the benefits of the Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber here are some of them?

– Increase energy

– Relieve pain

– Better sleep

– Increase concentration

– Increase at cognitive and motor level etc.


What is the Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber used for?

Hyperbaric medicine takes care of vital emergencies such as diving accidents, gas embolisms or carbon monoxide poisoning. This technique can also treat chronic conditions, such as difficult healing wounds such as lesions after radiation therapy or diabetic ulcer wounds.

Different hospitals provide Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber facility these days where you can maintain a regular hyperbaric therapy for your animal. Moreover, you can also maintain this by purchasing a new Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Each pressurized chamber can rise up to 4 bars, the same pressure as 30 meters deep underwater.

How does the hyperbaric chamber work?

In a physiological (normal) context, the vast majority of oxygen is transported in the blood by hemoglobin (red blood cells). And a very small part is dissolved in the plasma: in ambient air, 0.2 ml of oxygen is transported by plasma per 100 ml of blood.

This rate increases to 2.5ml dissolved oxygen / 100ml blood if the patient breathes with a 100% oxygen mask. And this value increases to 7ml dissolved oxygen / 100ml blood. While breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized atmosphere at 3 bars such as inside a hyperbaric chamber.

Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber then acts as a drug. Delivered in large quantities under conditions of higher than normal pressure.  It regenerates damaged, infected or hypoxic (oxygen-poor) tissues. In addition, it promotes the proliferation of blood vessels,

Oxygen is the source of life, on this issue there is no doubt. But what could happen if we fed our bodies more oxygen than our biology is used to? The hyperbaric chamber brings us more and more answers on the question.

Another frequently asked question: Why not just use an oxygen concentrator to increase our oxygen level? It’s all about the change in atmospheric pressure that we manage to achieve in a hyperbaric chamber. A pressure that is unattainable with just an oxygen concentrator. But that’s another story…

Remember, I’m not a doctor and this Blog post is just a personal opinion summary of several dozen studies found on Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber Features

Treats carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious brain damage and even death. Carbon monoxide can somehow block the movement of oxygen in the blood. This thus reduces the amount of oxygen supplied to the tissues.

Sessions in a Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber have shown a decrease in mortality in people who have been poisoned by CO2. By increasing the oxygen saturation in the blood by pressure, it helps the body to dislodge the carbon monoxide molecules that are still present.

3- Improves certain vision problems

The hyperbaric could help certain vision problems like occlusion of the central retinal artery. It’s a bit like an “eye infarction”. That is to say, the main artery that supplies the eye becomes blocked for all kinds of reasons. From there, if not treated quickly, the affected person may have partial or even permanent vision loss!


Could restore damaged tissue: Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Bacteriological infections can destroy certain tissues in our epidermis. Sometimes everything can even turn into gangrene! A trial on 1583 people proved that hyperbaric sessions could significantly improve conventional treatments during infection.

Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber can reduce inflammation and promote restoration of affected tissue. In addition, in certain cases and depending on the type of antibiotic used, hyperbaric solutions could increase the effect of these during bacteriological infection.

Reduces chronic pain

Hyperbaric sessions tested on 60 people demonstrated a reduction in chronic pain. People with fibromyalgia have felt benefits after 8 weeks of continuous treatment. Some people with muscle ailments saw a marked improvement in their health after 3 weeks.

Others were even able to reduce their pain medication. It is really not trivial for people suffering for several years.

Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber

How is a session going in Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

Comfortably installed in a room where there are 8 armchairs. The pets breathe oxygen through a mask. Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. The pressure rises to 3 bars. A pet that has a pacemaker or orthopedic equipment such as a hip prosthesis can be treated in the chamber.

There is no age limit. During the session, patients remain permanently under the control of caregivers through the windows and technicians who check:

  • the pressurization
  • the gases inhaled
  • various controls, etc. on the screens

Precautions before entering the hyperbaric chamber:

  • Metal jewelry should be removed
  • synthetic clothing such as nylon which can induce static electricity should be avoided
  • and cotton clothing should be preferred

An ophthalmologic check-up is systematically done because hyperbaric oxygen therapy can cause transient myopia. In this case we stop the sessions for a while and then after a new eye check we can resume the sessions. Diabetic retinopathies are not a contraindication to treatment. Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber also comes with some requirement in the case of pets’ treatment.

Monitoring the evolution of wounds:

Once a week, the doctor wants to see the wounds and assess their healing. Photos are taken and archived.

How many sessions does it take to observe an evolution?

You need at least 15 to 20 sessions, 3 times a week, otherwise it’s useless. The treatment can be continued as many times as necessary as long as healing is not complete.

This surely helped this very positive and courageous patient avoid amputation of her toes or even a foot. She did these time-consuming sessions because she saw the good evolution. Today his wound is closed and we stop the sessions.

Hyperbaric therapy involves placing one or more individuals in an airtight chamber in which the air pressure is increased by means of a compressor.

The increased pressure allows oxygen to be “forced” into body fluids such as blood plasma, lymphatic fluid and cerebrospinal fluid.

Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber makes it possible to oxygenate parts of the pet body which do not receive oxygen through the simple process of respiration. It is to stimulate blood circulation in the brain, to improve cell metabolism and to reactivate cell repair mechanisms.

Hyperbaric chamber treatments would have a beneficial effect in treating people who are victims of a stroke. Breathing 100% oxygen seems to restart the formation of new neurons.



After reading the various articles on our website you have been able to understand what our site is and Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber. We invite you here to better understand the strengths and benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on your health and well-being. You can buy a range of hyperbaric chambers from here. They will help you in maintain continuous therapy challenges.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has indeed many therapeutic virtues. The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions are based on the combined effects of intensive oxygenation and ambient air pressurization. This pressurized oxygen treatment is made possible thanks to the hyperbaric chamber. The oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber have benefits both on health, well-being and as part of a preparation or sports recovery.


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