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How to buy hyperbaric chamber from home? Pros & Cons

By hqt / October 13, 2021

buy hyperbaric chamber
Should you buy hyperbaric chamber? It is good for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (abbreviated as COPD) causes patients to have difficulty:

  • Breathing
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • and more serious complications

To treat this disease, many doctors have recommended patients to use oxygen therapy at home. What should you keep in mind when applying this measure to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease?

Notes when using home oxygen therapy for COPD patients

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease requires home oxygen therapy combined with treatment. For this, you need to buy hyperbaric chamber. Patients can choke at any time during an acute attack of dyspnea. And especially, when the patient is physically active, home oxygen therapy will be the fastest way to save the patient.

What a patient’s family should keep in mind when buying hyperbaric chamber?

For the patient to breathe on average from 15-18 hours a day, the breathing in the evening before going to bed should be longer than during the day.

The patient’s family should not let the patient use oxygen therapy at home 24/24 hours unless it is too severe because this is not good for the patients.

Use the correct dose as prescribed by your doctor. Specialist doctors will have specific treatment instructions on the dose of using home oxygen therapy. This is based on the actual condition and condition of the patient. It gives ability to breathe, which will make the patient dependent.

Patients need to visit the hospital for monthly check-ups. When going to the hospital for re-examination, the family should take the patient to do the necessary tests. Thereby the doctor can assess the progress of the disease and reassess the dose of oxygen.

Buy Hyperbaric Chamber for Home

Use a home oxygen ventilator according to the instructions and choose a quality machine to ensure stability and performance. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease needs to be treated quickly when the patient has an acute attack of shortness of breath. Moreover, the use of an unstable oxygen ventilator can cause the patient to die

There are three ways of delivering oxygen therapy

Gaseous oxygen compressed in high pressure cylinders, generally common by patients who     need   short-term home treatment; the cylinders are heavy and the contents are consumed quickly. A quality machine will save you a lot of treatment costs for patients to use at home.

Buy hyperbaric chamber. This is currently the most common therapy machine. It allows you to perform oxygen therapy when you leave your home.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Buy Hyperbaric Chamber

Frequent filling of the handset causes O2 losses and decreases the overall life of the base unit. It is advisable to charge the handset immediately before using it. Similarly, you can use it until the O2 it contains completely exhausted.


It is possible to store large quantities of O2 in relatively small volumes: 1 L of liquid O2 corresponds to 870 L of gaseous O2 ensuring the patient great autonomy. In addition, the portable unit makes walking easier for the patient and allows him to leave his home while continuing to carry out the therapy


Limited autonomy, the stroller can deliver oxygen for a limited number of hours which depends on the flow of O2 common;

There are 3 types of hyperbaric chamber

Buy hyperbaric chamber for the patient for therapy by extracting it from the ambient air. Since oxygen is common only in the inspiratory phase there is some degree of waste in the continuous administration of O2. The concentrators are able to deliver O2 also intermittently or only during the inspiratory phase.

Buy hyperbaric chamber with a trolley. Moreover, it can operate both on electric current and on battery. Moreover, it delivers both continuous and pulsed mode synchronized with the patient’s breathing

Disadvantages and Benefits of buy hyperbaric chamber

Portable works only on battery, very light easily transportable on the shoulder or on a special trolley. Furthermore, it delivers only in pulsed mode. Moreover, it is common for patients who frequently go away and for long periods from home and for patients in active respiratory and motor rehabilitation.


  • It is cheap
  • Similarly, it does not require periodic replenishment like liquid oxygen


Especially fixed ones can be noisy even if recently the noise and vibrations have been considerably reduced

They deliver O2 at lower concentrations than liquid O2 sources especially at high flows so the best results with these devices are obtained for flows <= 4 L / min while liquid oxygen is preferable for flows> 4 L / min. They require frequent maintenance and   filter changes (every 30-60 days) Oxygen is a drug.

And as such must be prescribed by the doctor. L ‘ oxygen gas may also be prescribed the general practitioner of NHS recipe. The ‘ liquid oxygen is administered   through appropriate regional card from respiratory specialist. The medical prescription shows the dosage expressed in liters per minute.

Simultaneous prescription of liquid hyperbaric chamber

Buy hyperbaric chamber to specify the flow of O2   at rest. This comes during nighttime sleep and under exertion and the number of hours per day in which oxygen therapy must perform.

For the prescription of the concentrator it is necessary to recognize civil invalidity. Simultaneous prescription of liquid oxygen and concentrator is not possible.

Side Effects-Management Hyperbaric Chamber

The patient must strictly adhere to the O2 flows prescribed by the doctor.  An excess of O2 can cause an increase in CO2 in the blood, especially in patients who are already sick. This causes drowsiness and difficulty in staying awake up to a coma in the most serious cases

Poor oxygen delivery can cause general fatigue

Buy hyperbaric chamber as it can cause dryness of the nasal mucosa and formations of crusts and sometimes even epistaxis. In these cases, it may be useful to use nasal sprays or moisturizing   gels locally or to add a humidifier to the O2 dispenser.  An excess of O2 during sleep can cause a headache upon waking.
buy hyperbaric chamber 2021

How to check good hyperbaric chamber?

Periodically, the patient must undergo an outpatient pneumological examination with arterial blood.

Contact the treating physician if worsening shortness of breath and a   productive cough or fever suggestive of acute bronchitis.


Contact the referral center to buy hyperbaric chamber. Only a good company can guarantee the best products.

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