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Daily Life. What are some of the best uses of a hyperbaric chamber?

By macypanhbot / 9月 19, 2023

Daily Life.

What are some of the best uses of a hyperbaric chamber?

As we age, human cells continue to divide and replicate, and the telomeres at the end of the chromosomes in the cells will gradually become shorter, leading to the gathering of senescent cells in the body, making people slowly grow old.

Is there any way to slow down aging? According to media reports, Israel Tel Aviv University scientists announced a new research results: hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be able to prevent healthy elderly blood cells within the chromosome end telomeres become shorter, thereby reducing the collection of aging cells in vivo, and may be able to make people’s life expectancy.

This is a treatment method of inhaling high concentration of oxygen under increased atmospheric pressure. The therapeutic principle lies in the fact that hyperbaric oxygen causes a significant increase in the oxygen dissolved in the bloodstream and ensures the diffusion of oxygen in the body’s tissues. The Israeli study is to dissolve oxygen in the blood as a means of testing, by observing whether the telomeres at the end of chromosomes in the blood cells are shortened, as well as the accumulation of senescent cells in the body, in order to determine whether hyperbaric oxygen has an anti-aging and life-extension effect.

Over the course of their 3-month trial, 35 healthy individuals over the age of 64 received a total of 60 sessions of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The researchers collected blood samples from the subjects before the trial, during the first and second month of the trial, and two weeks after the trial ended. Throughout the study, the subjects did not have any changes in lifestyle, diet or medication. The final results of the study showed that the telomeres at the ends of the chromosomes within the subjects’ blood cells lengthened by 20%-38% compared to the pre-trial period, and the percentage of senescent cells in the overall cell population decreased by 11%-37%. These two key indicators mean that the blood cells of these older people did indeed become younger than their actual age.

The experiment, although not broadly representative, confirms that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can affect chromosome end telomere length in blood cells, and opens the door for further research into the effects of hyperbaric oxygen on cellular senescence as well as deeper investigation into its potential to halt the aging process.

In fact, with the continuous development of science and technology, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been more widely used, and anti-aging is only one of them.


Health Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen

1, eliminate fatigue, improve intelligence and work efficiency

Human brain oxygen consumption accounted for 20% of the body, and our brain is particularly sensitive to hypoxia. Insufficient oxygen and blood supply will cause physical weakness, dizziness, insomnia, memory loss, and loss of appetite and other fatigue, and may also cause cerebral ischemia, brain cell damage, etc., which seriously affects the quality of daily life. The use of home hyperbaric oxygen chamber, oxygen can improve brain metabolism, promote circulation, play a certain role in improving health care.

2、Improve body resistance

Oxygen inhalation can enhance the material metabolism of human cells, tissues and organs, enhance the function of organs, improve the body’s immunity, cerebral insufficiency, cerebral infarction, and so on, have a very good auxiliary health care effect.

3、Help beauty

High-pressure oxygen inhalation can enhance the aerobic metabolism of human cells, strengthen the skin nutrition, increase the elasticity of loose skin and reduce wrinkles; the metabolic function of skin cells is enhanced, which can reduce the melanin deposition, make the bruises subside and beautify the skin.

4, reduce free radical damage to the body

For fitness and sports people, it can eliminate sports fatigue, restore physical strength, reduce sports injuries, rapidly eliminate the aggregation of lactic acid, accelerate the removal of blood ammonia, and reduce the damage of free radicals on the body. When the intensity of exercise is high, the free radicals in the body increase, and supplemental oxygen can quickly restore the activity of Na+-K+-ATPase on the cell membrane, suggesting that it can reduce the damage of free radicals on the cell membrane, which is of great significance for eliminating exercise fatigue and reducing the damage of exercise.

5, improve the state of sub-health

People living in modern society, often appear moody, irritable, easy to insomnia, double fatigue, chronic sore throat, repeated colds ……, medical experts called sub-healthy state. According to the survey, about 60% of the population is expected to be in a state of sub-health, and the proportion of young and middle-aged intellectuals is higher, about 78% of the people in a state of sub-health. Experiments have proved that high-pressure oxygen inhalation is very effective in improving the state of sub-health.

(All the above quoted from the Internet popular science)

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