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How to Choose the right Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber?

By hqt / 30 5 月, 2020

Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber: How to Choose the Best Chamber

A hard shell hyperbaric chamber is used for the treatment of a number of conditions. It tends to deliver oxygen at a pressure greater than the atmospheric pressure. There are different types of cambers, including mild, home, or hard shell chambers.

Each of these chambers offers different advantages and they are suitable for different clinical settings. You will mostly find these camber in the wellness centers, or in hospitals. Now that you have decided to add hyperbaric chambers to your medical facility, it is time that you focus on choosing the best chamber.

Different factors come to action, and you need to focus on these factors to make the right decision.

Features that require consideration

There are two main types of therapies, first is the soft-side, and second is the hard side. You might be surprised to know that choosing the structural design of the oxygen chamber is a challenging task. It is way more than deciding on a design preference such as the soft or the hard side.

It is important to understand the difference between the hard and the soft side of the hyperbaric chamber. The major difference between the two is the level of oxygen these chambers are able to absorb in their bloodstream.

With a soft chamber, it is not possible to reach 100% oxygen pressure. However, in the case of the hard shell hyperbaric chamber, you can achieve one-hundred percent oxygen pressure. To measure the change of the air pressure, they use the atmosphere absolute.

Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber

In general, people refer to this measuring unit as one atmosphere absolute or 1.0 ATA. So, next time when you see any of these two symbols, understand that they are talking about the change in pressure of the oxygen chamber.

To elaborate it further, let us take an example. Imagine, if the sea level is 1.0 ATA, its soft chamber would have an air pressure of 1.3 to 1.5 ATA. Unlike the hard chambers, soft chambers are able to reach the level of atmospheric pressure lightly higher than the one we tend to find at the sea level.

This is not the case with the hard chamber. In hard chambers, you can actually increase the level up to 6.0 ATA. Something, that aids in a number of medical diseases. The pure oxygen level helps the body heal more effectively and efficiently.

Oxygen Level: No Concentrator or Concentrator

Another important feature of the soft and hard shell hyperbaric chamber is the oxygen concentrators. You can buy them with both the soft as well as the hard chambers. The chamber manufacturers highly encourage purchasing them as they significantly multiple the benefits of these oxygen therapies.

The air that we breathe on a daily bases is called the ambient air. It usually consists of 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen. In the chamber, the users are able to experience an extremely high level of oxygen because it supplements the ambient air with highly concentrated oxygen.

In an active hyperbaric chamber, the patient’s body does absorb the oxygen from the ambient air. However, if you incorporate the oxygen concentrator, there is a significant increase in the level of absorption.

The increased level of oxygen absorption aids in medical treatment. Therefore, it is wise to use oxygen concentrators for more effective results.

Chamber Size: Length, Diameter, Circumference

While you are comparing the information regarding hyperbaric chambers, do focus on the size of the chamber. You need to know the length, the diameter, and the circumference of the chamber. You simply cannot go on choosing any random size.

For instance, it is not possible for two adults to fit into one mono-hyperbaric chamber. Likewise, an NFL player won’t be comfortable in a chamber that has a diameter of 27”. Therefore, it is important to pay heed to all these aspects as well.

Only when you carefully examine the chamber measurements, will you be able to choose one that suits your needs. In case, you want the people to share the chamber, you should go with the multi-hyperbaric chamber.

For people with great body mass, choose chambers with bigger diameters and vise versa.

Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber Design: Vertical or Horizontal

In case of the hard or soft chamber choice, you would need additional help. However, when it comes to the design of the chamber, it completely depends upon your personal preferences. You can either go with the prone design or the upright chamber design.

For example, some people have mild to severe claustrophobia. They might not be able to lay down in an enclosed hyperbaric chamber even for a moment. What to say, for an entire therapy session. If that is the case, these people have the option of a vertical chamber.

The vertical chambers would provide them the opportunity to sit tight. Moreover, they would be more actively participating in the hyperbaric experience. Something, most of us would prefer instead of just laying down straight.

With upright chambers, patients are able to bring in a chair to sit on. Not only this, but they are also allowed to bring in a small electronic device that would engage them mentally during the therapy session.

Hard Shell Hyperbaric Chamber

Other important Information Regarding Hyperbaric Chambers

When purchasing a hard shell hyperbaric chamber, you also need to consider the following. For starters, if you are planning to buy it for yourself, you need to reach out to a doctor. Consult them and then make a decision.

Ensure that the doctor talks to the manufacturer for them to fully understand your unique medical journey. In case, you want them for a medical facility. Provide them with information regarding the types of patients you will be treating.

This information will help the manufacturer make chambers that would aid your purpose in an excellent way. These chambers would be designed to enhance the oxygen therapy experience in the best possible way.

Why Should Use Hyperbaric Chambers?

There is no definite age, nor is there any level of health that requires the use of a hyperbaric chamber. In fact, anyone –young or old- with any level of health can use hyperbaric chambers and benefits from it. Since the objective of hyperbaric therapy is the bloodstream’s oxygen saturation, therefore it is safe.

It promotes cellular regeneration, decreases inflammation, and helps in wound healing. Anyone who is suffering from nonhealing wounds such as the gangrene, lesions, bed sores or burns can take up this therapy.

It even works for people suffering from traumatic brain injury including locked-in syndrome, cerebral palsy, and concussion. People even use it for different sports injuries – torn PCL/ACL, whiplash, etc.

In addition, these therapies work well for skin grafts, stokes, decompression sickness, and radiation damage.


Hard shell hyperbaric chamber is extremely beneficial. It aids in a number of medical help. Medical facilities around the world are using these chambers for curing and helping the patient. Since these chambers are beneficial, therefore it is important to choose the right one.

You need to spend time researching and finding the right chamber. In case, you are unable to do so on your own, you can always reach out to professional manufacturers such as the Macy-Pan hyperbaric chamber manufacturers.

Their experienced and knowledgeable staff would guide you at every step. They would ensure that your journey into hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not only simple but also empowering.