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China National Aquatic Training Base athletes use MACY-PAN civil hyperbaric chamber

By macypanhbot / 21 12 月, 2023

China National Aquatic Training Base athletes use MACY-PAN civil hyperbaric chamber.

In recent years, hyperbaric oxygen has been more often used in sports health care, whether it is a professional athlete or an ordinary gym goer, pain, muscle injury, fatigue caused by sports often plague them, and hyperbaric oxygen has a very good effect on the recovery of this.

MACY-PAN Civil Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are used by athletes at the China National Aquatic Training Base.

Working Principle of Air Health Chamber.

Air Health Chamber consists of chamber and aerodynamic equipment, the aerodynamic equipment can inject the filtered clean air into the airtight chamber, and then through the chamber’s automatic constant pressure valve to realize the pressure balance of the chamber, to maintain a certain high-pressure oxygen gas environment. This provides higher oxygen delivery efficiency and more oxygen supply. The pressure inside the chamber is set at about 1.2-1.5 atmospheres (slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure of 1 atmospheres, specific reference to the product model parameters), the use of human rest in the chamber, each time the use of 60 minutes is appropriate, it is recommended not to exceed 2 hours.

Therefore, it can not only meet the normal needs of the human body, but also restore physical energy, improve sleep, improve cellular vitality, adjust immunity, improve self-healing, and strengthen the body, which is widely used in the field of sports rehabilitation, geriatric recuperation, and cosmetology.