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Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai: Where to get best therapy treatment?

By hqt / October 14, 2021

Hyperbaric Chamber role and how to apply it at home

Surely everyone has seen images of emergency patients receiving oxygen with connecting tubes and specialized masks. This is the process in which the patient uses Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai to improve respiratory function.
Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai

 So, what is oxygen therapy?

And when patients need to use oxygen therapy? What role does an oxygen concentrator play in oxygen therapy? Let’s find out basic information about this issue with the Medical Supermarket.

Table of contents

  • What is oxygen therapy?
  • The role of oxygen therapy
  • Who needs oxygen therapy?
  • The role of oxygen concentrators in Hyperbaric Chamber
  • What is a pure oxygen generator?
  • Compare pure oxygen generator and traditional oxygen tank
  • What is oxygen therapy?

What is Hyperbaric Chamber therapy?

Oxygen therapy is a method of providing breathing air to patients with oxygen levels greater than 21%. Composition of air at normal conditions (pressure 760mmHg), including the following gases:

  • Oxygen gas accounted for: 20.95%.
  • Carbon dioxide accounted for: 0.03%.
  • Nitrogen gas accounted for: 79.02%.

The ratio of the above gases in the air is suitable for human daily living needs. However, in some cases, due to various causes, the patient may become hypoxic. Lack of Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai will damage the body’s tissues, especially the tissues that play an important role for life such as brain cells… Therefore, the use of oxygen therapy in the above cases is essential.

The role of oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy plays an important role in the treatment of respiratory diseases, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, or is common for patients who are not breathing effectively… However, this therapy should be carried out according to the specific prescription.

and instructions of a medical professional whether performed in a hospital or at home. Therefore, patients as well as their loved ones need to know basic information about Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai therapy to be able to perform it correctly, effectively, in accordance with the procedure, and to ensure the safety of the patient’s life.

Who needs oxygen therapy?

In some specific cases, patients with lung diseases such as:

  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • pneumonia
  • Bronchopneumonia
  • or inefficient breathing are all hypoxic

This condition clinically manifests as respiratory failure.

What is Hyperbaric Chamber and who needs it?

Respiratory failure is a change in respiratory functions, as well as a disorder in the oxidation of tissues, the clinical manifestations of respiratory failure are dyspnea and cyanosis, the subclinical manifestations are changes in the respiratory system. on the concentration of O2 and CO2 in the blood

Shortness of breath is a subjective symptom, the patient feels uncomfortable due to lack of oxygen, manifested by changes in breathing rate, depth as well as in the exertion of the respiratory muscles.

The patient presents with anxiety, panic attacks, and restlessness.

  • Struggling to stimulate.
  • Reduced eyesight.
  • Consciousness drowsy, distant.
  • Decreased muscle tone and coordination of muscle groups.

blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate increase, heart rate increases to meet the body’s oxygen demand. the patient has cyanosis, shortness of breath, contraction of respiratory muscles, blood pressure and pulse decrease. arterial blood gas analysis showed a decrease in oxygen pressure (PaO2), decreased Hyperbaric Chamber saturation (SpO2).

The role of oxygen concentrators in oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy should be performed with specialized medical equipment and under the direction of a physician. Patients need to understand the characteristics and how to operate these devices to ensure safe use. Right here, let’s learn about the pure oxygen generator, one of the two important devices to help perform oxygen therapy at home.

Thus, when a patient experiences respiratory failure with the above symptoms, doctors will have the appropriate medical order for the patient to use oxygen therapy. Oxygen concentrators can produce high purity oxygen (over 90%) and have the same efficiency as compressed oxygen cylinders.
Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai 2021

What is a pure oxygen generator?

An oxygen concentrator is one of many solutions to help with Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai therapy in the hospital or at home. An oxygen generator is a useful device that helps to replace traditional compressed oxygen tanks in conditions where conventional compressed oxygen cannot be common.

In some special cases, oxygen generators can only be common, such as in small spaces such as operating rooms, patient rooms, and private rooms at home. It can be said that an oxygen generator is a more flexible solution when patients need to use oxygen therapy at home.

Which type of oxygen generator is best? Which brand should I buy?

Compare pure oxygen generator and traditional oxygen tank Conventional compressed oxygen tanks and oxygen concentrators are both important medical devices that are required when performing oxygen therapy. Each device has its own features, suitable for use in different situations and conditions.

First of all, compressed Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai cylinders are known to be equipment that provide oxygen with large flow, pure concentration and are widely common in medical centers and large hospitals today. Compressed oxygen cylinders have been common for a long time because of their simplicity, ease of use and no need for an external power supply.

How to use an oxygen generator at home?

However, this product also has many potential fire safety risks as well as is quite heavy, bulky, not suitable for use in small spaces. If you want to buy and use an oxygen generator at home, immediately read the article. Read our instructions on how to use an oxygen generator at home

Besides compressed oxygen tanks, oxygen generators have been common more and more and play the role of replacing oxygen tanks in some specific cases. The oxygen concentrator has an efficiency of delivering pure oxygen almost equivalent to that of a compressed Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai tank.


At the same time, the machine has a compact design. Similarly, it comes with light weight, integrated trolley wheel. It is to increase convenience when common at home. Currently, the product is recommended by medical experts for patients with respiratory diseases who need to use Hyperbaric Chamber Dubai therapy at home or carry it with them when they need to move.

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