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Hyperbaric Chamber: An Excellent Treatment for Stroke

By hqt / August 6, 2020

How Hyperbaric Chamber is Effective for Stroke Treatment?

Hyperbaric chamber therapy is FDA approved for several different illnesses. Studies also claim that oxygen therapy yields highly effective results. The great thing about this particular therapy is that it has limited to no side-effects.

Among the numerous illness it treats, HBOT is considered to be an effective and efficient treatment for brain stroke. For years now, people have been using HBOT for treating the brain’s stroke after effects along with other treatments.

Stroke, an attack on the brain can cause a lot of trouble. It has an adverse impact on the body’s functionality. In the worse case, it can leave the person paralyzed. It is similar to that of a heart attack. Modern research shows that the hyperbaric oxygen chamber can yield effective results when treating a stroke.

There are numerous ways in which HBOT therapy can yield effective results. In this blog post, we will be discussing how oxygen therapy can be useful.

Hyperbaric Chamber For Brain Stroke

What is a Stroke

Stroke has the same mechanism as that of a heart attack. In most cases, there is a blood clot that interrupts the natural flow of blood. In the case of hemorrhagic stroke, there is an artery rupture and if it is a blood clot it would be an ischemic stroke.

When the blow flow is interrupted, oxygen is not sent to certain areas of the brain causing damage to those particular areas. If you are lucky, after the restoration of the flow, there is no damage is caused.

However, if things take the wrong turn it can become serious. The extent of damage depends upon the stroke location and its severity. Below are some of the disabilities that a stroke can cause. These disabilities can either be permanent or temporary.

  1. Limited capacity for self-care
  2. Changes in behavior
  3. Pain
  4. Emotional Problems
  5. Difficulty in thinking
  6. Memory Loss
  7. Issues with swallowing
  8. Difficulty in talking
  9. Loss of movement
  10. Loss of muscle control
  11. Paralysis to different parts of the body

During the recovery of the stroke, the person goes through a variety of treatments ranging from speech therapy to conventional medical treatment. They even incorporate alternative medicine treatment for this particular reason.

Another great treatment technique is using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Studies have shown that people using oxygen therapy recovers quickly from a stroke.

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Introduction to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Your stroke-damaged brain tissues are exposed to pure oxygen during hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The reason for exposing the damaged tissues to pure oxygen is to activate the neuroplasticity.

What is neuroplasticity?

It is the method via which your brain develops its new neural pathways and connections so that they work around the damaged brain cells. This helps in improving both the physical as well as the mental functions that stroke affected.

Conventional, for neuroplasticity, the doctors and physicians used to exercise, repetitive movements and similar activities. But, thanks to technological advancement, they now have a hyperbaric chamber. Studies show that the exposure of brain tissues to increases the level of oxygen effectively helps active the neuroplasticity mechanism.

Since the brains consume only 20% of the body’s oxygen at one time. Thus, only a small portion of the brains can operate at a given time. However, during the neuroplasticity process, the brain requires much more oxygen than normal while being at rest.

HOBT Supplies Oxygen

This is only possible during the HBOT as the hyperbaric oxygen chambers allow the brain to gain access to more than the regular among oxygen. According to a study, with 2 months of HBOT, the patients experience a significant improvement in their function.

For instance, they feel increased sensation, a reversal of paralysis, and improved language skills.

Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy Provides Treat for Stroke’s Root Cause

Treating the stoke as early as possible would yield better results. As at this moment the brain’s ischemic areas are at a vital stage, you would either live or die. Using the HBOT therapy at an early stage show that it would have a positive impact on the damaged nerve tissues.

It also has the ability to decrease the risk of injury in the future. In addition to pressuring the ambient environment to send oxygen to damaged areas of the brain, it would also bring the dormant cells back to life. The therapy would forcefully send oxygen to the hypoxia and ischemia areas of the brain.

The therapy is also effective when it comes to reducing the swelling of the brain tissues, thus improving the blood flow across the brain.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Revive Dormant Cells

There is a possibility that the stroke victim’s prominent brain tissue might not be recovered at all. It means that they are damaged for good. However, with the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, it is possible to stimulate the dormant cells in the respective area.

Dormant cells, or formally known as the ischemic penumbra are majorly responsible for post-stroke dysfunction. With oxygen therapy, it is possible to revive these cells. This would then lead to the recovery of the repair of the major functionality portion resulted due to the stroke.

HBOT Creates Oxygen-Rich Blood

The treatment is highly effective for creating oxygen-rich blood. What really happens is that during the treatment, there is an increase in the level of oxygen because of the hyperbaric chamber. The increased oxygen amount tends to dissolve in the fluid of the body and the blood plasma.

Thus, nourishing and saturating the body’s tissues cell with an ample amount of oxygen. The cells are able to enjoy a healthy amount of oxygen even in the absence of red blood cells. The great thing about hyperbaric oxygen chambers is that they increase the level of oxygen to every par to the body.

So, in case your body requires healing in other parts, the therapy would be effective there as well. After all, HBOT is effective for regenerating new blood vessels especially in the affected areas of the brain. This leads to restoring and repairing the tissue structures including the glial cells, injured neurons, or the extracellular matrix.

Hyperbaric Chamber Stroke Recovery- You can Get your Life Back

Even the tiniest success makes a lot of difference with a stroke patient. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy gives the patient hope. It makes them realize that hyperbaric Chamber: An Alternative Treatment for Strokeere is a future for them. The physiological impact of the therapy is another thing that contributes towards its success.

With constant HBOT therapies, patients have recovered. They have been again to regain their dignity and overcome the effects of the debilitating stroke.

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Take Away

Finding the right kind of HBOT providing facility is imperative. We are among the leading HBOT facilities and have hundreds of satisfied patients. You can reach out to our qualified doctors today regarding your HBOT therapy.

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