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List of Best Four Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturers

By hqt / August 17, 2020

Medical and technological advancements are taking new heights in this modern globalized era. Medical, clinical, as well as technological advancements all coming together, produces some of the finest solutions for medical advancements. They were practically unimaginable a few years back. One such advancement is of the hyperbaric chambers which are widely used for medical and non-medical purposes. These are used in hospitals and even at homes, depending on the model, manufacturer, and the purpose of use.

Through this article, we will learn more about what hyperbaric chambers are and a list of the best hyperbaric chamber manufacturers one can find in the market.

What is a Hyperbaric Chamber?

As the name suggests, a hyperbaric chamber, also known as a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber, is a chamber used for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. In simple terms, this chamber is used to treat patients for lack of oxygen-related issues in the body or for the purpose of rejuvenation by breathing in fresh oxygen. Highly pressurized oxygen is filled in the chamber for the body to breathe in pure oxygen, which is not usually available naturally. The use of hyperbaric chambers is used to treat medical issues like decompression sickness, which is usually an issue caused due to scuba diving; infections within the body because of lack of oxygen in the blood levels; to treat stored bubbles in blood vessels; and other problems which does not require medical supervision.

List of Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturers

1. Sechrist Industries Inc.

Sechrist Industries Inc is known to be one of the leading manufacturers and producers of hyperbaric chambers and other technological devices needed for hyperbaric therapy purposes. The manufacturing agency was set up since 1973 and continues to develop hyperbaric technologies meant for professional or medical purposes. Some of the hyperbaric chambers that they manufacture include:

1. H Chamber Gurney Storage with Low Profile Gurney
2. Model 3600H Hyperbaric Chamber
3. Model 3300H Hyperbaric Chamber
4. Model 2800 Hyperbaric Classic Pneumatic Chamber
5. E Chamber (Electronic)

Website: https://sechristusa.com/sechrist-products/hyperbaric-oxygen-products/

2. SOS Group Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturers

The SOS Group is also a leading manufacturer not just for hyperbaric chambers, but also for other professional military-grade and high technological devices used for professional purposes. This manufacturing group is known for “delivering solutions for survival” and most probably how they created the name of the manufacturing industry. This organization offers hyperbaric technologies for military and government purposes, firefighting purposes, search and rescue services, commercial offshore, scientific exploration, and general sports like yachting or diving as well. They offer their services and products to over 30 countries around the world. One of the most interesting factors about this manufacturing organization is that they specifically specialize in devices that are used for front-line in any kind of emergency services and are known to provide treatment without any kind of delay. Some of their well-known hyperbaric chamber products include:

1. Hyperlite 1, which can be used for one person for purposes like emergency evacuation.
2. Hyperlite SL3, which can be used for 2 to 3 persons to provide full treatment to the affected person on the spot.
3. Hyperlite DL5, which can be used for 3 to 4 persons to provide full treatment to the affected person on the spot.

All of the above-mentioned products are internationally tested and graded for quality assurance and safety.

Website: https://sosgroup.co/

3. Perry Biomedical

Perry Baromedical is another leading manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers since 1956 and is known for its technologies used for medical and professional purposes like those in hospitals or other medical centers. This is the reason they are a registered organization for manufacturing and supplying medical devices of hyperbaric chambers. Their ISO 13485:2003 certification of being a world leader of manufacturing proves their exemplary record of providing on the best devices. This particular industrial organization is known for its several models of hyperbaric chambers, specifically meant for hyperbaric oxygen therapy by clinical professionals.

For quality and safety purposes, all the hyperbaric champers manufactured by Perry is USA FDA (Class II) Approved and are ASME/PVHO – 2 Codes, carrying the Pressure Equipment Directive (CE) mark and Medical Device Directive Mark (CE) mark, as well as fulfilling the categorical requirements of NFPA. They even have several of their patents, making the first use of unique technological facilities for the manufacturing of the hyperbaric chambers.

They offer various chamber types and according to those types, their models differ. Some of the products lists are as follows:

1. Monoplace Chamber Type, and under this particular type, there are 3 models including Sigma 34, Sigma 36, and Sigma 40. This model is known for treating one person at a time.
2. Dualplace Chamber Type, and under this particular type there is one model, i.e. Sigma 40 – II. This model is known for treating two persons at a time.
3. Multiplace Chamber Type, and under this particular type, there are Sigma Multiple Series. These models are known are treating around 2 to 18 people at the same time within a larger space, under medical or professional supervision. It model series is best for large hospitals for hyperbaric treatment facilities like in multispecialty, medical institutions for teaching, trauma centers, children’s hospitals, and most importantly, burn facilities or institutes for treating severe burn cases.

Website: https://perrybaromedical.com/

4. Newtowne Hyperbarics

Newtowne Hyperbarics is known for making hyperbaric chambers for self-use, which does not require the aid of medical professionals. Their hyperbaric chambers are also what can be known as mild hyperbaric chambers. One of their most produced hyperbaric chambers, in which they also specialize in is the Class 4 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber. Considering that it is a mild chamber for home use, its price is also reasonable and competitive in nature. Because it is well known that Newtown is one of the leading manufacturers of this special model. It has been sold all over the world. For safety and quality purposes, this product has been tested within the clinical environment as well and is known to have passed the quality of time as well.

Website: https://newtownehyperbarics.com/


Hyperbaric chambers are a result of years of technological advancements within the medical field. And today, it is known to save the lives of thousands of people from mild bodily illnesses. Hyperbaric Chamber Manufacturers around the globe are constantly striving to make the best products suited for the changing needs of the markets.

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