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Hyperbaric oxygen plays an important role in the recovery stroke and cerebral hemorrhage

By hqt / 31 3 月, 2021




Hypoxia is caused by insufficient oxygen pressure, which requires supplementary oxygen pressure.

If it’s just a lack of oxygen, it’s enough to buy an oxygenerator, but the human body is a world, and there are mountains and flat ground in the human body. Inhaling the oxygen ejected from the oxygenerator can only meet the needs of rivers and valleys in the body, but the mountain tops (cell nuclei) in the human body are still deprived of oxygen. It’s like the first floor is not short of water, but the roof is short of water. Due to the relative hypoxic pressure, it is not only the supply of oxygen, but the key is that it must be pressurized at the same time.



Hyperbaric oxygen can allow oxygen to penetrate to the local area and improve the oxygen supply to the local cells. Increase the ability of hypoxic brain tissue, especially the hypoxic area around the hemorrhage focus or infarct area.

Hyperbaric oxygen restores normal metabolism of dying brain cells, protects brain cells, and increases blood flow in the ischemic area. It can also reduce intracranial pressure and help restore consciousness. More importantly, it can promote the recovery of nerve function and reduce sequelae.

Therefore, as an important rehabilitation treatment, hyperbaric oxygen plays an important role in the recovery period of ischemic stroke and cerebral hemorrhage.