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Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber & Decompressing Illness Management

By hqt / 6 8 月, 2020

How can Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber be Effective for Decompression Illness?

Studies show that different healthcare facilities using a Monoplace hyperbaric chamber for the treatment of decompression illness. They chamber therapy has shown efficient and promising results. Patients suffering from joint pains, neurological signs, and skin signs showed recovery after they received an emergency recompression therapy using the Monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Hyperbaric chambers have been used for a number of diseases especially after the FDA approved them. They yield effective results. Healthcare facilities and doctors often recommend them within a combination of the patient’s currently going treatment.

There is no denying the importance and effectiveness of HBOT therapies. They are used for numerous diseases. However, the focus of this article would be the importance and effectiveness of a Monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber and decompressing illness management.

Decompression Illness and Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

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What is Decompression Illness?

Decompression illness is a disease that you will not find in general. It mostly occurs in commercial divers, recreational scuba divers along with workers that use compressed air. Decompression illness’s pathogenesis is related to that bubble formation and nitrogen residual.

Formation of the bubble is the beginning of the disease; it can result in nothing or turn out to be the first step in the sequence of events. The location of the bubble plays a vital role in determining its outcome. The bubble might not have any symptoms at all. It can even range in severity from skin pruritus and rashes to convulsions and in the worst case, it leads to death.

Treatment of Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber

As the name suggests, Monoplace Oxygen Chamber is designed to treat one patient in one session. The operator is present outside the chamber, he or she observes the patient using the acrylic transparent tube.

For communication purposes, there is an intercom installed that works both ways. i.e. the patient is able to reach the operator and vice versa. Once the patient enters the chamber it is sealed completely to ensure maintain oxygen levels within the chamber.

Monoplace chamber can either be vertical or horizontal. It all depends upon the patient’s preference. If they prefer sitting down, they can opt for the vertical chamber. However, in case they would like to lay down during the session, they should go with Horizontal Monoplace Chamber.

Treatment Method


It is important for the patients to go through a brief physical examination before they start using the hyperbaric chamber facility. The examination includes an assessment of coordination, mentation, deep tendon reflexes, cranial nerves, pulse, muscle strength breathing, and blood pressure.

NOTE: The Physical and Mental assessment plan would differ from one patient to the patient. It depends upon the diseases and the condition of the patient.

Below is a case study of two patients during from decompression illness that went through the Monoplace hyperbaric oxygen Chamber Therapy

Case Studies

Two patients were suffering from skin rash and joint pain were submitted to the HBOT therapy. Initially, both to them received the therapy at 2.2 ATA – pure oxygen. One of the patients had persistent nausea, headache and right should pain.  He give the HBOT therapy at 3.0 ATA – pure oxygen.

To achieve that desired treatment pressure, the time requires 15 minutes for one patient. However, during the treatment, they were able to achieve the required treatment pressure within 9 minutes. The reason being, a patient was suffering from an equalization problem in the left ear.

Both the patients with skin rash and joint pain responded well within the first 25 minutes of the treatment.

Since the patient showed improvement within the desired time-frame, thus the facility completed the procedure on time. There was no need to extend the time.  However, the patient who was suffering from the headache and nausea did require an extension of 5 minutes air cycle and 25 minutes oxygen at 2.5 ATA.  The patients did not show any residual clinical symptoms or signs.

This ensures that the Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber shows effective results for people suffering from decompression illness.

Chamber Choice

There is no denying, that walk-in Multiplace chambers offer more benefits in comparison to the Monoplace chamber. They are even better in terms of treatment gas and choice of pressure. However, it seems that Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber offers privacy and selection.

It is something that many patients prefer. They would not like to share their treatment space with other patients. Thus, it seems that this is the biggest reason for opting for a Monoplace chamber. In addition, a patient who would rather prefer a vertical chamber might have to compromise in terms of a multi-place chamber, especially when the facility offers a horizontal Multiplace chamber.

When it comes to treatment effect, both Monoplace and Multiplace chamber would yield the same results. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about this particular aspect. We suggest you choose a chamber that you are comfortable with.

Working of Hyperbaric Chamber

Due to success and effectiveness for decompression sickness treating, it has become an imperative treatment for diving wounds that are related to pressure. For instance, the arterial gas embolism and the decompression sickness.

The objective of hyperbaric chamber treatment is to eliminate the nitrogen bubbles that are present in the blood. At the same time, it also encourages the body cells to repair themselves. Thus, improving the overall body condition.

This happens when the patient is put in a sealed environment with pressurized extra oxygen. When you increase the pressure, it reduces the gas bubbles size, while the additional oxygen aids them with the evacuation.

There are three basic stages of Hyperbaric Chamber treatment. We have listed these stages below.


The first stage of a Monoplace hyperbaric chamber is to gradually increase the pressure. The increased pressure would result in the temperature increase within the chamber. During this time, the patients would be requested to clean their ears as the pressure would cause ear blockage.

The experience would be similar to that of climbing the mountains. It would take roughly 10 to 15 minutes for the complete pressurization.


After the pressure is taken to the optical level, the patient would start receiving 100% oxygen. Depending on the session therapy, the patient might receive oxygen for about 2 hours.


After the patient completes the session time. The pressure within the chamber decrease gradually. It would take a couple of minutes for the pressure to come back to normal. As the pressure decreases, there may be a decrease in the temperature as well.


Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber therapy is an extremely useful adjunctive treatment for a number of diseases. However, for the effectiveness of the treatment, the Chambers should be of premium quality.

Macy Pan is among the leading Hyperbaric Chamber manufacturers. They promise quality while ensuring affordability.