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What You Need to Know About Pet Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

By hqt / 5月 15, 2020

What You Need to Know About Pet Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, abbreviated as HBOT, is a type of treatment that works by increasing the oxygen levels reaching the patient’s body tissues. This medical procedure is used to speed up or improve the recovery and healing process for damaged or diseased tissues.

Pet Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Though hyperbaric oxygen therapy is considered the principal treatment alternative for certain conditions, it is normally part of a general plan of care that might include, antibiotics, surgery, and other forms of therapies.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Pets

Though hyperbaric oxygen therapy is popularly used to treat people suffering from different conditions that require high amounts of oxygen, it is a medical practice that is recently applied for veterinary practices. If you are a pet owner, pet hyperbaric oxygen chamber can help your four-legged friend, especially when diagnosed with any kind of illness that can be cured by hyperbaric treatment procedure.

Pet Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

When hyperbaric treatment is used on pets, the pressure inside an air chamber that is being utilized is first raised so that higher levels of oxygen can be delivered. The raised pressure increases the amount of plasma oxygen levels which enables oxygen to be evenly scattered at a quicker pace in the tissues.

Before the medical procedure using the pet hyperbaric oxygen chamber is proceeded with, the health status of your pet is first evaluated. The pet’s body temperature level is checked to make sure it’s normal. If the temperature test is not carried out, an enhanced intake of oxygen that causes toxicity might be the result.

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Works on Pets

When your pet undergoes the hyperbaric treatment procedure, he or she will be placed in a chamber specifically meant for pets. The pet hyperbaric oxygen chamber being used will come supplied with pressure tubes and liquid oxygen tanks which makes it possible to monitor the oxygen and pressure being given to the pet.

The pressure being given constantly increase, and this helps to ensure the treatment is accomplished quickly i.e. it lasts for about two hours. During the treatment, your pet will not experience any form of pain. The hyperbaric treatment should be performed twice daily for 4 to 8 days. In case your pet develops a sign of recovery fast, you can choose to discontinue the treatment.

Hyperbaric Treatment Benefits for Pets

Medical studies show that hyperbaric treatment procedure for pets is suitable for curing poisonous bites, infected wounds, arthritis, and inflammation. During the hyperbaric treatment procedure, the increased oxygen makes the pet’s body tissues have the capacity to speed up the healing process.

Promotes the Healing Process

As mentioned above, hyperbaric oxygen therapy accelerates the healing process courtesy of the increased amount of oxygen level it supplies to those tissues of a pet’s wound. When an increased amount of oxygen is delivered on the pet’s bloodstream, the animal’s body develops the capacity to fight off the infection in question quicker, increase the growth and development of new tissues, and reduce the inflammation and swelling of wounds.

Pet hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes the formation of greater blood vessels and aids in preserving damaged tissues. Hyperbaric treatment reduces and eliminates the harmful consequences of toxic substances, which makes it an incredible cure for snake bites, carbon monoxide exposure, and gas gangrene.

By increasing the level of oxygen supplied to the tissues of a wound and enhancing the efficiency of the white blood cells, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber can help pets recover from conditions that cannot be cured by other treatment alternatives.

Appropriate for Animals of All Sizes

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy recently is commonly used to treat animals of various sizes. This treatment is suitable for pets of various sizes, and this means everything from dogs, cats, goats, and horses can be treated using hyperbaric.

Though in most cases the treatment is used on dogs and cats, it can also work in tiny animal medicine. There is an extensive array of pet hyperbaric oxygen chambers which makes veterinaries have options for pets of various sizes.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Ailments

Pet hyperbaric oxygen chamber treats a wide array of injuries and ailments. According to research, HBOT for pets has successfully been used to treat severe tissue trauma, rattlesnake bites, vasculitis, and canine pancreatitis. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has also been confirmed to be effective for treating different kinds of pets wounds and injuries. Therefore, pet hyperbaric oxygen chamber can be used to treat both illnesses and injuries.

Since hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an alternative treatment procedure for several medical conditions, it eliminates the possibility to use other costly and risky options such as invasive treatments like surgery.

Precautions and Side Effect of Pet Hyperbaric Treatment

In terms of side effects, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical procedure that has little to none most of the time. Some of the side effects of hyperbaric treatment can be blurry vision and ear problems. Despite the side effects being mild, it is always advisable to do a follow-up to ensure your pet that undergoes the hyperbaric treatment process is completely okay.

Moreover, since pure oxygen is applied during the treatment procedure, there is a possibility of fire occurrence. Therefore, always ensure to cover any nearby form of metal and wet your pet when using hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The lack of severe side effects makes the use of pet hyperbaric oxygen therapy advantageous over other forms of treatment options.

Where to Find Quality and Reliable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Pets

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