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HP1501 Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

MACY-PAN 是中国顶级高压舱制造商,拥有 16年的经验。我们在 ISO9001、ISO13485 下工作,所有型号的腔室都有 CE 证书。

  • 滑门入口,使用方便。
  • 1.5 ATA (7 psi) 工作压力。
  • 易于安装和操作。
  • 控制系统结合了压缩机、制氧机和冷却装置。
  • 通过面罩(可选)在压力下提供 95% 的氧气。

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这种高压氧舱系统专为需要更先进系统的商业用户或家庭用户而设计,该系统允许更高的加压来进行 HBOT 治疗,并且还提供简化的单用户操作。只需打开电源,进入内部,然后按下按钮即可开始治疗。每个人都会喜欢这个 HBOT 系统。

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  • 空气循环:空气和氧气在室内循环,保持新鲜。
  • 时间设定:每节可控制60-120分钟或不限,视用户情况而定。
  • 对讲电话系统:用户可以在需要时呼叫外人。
  • Intercom phone system: users could call outside people when necessary.
  • LED light: friendly for users to read or relieve claustrophobia.
  • Control panel: Internal and external are all available for user and operator to control pressure and oxygen. Pressure, Air temperature, Humidity and Percent Oxygenation all shown on external panel.
  • Easy-slide large polycarbonate cabin door: easy for access. Activated by pressure, with automatic release upon de-pressurization.
  • Interior and exterior pressure gauges: easy for users and operator to monitor the pressure change.
  • 3D High elastic mattress and pillow: anti-virus,moisture-proof, comfortable.
  • Air condition:In hot weather, air condition could reduce 10 degrees Celsius.


Safety & Preventative Measures

Safety always is the first. We have invested heavily in safety and preventative measures on our hard type oxygen hyperbaric oxygen chamber to ensure user safety, such as:

1. More gradual pressurization of this hard type hyperbaric oxygen chamber; allowing for staff assessment and discomfort checks.
2. Emergency Alarm control for patient to alert staff.
3. Emergency Pressure Relief Valve; reduces pressure in the case of an emergency. Allows for depressurization of the chamber in less than 45 seconds if absolutely necessary.
4. Operates in conjunction with the triggering of the alarm.
5. Intercom phone system is available for hard type hyperbaric oxygen chamber; for ease of communication with patient.
6. 通过我们独特的滑动门轻松进出。
7. 内部控制全部用于单个用户操作所有功能,无需监督协助。
8. 我们的硬式高压氧舱可以配备空调,为客户在炎热地区使用做准备。



Components Specification HP1501-75 HP1501-90
Chamber Pressure 1.5ATA 1.5ATA
Weight 150KG 170KG
Dimension W: 75cm L: 220cm W: 90cm L: 220cm
Capacity One person Two persons
LED and Wheels YES
Intercom phone YES
Alarm system Yes
Operation System Voltage 110/220V,customized
Air Flow 80L/Minute
Oxygen Flow 5L/Minute
Weight 80kg
Power 1200W
Size 58(L)x42(W)x56(H)cm
  • 1. What Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Feel Like?
    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is virtually pain-free. Patients lie comfortably and restfully in the chamber. Patients can listen to music, watch television or movies, or nap if they wish. During certain stages of the treatment, patients may experience a sensation of fullness in their ears. This is similar to that which is felt while flying in an airplane or driving down a mountain as the eardrum responds to changes in pressure. As part of the introduction to treatment, patients are taught several easy methods to avoid ear discomfort.
  • 2. Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Safe?
    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is prescribed by a physician and performed under supervision. Like all treatments and procedures, there are some risks associated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. These risks are quite rare and will be discussed in detail prior to starting therapy. Overall, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is extremely safe. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy usually has limited or no after-or-side effects.
  • 3. How long do treatments last?
    Hyperbaric oxygen treatments typically last 90 to 120 minutes and are administered usually once each day, five days a week.
  • 4. What should I expect when being treated?
    During therapy, you will relax in a see-through atmosphere-controlled chamber. The internal dimensions of the chamber allow freedom of movement. You may listen to music, watch TV, take a nap or converse with the staff during therapy. Relaxation techniques may also be available.
  • 5. How long do treatments last?
    Hyperbaric oxygen treatments typically last 90 to 120 minutes and are administered usually once each day, five days a week.

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