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HP600 Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Animal Clinic

MACY-PAN is the biggest hyperbaric chamber manufacture in china with 11-year experience. We work under ISO9001, ISO13485, and all models of chambers are with CE Certificate.

  • 1.4ATA working pressure, 60, 70 and 80 cm diameter for optional.
  • Transparent acrylic chamber for easy observation.
  • Multiple safety devices to ensure safety.
  • Control system combines of air compressor, oxygen concentrator and cooling unit.
  • Simple operation-no professional training required.

Logistics delivery (estimated): 4-7 days

The transparent acrylic chamber for animal treatment allows you to observe the internal situation and progress at any time.

Characteristics of the veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber

  • 1.4ATA working pressure, 60, 70 and 80 cm diameter for optional.
  • Transparent acrylic chamber for easy observation.
  • Multiple safety devices to ensure safety.
  • Control system combines of air compressor, oxygen concentrator and cooling unit.
  • Simple operation-no professional training required.


Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment in which the animal is placed in a hyperbaric chamber, a pressure of more than 1.4 ATA is applied and the animal is given oxygen to inhale.

Suitable animals: Small animals, poultry, rodents, reptiles, etc.

Indications for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Acute stroke: cerebrovascular obstruction, cerebral hemorrhage
  • Brain trauma hemorrhage: intracerebral hemorrhage, brain abscess
  • Poor wound healing: bedsores, vascular lesions
  • Nerve compression disease: facial nerve palsy, spinal cord injury, nerve rupture
  • Chronic osteomyelitis: poor fracture healing
  • Compartment syndrome: Complications after crushing injury caused by tendon or ligament rupture
  • Gas poisoning: carbon monoxide, gas poisoning, smoke inhalation
  • Burns, scalds
  • Necrotizing soft tissue infection
  • After skin and flap transplantation
  • Sudden deafness
  • Preventive health care


Principles of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

1. Constricts blood vessels, reduces pressure in the chambers and improves tissue swelling such as oedema.
2. Promotes the regeneration of blood vessels, aids in wound healing and is used to treat problem wounds, etc.
3. Increases the concentration of oxygen in tissues and promotes blood circulation to remove toxins from the body.
4. Use oxygen to produce peroxide, which has an antibacterial and antiseptic effect on anaerobic bacteria.
5. Use pressure to reduce the volume of air bubbles in the body to treat gas embolism type diseases.

Treatment Modalities

1. In principle, treatment should be given once a day for about 60 minutes each time, the actual duration and frequency of treatment will be determined by professional veterinarians depending on the condition.
2. During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, the treatment can be timely coordinated with medical treatment or surgical operation and wound care in order to obtain good results.


Safety Equipment

1. A fully transparent acrylic hyperbaric chamber for animals, oxygen supply, treatment procedures and a very safe and comfortable therapeutic environment.
2. Complete monitoring equipment: temperature, humidity, pressure, oxygen concentration.
3. Safety and constant pressure equipment: mechanical and electronic pressure gauges, four groups of automatic constant pressure valves.
4. JYT Animal Hyperbaric Oxygen Series: The chamber is 1.4 ATA and above with a hyperbaric oxygen machine, which increases the oxygen concentration to 55% – 75% to produce dissolved oxygen.


Model Number HP600
Width 60cm
Length 75cm
Weight 65kg
Material Aluminium
Power 220V
Capacity 1
Function Health Care
Warranty 1 Year
Package Wooden Case
Certificate CE ISO13485
  • 1. What is the oxygen chamber?
    We can increase the pressure inside the chamber to improve the blood oxygen content and enhance the body’s metabolism
  • 2. Can puppy go inside the chamber?
    Those have injected of vaccine can do.
  • 3. Do I need the prescription if use the chamber for pets?
    No, but you need to consult the veterinary for the treatment of pets of illness and diseases.
  • 4. Can the pet use the chamber after feeding?
    With the rise in pressure, abdominal pressure also increased, so it may cause sickness. We suggest using the chamber after feeding one hour later and it’s no problem for an empty stomach.
  • 5. Which kind of pets can not use the chamber?
    There are no restrictions on the type of animal, but older animals should pay attention to it. Although there are many individual differences, the animals with more than 10 years of heart disease generally have high blood pressure. In fact, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has good benefits to treat high blood pressure, tachycardia, and tachypnea, but the animals with too high blood pressure can not use the chamber.
  • 6. Is the chamber has effective for obese animals to lose weight?
    Yes, if it breathes enough oxygen, just like our human use the chamber, the puppy will be healthier and it’s better if put the puppy into the thermal spring when finishing the treatment in the chamber.
  • 7. Can animals which are fractured in a traffic accident use oxygen chamber during the treatment?
    It can increase the bone activity, promote bone tissue healing, and reduce the pain after surgery while using the chamber for animals.
  • 8. Does the chamber have the benefits to treat those old dogs with yowling loudly or weeping in soft-voiced?
    They will sleep better at night after using the chamber because it’s the same effect to aerobic exercise when blood glucose has decreased.
  • 9. How long does the pet need to use the chamber?
    The using time is different due to the different types and ages of animals, but we suggest 30 minutes is in need. And it takes one hour for fracture treatment.

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