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MC4000 Sitting Type Portable Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

MACY-PAN is top hyperbaric chamber manufacture in China with 16-year experience. We work under ISO9001, ISO13485, and all models of hyperbaric chambers are with CE Certificate.

  • 3 zipper seal for easier entrance.
  • Easy to operate without assistance.
  • Most popular model for treatment in the home.
  • Emergency valve to depressurize at speed in an emergency.
  • Memory form mattress with antibacterial cotton/bamboo cover.


Parameters of product

Chamber size 140*130*175cm
Setting pressure 13ATA4.5PSI(30KPa)
Chamber material IPU(polyurethane composite fiber clip mesh cloth )
Machine size 76*42*72cm
Input flow rate 701min
nput power 1280w
Rated woltage 7220V 50Hz
Net weight of chamber Approx.20kg
Components Power cord Connection air tube, Timing device,Alarm device,Negative ion device
Chamber composition Observation window Safety device, Emergency device.
Pressuremeasuring device Trachea Valve,
Constant pressure device, letal stand,
Silencing device,Anti-rotation equipment.

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