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What are the Pros and cons of children’s oxygen chamber?

By hqt / June 8, 2021

Children’s oxygen chamber
A children’s oxygen chamber is a medical device designed to saturate the tissues of the body with oxygen at increased pressure (hyperbaric oxygenation). The oxygen chamber allows you to effectively fight the manifestations of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Moreover, it has a complex therapeutic effect in many pathological conditions and chronic diseases.

The principle of operation of the children’s oxygen chamber

The treatment procedure consists in finding the patient for a certain time in a special chamber, the atmosphere of which is saturated with a large amount of oxygen under pressure. As a result, much more oxygen is bound to the blood, and increased oxygenation of all tissues and organs is achieved.

During the treatment session, the patient lies in a relaxed state inside the chamber, if desired, you can even sleep.


The most effective pressure chamber in a sanatorium in the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels, including:

  • hypertension , coronary heart disease ;
  • Similarly, atherosclerosis;
  • chronic venous insufficiency;
  • Furthermore, rehabilitation after heart attacks, strokes.

In addition, children’s oxygen chamber treatment will help with the following conditions

  • insulin dependent diabetes;
  • skin diseases – psoriasis , furunculosis, excessive dry skin;
  • Similarly, cirrhosis of the liver;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • Moreover, periodontal disease;
  • frequent colds infections;
  • Furthermore, scleroderma, linear and local.

A pronounced therapeutic effect is also common in patients with:

  1. Pathologies of the nervous system.
  2. Diseases of the stomach and intestines
  3. Acceleration of recovery after injuries and surgical interventions.

Children’s oxygen chamber saturation of the blood helps to normalize the processes of hormone production and metabolism. Therefore, treatment in a pressure chamber is easy to recommend for patients with thyroid disorders and other hormonal problems.

Contraindications for children’s oxygen chamber

Treatment in a pressure chamber is not suitable for patients with:

  • Serious lung pathologies (air cysts, abscesses).
  • Moreover, Violations of the patency of the Eustachian tubes.
  • Acute respiratory diseases.
  • Similarly, Severe purulent infections.
  • Oncological diseases.

It is important to consider that a small percentage of people are sensitive to oxygen. In addition, treatment in a pressure chamber is also contraindicated for such patients.

Effects of hyperbaric oxygenation

Treatment in chambers can effectively relieve fatigue, normalize muscle tone, increase efficiency and improve the state of immunity.

The majority of patients show normalization of blood pressure, restoration of heart rhythm. In most cases, the effects of chronic stress, fatigue and insomnia completely eliminate.

Oxygen also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin. The inclusion of children’s oxygen chamber provides treatment of dermatological diseases. Similarly, it allows you to quickly achieve a complete cure.

Due to the fact that oxygen is an active oxidant, it effectively binds and removes toxins that accumulate in the intercellular space when it is lacking.

The positive Impact of children’s oxygen chamber

The positive effects of hyperbaric oxygenation have a cumulative effect and persist for a long time after the completion of the course of sanatorium treatment.

Children’s oxygen chamber 2021

The doctor noted that the oxygenation procedure has a very good healing effect. Inpatients receive a pressure chamber free of charge, taking into account the treatment protocols. Indications for its use are very diverse – cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system and gastrointestinal tract, diabetes mellitus, infertility, pregnancy, eye diseases, chronic gynecological diseases and others.

What are some contradictions?

However, along with the mass of indications for undergoing this procedure, there are also children’s oxygen chamber contraindications. Oncological pathology, thyroid gland formation, and seizures are severe forms of hypertension and acute respiratory diseases. Hence, all these factors will not allow the patient to undergo HBO.

Generally, you can nourish the body with oxygen at absolutely any age, from the smallest to the elderly. The program of the passage is selected individually by the doctor. Usually it is five to eight procedures, the maximum is ten, – added Professionals.

Every month in the department of hyperbaric oxygenation of the regional clinical hospital, an average of 300-320 procedures is easy to perform. About 40 people get their share of health.

Is children’s oxygen chamber good to lose weight?

We add that those who wish to lose weight will also be able to breathe in children’s oxygen chamber. Such an event favorably contributes to the process if you connect the main components to it – sports and proper nutrition. Moreover, this service is not important in the program of state guarantees for free provision of medical care.

Possible complications

In very rare cases, when using faulty, outdated equipment, with a negligent attitude to the procedure, complications are possible

  • damage to lung tissue;
  • Similarly, tympanic membrane injury;
  • convulsions;

After the session, the normal state is a slight dizziness, slight congestion in the ears. An experienced specialist of the Modern chambers sanatorium conducts treatment procedures taking into account contraindications. Therefore, the risk of complications is minimized.

Modern chambers have a modern safe oxygen chamber. Similarly, the chamber does not require special safety conditions. Moreover, it comes with emergency release buttons, a personnel call button, there is no noise isolation. Furthermore, the patient, being in the pressure chamber, can communicate with others in a calm voice if desired.

Therapeutic effects and indications for prescription

Before answering the question of what diseases oxygen treatment od prescription, you should pay attention to what the pressure chamber is useful for. Positive processes after using it include:

  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • improved tissue regeneration;
  • elimination of congestion, edema;
  • improving the functioning of internal organs;
  • Moreover, quick recovery after suffering diseases of an infectious nature.

The sessions in the pressure chamber help to reduce the use of medications, shorten the duration of treatment, strengthen the immune system, and prevent the development of complications.

How is the children’s oxygen chamber session going?

Generally, pressurized air therapy is easy. It is allowed to take a book and a tablet with you into the cell. Instead of doing any work, you can sleep. No special preparation is important prior to placement in the camera. You cannot go through the procedure hungry and immediately after eating; it is very well to visit the toilet.


As soon as a child is placed in a pressure chamber, the nurse turns on the children’s oxygen chamber to increase the pressure and supply oxygen. At the time of its change, so that the ears do not feel strongly, it is good to blow out the ears (like on an airplane) or suck up lollipop. For the same purpose, it is also good to make swallowing movements more often.

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