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Solace 210 hyperbaric chamber and HBOT for home

By hqt / 17 6 月, 2020

Solace 210 hyperbaric chamber and HBOT for home

Solace 210 hyperbaric chamber is a medical procedure during which the human body is saturated with oxygen under high pressure. The treatment is performed in a special pressure chamber, which is similar to a horizontal capsule with a glass upper part. During the course of treatment, patients can fall asleep, and all organs and tissues will be rich in oxygen, bringing a long-awaited recovery.

This method has long been known and has proven to be one of the best methods for prevention and early rehabilitation after illness and injury. Oxygen under pressure enters internal organs through tissue fluid and plasma, and the amount needed for its recovery is sufficient to restore its normal function, thereby activating the body’s recovery process.

Despite the long-term existence of hyperbaric oxygen, the method of hyperbaric oxygen is still not universal enough, because in fact, not every medical institution, even in Moscow, can afford it because of its high price.

The Immune Rehabilitation, Preventive and Cryogenic Medical Clinic network of the big clinics uses the most comfortable and absolutely safe O2 capsules, which have Russian registration certificate. The procedure in the capsule is fully automatic. The well-thought-out adjustment system and the good sound insulation in the chamber make the procedure not only comfortable but also pleasant.

Solace 210 hyperbaric chamber Indications

  • Diabetes
  • Bronchitis
  • Female infertility
  • Anemia, vascular disease
  • Combined treatment of obesity
  • Prostatitis, decreased male strength
  • Hangover syndrome and various causes of poisoning
  • Atherosclerosis of lower extremity blood vessels, Raynaud’s disease
  • Coronary heart disease, arrhythmia and angina,
  • Atherosclerotic heart disease, chronic heart failure
  • Suppurative wounds, trophic ulcers, sepsis, osteomyelitis
  • Bed sores, burns and infection prevention
  • Effects of multiple sclerosis, encephalopathy and stroke
  • Spinal cord injury, peripheral nerve paralysis
  • Peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum, pancreatitis, peritonitis
  • Hearing loss and acoustic neuroneuritis
  • Optic atrophy and retinal circulation disorders
  • Physical and psychological stress, neurasthenia and collapse
  • To revitalize and improve the overall health of the body

Solace 210 hyperbaric chamber Therapy

Various injuries can disrupt natural blood flow, thereby slowing the supply of oxygen at the injury site. This interferes with recovery, may lead to hypoxia, and eventually destroys all system functions. This oxygen deficiency of the tissue can be easily compensated in the pressure chamber.

When is treatment recommended in a pressure chamber (hyperbaric oxygenation)?

In the treatment of many skin diseases, internal organ diseases, injuries and their consequences, the process of saturating the body with additional oxygen in the pressure chamber has been pointed out. All processes in the human body respond positively to this additional stimulus and begin to regenerate, reducing the need for drugs and accelerating recovery. It can also hold meetings for people who are absolutely healthy to increase their nerve and physical endurance.


The high-pressure oxygenation process delivers oxygen to every cell of the body, which is vital for residents of large cities, where the air is polluted by industrial exhaust and car exhaust.

The procedures in the pressure chamber will help the internal organs to work properly, get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome, recover quickly from injuries and surgery and strengthen the overall body.

The pressure room treatment decision of the big clinic was made when the doctor of preventive medicine was initially appointed. Doctors do not consider contraindications, depending on the weight and severity of the patient’s injury, because excess therapeutic oxygen may be toxic, so the dose and pressure required for oxygen saturation are determined. The whole process lasts 35-45 minutes and is supervised by medical staff.

Solace 210 hyperbaric chamber occurs 1-2 times per year and lasts 5-10 times.

Hyperbaric oxygen produces the following effects:
Because there is enough oxygen in the tissue fluid and plasma, any wound healing will be triggered and stimulated.
Intracellular regeneration is enhanced and accelerated.
Hypoxia is eliminated at the intercellular level.
Promote the recovery of damaged skin.
Because of this saturation, the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins is normalized. It helps to increase the rate of burning fat, which beneficially affects excess body weight and helps to lose weight easily and safely.
Exercising in a pressure chamber can significantly reduce the intake of multiple pharmacological drugs, thereby enhancing its effect on the human body, thereby significantly reducing the burden on the liver, kidneys, and digestive system.
The recovery process after strenuous exercise is much faster, fatigue is relieved, the entire body becomes bodybuilding, and the working ability is significantly improved.
Adequate oxygen can significantly improve the quality of life and have a positive impact on people’s overall life. After drinking, they can quickly recover from stress and overwork.
Oxygen is involved in the work of all organs, so the extra oxygen can play a role in rejuvenating, cleansing the skin, energizing and energizing the skin.
This procedure is only necessary for people living in big cities. Indeed, recently, the simplest clean air that has not been polluted by the exhaust of a large number of cars has become the most urgent problem in large cities. Hyperbaric oxygen provides the body with oxygen needed for life, dissolving it in every cell of the body.

Despite its fame, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is still rarely used for treatment. This is due to savings and insufficient technical support. Because not every medical institution can afford to install equipment for this process. Even in Moscow, not all clinics involved in human repair and rehabilitation have pressure rooms.

Modern equipment for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and cryogenic medical networks in large clinics makes it possible to use the new O2 capsules for the oxygen saturation process. This is an excellent opportunity to receive treatment or recover with a high level of professional skills.