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7 Top Features of Oxygen Making Machine in 2022

By hqt / March 16, 2022

Everyone knows the rapid recovery of elite athletes from their injuries or after tough competitions. Thanks to the use of different very effective tools. One of them is oxygen making machine.

This was news recently, since hyperbaric oxygenation participated in recovery before the 2018 World Cup in Russia. But this therapy is now available to everyone; we explain how it could benefit you.

How does exercise save us?

In recent decades we have incorporated physical exercise into our daily lives, which contribute to an increase in quality of life. However, there has also been an increase in the probability of suffering injuries that affect us in our daily lives and that we must solve as soon as possible.

Prevention when it comes to avoiding injuries is essential. It is always recommended to perform good warm-up exercises before starting and proper stretching at the end of sports practice.

Treatment of Injuries with oxygen making machine

If the injury has already occurred, the ideal is to bet on an early and interdisciplinary treatment of it. Interdisciplinary treatment is understood as one in which a team of specialists works in a coordinated manner to ensure the prompt and correct recovery of the patient.

This team should head by a specialist in trauma who works together with physiotherapy, rehabilitation and, in addition, a specialist in oxygen making machine. In this way, recovery is fast and very good.


There are not a few cases of elite athletes who have demonstrated the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygenation to treat their injuries. The most recent was that of soccer player Daniel Carvajal. Who after being almost ruled out for the World Cup in Russia? It is manage to get to the second game recovered thanks to treatment with an oxygen making machine.

Other cases also stand out, such as those of soccer players James Rodríguez or Cristiano Ronaldo, who uses hyperbaric medicine to recover from their injuries.

Oxygen machine works very quickly

Treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy consists of providing the patient with medicinal oxygen at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. This generates a direct and significant increase in the oxygenation of the tissues. It is allows them to recover and heal faster. Oxygen making machine treatment that will be more effective the sooner it applies.

This was the case of Valentino Rossi, who began hyperbaric oxygenation as soon as he left the operating room and managed to recover from a broken tibia and fibula, for which he had been given a 6-month recovery, in 41 days.

Oxygen Making Machine 2022

Important rule in athletic performance

On the other hand, hyperbaric oxygenation also helps improve the athlete’s physical performance and recovery from muscle fatigue. The hyperbaric chamber allows athletes to recover more quickly after matches. It is also useful in intensive training, championships and long, hard or very strenuous races.

Oxygen making machine is a therapeutic modality in which the patient breathes pure oxygen (100%), while being subjected to a pressure 2 to 3 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level, inside a hyperbaric chamber.

Under these conditions, oxygen will produce a series of effects of therapeutic interest, such as: combating bacterial and fungal infections, compensating for oxygen deficiency resulting from clogged blood vessels or destruction of the same, as in cases of crushing and amputations of arms.

What diseases does this machine work against?


  • Bacterial and fungal infections,
  • Traumatic crushes and amputations;
  • Chronic and acute wounds that are difficult to heal;
  • Serious infections with destruction of muscle, skin, or subcutaneous fat;
  • Bladder, bowel, bone and brain injuries, caused later by radiotherapy;
  • Chronic bone infection.
  • The Oxygen making machineprocedure consists of the inhalation of pure oxygen, with the individual being subjected to a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure, inside a hyperbaric chamber.
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, when a wound cover with skin or muscles taken from another part of the patient’s own body, with risk of failure;
  • Presence of air bubbles in the bloodstream (“arterial air embolism”)
  • Complication likely to occur after performing some medical procedures;
  • Extensive burns;
  • Collection of pus or air in the brain, caused, respectively, by an infectious process and trauma;

Treatment with oxygen making machine is very useful for diseases and ailments that are common to us, but whose treatments have always been long and not always satisfactory. Some examples of these diseases are: diabetic foot, fibromyalgia, trauma injuries, recovery after surgical operations, etc.

How machine works?

The treatment consists of breathing oxygen at a purity level of 100%. It contains an atmospheric pressure higher than that of the earth’s surface.

Explained in another way, the oxygen making machine allows us to breathe pure oxygen at a pressure. It is similar to descending from 15 meters to 30 meters above sea level. It is causing the oxygen to dissolve in the plasma. Very quickly and reaches our cells in greater quantity.

This chemical effect is very beneficial for our body, since we mainly compose of water and whose fundamental ingredient is oxygen.

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How many essential elements of HBOT?

As you can deduce, the theoretical part is very interesting and fascinating, but best of all, are the benefits that Oxygen making machine treatment has for our body, which in summary, we will name the ten most outstanding:

  1. Stimulates cells that produce collagen
  2. Stimulates the immune response.
  3. It has bactericidal and bacteriostatic action.
  4. Produces new blood vessels, i.e. angiogenesis.

How oxygen making machine works in wounds?

Thus, oxygen therapy plays an important role in the treatment of wounds, as well as in the reduction of amputations caused by ulcerative lesions. HBOT allows the oxygen inhaled by patients during sessions in the Oxygen making machine. It is to reactivate cellular and hormonal functions and provide an environment.

This can fight infections and complex wounds. The lack of oxygen in the body makes it not work as expected; this is what happens with injuries that are difficult to heal. The tissue needs to have enough oxygen for the cells to function and especially for tissue decomposition.

What other benefits can oxygen machine have?

Another important factor about oxygen making machine relate to the restoration of organic defense and phagocytic capacity on some bacteria.

Hyperbaric treatment promotes hyper oxygenations of the tissues of the injured bodies. Hence, the healing of injuries occurs when inhaled oxygen arrives through the bloodstream at the injured site.

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