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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton: Statistics and Facts

By hqt / March 16, 2022

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton treatments may have emerged from emergencies such as those for decompression sickness but more commonly in the US, HBOT uses for much more elective problems.

In the application of wound healing lead this trend. Across the country, there are many other hyperbaric centers to treat elective problems. This is a concise review of these indications, as well as pointing out. Where, even elective centers may be able to scale up their practices.

Introduction of hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton

Unlike many of the emerging indications where hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton often uses as a primary therapy, it is highly time-dependent in terms of initiation and number of HBOT sessions. Many of these elective indications reflect where HBOT is an adjunct to other therapies.

Elective use of HBOT may be a way to improve outcomes for patients who are otherwise unresponsive to initial therapies. Additionally, some of these elective indications still derive some of their applications from emerging indications and are addressed here so clinicians do not miss them as opportunities for better care.

Elective indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

CO and CN intoxications – although it is assumed that the previous treatments will be better for any patient, there are patients who present in a delayed manner and can be treated in a delayed period of time, therefore electively for persistent complaints after an exposure to CO or CN.

Decompression sickness – preferable to be treated as early as possible, such as CO/CN poisoning, but usually improves even with more elective presentations in the week after the diving incident.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Montreal

Improved healing on selected problematic wounds

For example, CO and CN poisonings will be offset and more quickly eliminated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton. It is rather than allowing one or both to discharge at regular pressures. CO poisoning can present itself relatively obviously as an emergency.

It happens after an enclosed space fire and loss of consciousness or other severe neurologic squeal or with ongoing fetal or cardiac ischemia necessitating HBOT.

But CO poisoning can also be repetitive and low-level, with symptoms that are more difficult to define. A loading dock worker exposed to vehicle exhaust has headaches and fatigue may be suffering from CO poisoning and will be forgotten.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton may offer better long-term neurological outcomes than plain 100% oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton clinics

Our country is still far behind in the implementation of wound care clinics through hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Today, we have about 200 clinics that offer the modality. It is a very low number when compared, for example, to the United States. It has more than 800 units for a similar population.

We believe that the country would have more than 500 hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton clinics without any impact on the market, and in recent years we have taken important steps towards expanding treatment throughout the national territory.

 The expansion of Hyperbaric O2 in recent years

As a consolidated brand, we are present with our franchisees from the opening of the company, to the day-to-day management, offering guidance and support with a management model already established in the market and with the name recognized in much of the national territory.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton

Severe anemia without transfusion

Severe anemia also remains an underutilized opportunity for hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton to have a greater impact both in acute, if not emergent, applications and in sub-acute or more elective applications. The data behind their rationale is very straightforward and compelling at the level of basic science. Here oxygen delivery shifts from being dependent on sea-level

The advantages of opening a hyperbaric oxygen therapy franchise

The franchise model has several competitive advantages in the face of opening an individual business. We talk about a new and niche market, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton and wounds.

Therefore, we list some advantages that the entrepreneur finds when deciding to open a franchised unit for his venture:

Ease of documentation:

Opening a business depends on numerous documents, especially in the health sector. By establishing itself as a franchisor, the institution allows its franchisees to have easy access to all documentation and releases by Organs supervisory bodies. Allowing the safety and acquisition of patients, without major obstacles;

Brand Strengthening: The consolidated presence of a brand brings greater confidence to its target audience. This is the case of most hyperbaric clinics!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton can use electively, as well as to transition patients from more acute problems. This is good to limit tissue losses and improve resuscitation responses. Moreover, it is good in necrotizing infections or crush injuries – to more elective problems. Often, inpatient facilities transition patients from acute indications, where patients receive HBOT several times a day.

How to manage the company?

A franchisor has expertise and knows how to manage the company in which it is selling a business model. A franchisee receives technical, administrative, marketing training and all the support to work in a way.

It makes your business work successfully; monitoring through data and indicators and action plans for the most diverse obstacles in the business. These are the result of the experience of more than 8 years of work and recognition in the area;

Negotiation: A franchise has competitive advantages in negotiating values and partnerships, as purchases and demands are on a larger scale. This fact is crucial to increase your competitive edge, reducing costs and expenses for your business;

Learning and feedback about doubts hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton

Being a partner of an already structured business, you will be in constant learning. Moreover, you will receive constant feedback and a great experience from those who have been in the field for a longer time.

Interdisciplinary clinical meetings already tested and constantly revised protocols, nursing and medical field consulting, technical consultants to discuss your doubts and cases, that is, constant operational support through various channels.


Clearly delineated classes for emerging hyperbaric oxygen therapy Edmonton include those that compensate for the effects of low-oxygen arterial flow perusing tissue beds, as in a compromised flap. Many elective HBOT indications extend these effects to small vessel perfusion defects.

For example, the medical radiation needs to improve the cure rate of cancer often results in progressive fibrosis and the resulting non-healing of previously irradiated tissues.

In fact, multimodal cancer treatment improves outcomes such that most cancers have a better long-term outcome for more patients than patients requiring amputations for diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).

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