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How to treat patient in hbot chamber?

By hqt / January 10, 2022

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

hbot chamber

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines hbot chamber therapy: “a systemic therapy that enhances the physical solubility of oxygen under pressure”.

 Oxygen chamber therapy introduction:

Oxygen is a gas that obeys the physical laws that govern the absorption, diffusion and transport of gases in plasma. First of all oxygen is Essential for our life, it is normally transported by red blood cells. But it can also be carried in solution by plasma.

The quantity of gas

Infect this gas goes into solution in a liquid is directly proportional to its partial pressure with respect to the liquid with which it is in contact ( Henry’s Law ).In addition The partial pressure of oxygen in hbot chamber the alveolar air (the air that occupies the inside of the lungs):

  • in conditions of ambient air at sea level (1 ATA = 1 Absolute Atmosphere) it is 159 mm Hg
  • under normal pressure conditions (1 ATA) but with 100% O2 it rises to 760 mm Hg
  • in conditions of hyperbarism (3 ATA) and with 100% O2 it reaches 2280 mm Hg

The pressure of hbot chamber:

The consequence of these variations is that when we breathe naturally at sea pressure. Moreover, the oxygen carried by the red blood cells corresponds to a maximum of 20% volumes of Oxygen. The concentration of dissolved oxygen in the liquid part of the blood increases as the pressure of the blood increases.

Even so, we then breathe pure oxygen. It is 100%, its concentration in the plasma (regardless of red blood cells) becomes so high (6.8 volumes% of O2 at 3 ATA) that it can sustain vital processes by itself.

The dissolved hbot chamber

Meanwhile, oxygen in the plasma can also arrive in the parts of the body. In the tissues which, due to altered local conditions, do not receive adequate blood supply. Therefore in conditions of low oxygen pressure we can use hbot chamber.

The adequate availability of O2 in the tissues is what achieves during the hyperbaric oxygen therapy session. This allows the start of the therapeutic effects. This mainly consists of Induction of oxygen.

Bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect of hbot chamber

Elimination of anaerobic germs by direct action of O2 free radicals. However, contrasting the development of aerobic germs by activating the phagocytic functions of particular white blood cells called polymer nonnuclear cells.

The hyperbaric session of hbot chamber

The patient carries out the administrative acceptance. Further, he gives the hourly program of the sessions and the key to a locker. Here, he can store his objects. Who accompanies him to become familiar with the hyperbaric environment?

This makes him a series of questions for the compilation of the anemones. He gives him the fireproof gown and antistatic clogs to wear during the therapy session. Subsequently, he subjects to a thorough examination of hbot chamber by a Doctor in charge of the Institute.

First we will verifies the existence of any contraindications to therapy, explains why he prescribes OTI (hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hbot chamber’s Methodology

In the same way, it implements to increase the pressure in the hyperbaric chamber. The need for the patient to breathe through a mask. It reaches 100% oxygen, as indicated during the therapy, warns him of the absolute prohibition.

It is to bring inside the room a series of substances and objects. That promptly list. This methodology illustrates the content of the informed consent.

This delivers in copy and which the patient must sign before starting therapy. The first session carries out. At last, following day during the visit, the patient adequately informs on the procedures.

What happens during oxygen chamber Therapy

The patient, after putting on the gown and clogs, comes in hbot chamber. He invites by a nurse to enter and take place with the other patients. In the hyperbaric chamber, the Assistant Doctor also enters the Chamber who is a Doctor who has specific training with a positive final evaluation

hbot chamber 2022

. Though, who ensures control and health care throughout the session, whose duration is about an hour and fifty minutes?

During the session of Therapy

Oxygen therapy divides into:

  • A compression phase (about 15 min.)
  • Therapeutic phase (72 min.)
  • Decompression phase (18 min.)

The patients follow the instructions of the Assistant physician, to breathe pure oxygen through the mask or to breathe freely during certain intervals. For any doubt or problem, the Patient will only contact the Assistant Doctor present.

At the end of the session, the Patients will leave the room in an orderly fashion, and will be able to return to the dressing room to get dressed.

How to treat patient in hbot chamber?

Similarly, the patient may undergo an intermediate visit, of which he will be promptly notified, to check the evolution of the disease.

The day before the end of the prescribed course of therapies, the patient will undergo a final visit by the doctor in charge, scheduled to evaluate the therapeutic result of the OTI performed. He comes with the report, containing the clinical result of the therapy. It must delivers to the referring physician.

The security of patient in hbot

The hbot chamber has made safety one of the cornerstones of its organization. By way, of example we list: All the control systems of the critical parameters inside the hyperbaric chambers (pressure, percentage of O2 in the air, temperature, humidity) are double.

The fire-fighting systems inside the hyperbaric chambers are overabundant; with triple water supply (manual, cylinder and rain).The controls of the fire sprinkler, equipped with “sprinkel” diffusers, are located inside the chambers, on the external wall of the chambers and on the control panel.

How long fire extinguishing system check

In other words, fire extinguishing checks monthly for each room with the flooding of the room itself. Monitoring of each patient’s ventilation is accomplished by measuring the% O2 in the exhaled air. The hyperbaric technicians in charge of the operation of the chambers exercise a continuous video and audio-control of the chambers themselves.

All patients are adequately trained, with a visit to the hyperbaric chambers and receive recommendations about:

  • how to avoid or limit ear discomfort during the compression phase.
  • the absolute prohibition to bring objects and substances prohibited inside the rooms.
  • the quality of the clothes and linen to be used (100% cotton).
  • the obligation to wear the fireproof gown and antistatic clogs supplied by the Institute inside the rooms.
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