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Hyperbaric oxygen and Vancouver: Best Treatment for Adults

By hqt / January 10, 2022

What is the function of hyperbaric oxygen?

Hyperbaric oxygen and Vancouver

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy consists of delivering oxygen at a higher than normal pressure in order to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.

Why is it done?

First of all, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is common as a treatment mainly in emergency situations. Such as, Decompression sickness: A condition that arises when the atmospheric pressure returns to normal after a dive or tunnel bore, which involves the formation of gas bubbles within the tissues.

It can cause mild symptoms, such as, pain or fatigue, or serious problems, such as organ failure and neurological damage.

Air embolism:

A condition in which gas bubbles enter the circulatory system during certain types of medical procedures.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Additionally, various clinics who deal Hyperbaric oxygen and vancouver have equipped hyperbaric chambers to treat a wide range of chronic conditions or injuries. Increased oxygen levels in the blood are believed to help the body heal itself more quickly. However, the evidence for the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen therapy varies.

Presently, there is some evidence to support the therapy’s ability to help heal wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers, or colon inflammation comes by radiotherapy.

Evidence concerning the use of hyperbaric oxygen

There is little or little evidence regarding the use of hyperbaric oxygen. Therapy for brain injury, concussion, autism, trigeminal neuralgia, or fractures. Thereafter, is clear evidence of the ineffectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for multiple sclerosis? Finally, hyperbaric oxygen therapy should avoid in case of a collapsed lung.

What’s it about?

Subsequently, hyperbaric oxygen and vancouver therapy is an outpatient procedure and therefore no overnight hospital stay is required. The treatment usually lasts from one to two hours. Meanwhile, some hyperbaric chambers are designed for a single person, while others are designed to be shared by several people.

During the procedure the atmospheric pressure increases to two or three times the normal pressure. However, you share the room with others. You can receive pure oxygen by means of a mask or a close-fitting cap.

Side effects of therapy

In most cases, the procedure has no side effects. Although, it is possible to feel some pressure on the eyes and ears which can cause temporary changes in vision. As with, Preparing for hyperbaric oxygen therapy? Before the procedure, the patient may be asked to remove cosmetics, jewelry, watches or wigs, and not to wear deodorants or perfumes.

Alternative treatments with hyperbaric oxygen

In case of carbon monoxide poisoning, standard oxygen therapy may sometimes be recommended, if available. Moreover, there is insufficient evidence that hyperbaric oxygen therapy is more effective.

As with, the exception of the emergency situations described above, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is considered a form of complementary therapy.

How to breath in hyperbaric chamber?

Hyperbaric oxygen and vancouver therapy helps athletes to recover faster from intense training. However, competitions and accelerates the healing of minor and major injuries.

During treatment in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the lungs absorb more oxygen. In under pressure when breathing in air under normal atmospheric pressure it is easy to use. The circulatory system transports more oxygen through the body and into the outermost capillaries.
Hyperbaric oxygen and Vancouver 2022

There, the oxygen promotes the release of growth factors, activates stem cells, which promote healing and regeneration and helps fight bacteria.

How to fix high oxygen saturation?

Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) is a procedure in which high-quality oxygen is inhaled in a chamber at elevated atmospheric pressure (up to three times higher than normal pressure) to promote the body’s natural healing powers. Under normal conditions, the oxygen level in our arteries is 100 mmHG.

When the pressure increases to 2 ATA, the oxygen level in our body also increases by 14 times to 1400 mm Hg.

Reduction of Oxygen Content in Chamber

Eventually, Only Hyperbaric oxygen and vancouver oxygen therapy ensures the survival of the human body. Likewise, a lack of oxygen reduces the blood flow. It can damage the tissue and be responsible for an increased potential for injury and poor concentration. The supply of the cells with oxygen can bring back health, energy and performance.


Most injuries occur in the cells and persist at the tissue level. In the case of severe sports injuries and wound healing, the body alone cannot supply enough oxygen to the affected area, which prevents natural healing. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy solves this problem by naturally adding more oxygen to the body.


The hyperbaric oxygen therapy works in areas in which other measures or drugs do not work properly, or not at all. Finally, it also prevents injuries, increases concentration, prevents chronic fatigue and thus ensures. Maximum performance.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy will help with any problem that requires more oxygen. For example, oxygen acts as a natural antibiotic in the case of infections or can be common in conjunction with other therapies and positively support the success of the therapy.

 Hyperbaric oxygen and vancouver therapy for high performance

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) originally develop to treat decompression sickness. Currently, in divers who need to restore normal pressure balance after surfacing. However, it has been shown that the use of hyperbaric oxygenation also has great advantages in top-class sport.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is just as natural as breathing. Currently, Oxygenation is one of the most effective and 100% natural methods of reducing inflammation, accelerating healing and reducing pain and fatigue comes by overuse.

We can treat these injures by oxygen therapy



  • Strains
  • Cuts
  • Contusions
  • simple fractures
  • Muscle fatigue


  • severe contusions
  • deep wounds
  • Cartilage damage
  • Fractions
  • Tissue damage / compartment syndrome
  • traumatic brain injury


Under pressure, the circulatory system transports more oxygen around the body and helps fight bacteria. Presently, it promotes the release of growth factors and activates stem cells, which support healing, accelerate recovery and promote performance.

Instead, hyperbaric oxygenation is an important investment in achieving and maintaining optimal levels of performance.

Hyperbaric oxygen positive effects

  • Reduction of local hypoxia (lack of oxygen at the tissue level)
  • Reduction of local inflammation and edema
  • Moreover, Reduction of scar tissue formation
  • Reduction of muscle fatigue


In conclusion, the constant high performance and the tireless physical effort consume important body resources, especially with regard to the oxygen supply of important body parts such as bones, cartilage, tendons, heart, lungs, kidneys and other organs.

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