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How to get best results from hbot Toronto?

By hqt / November 17, 2021

What is an hbot?

This is a new generation pressure chamber, in which a pressure above atmospheric pressure is created with the help of highly purified air and its mixture with oxygen. However, the air conditioner cools the air entering the chamber to 16-18 degrees C. It is not stuffy in our oxygen pressure chamber, as in pressure chambers without an air conditioner.

The diameter of the hbot Toronto is also of great importance for the comfort of the person inside the chamber. Our pressure chamber has the largest diameter on the market – 90 cm, which allows you to comfortably accommodate a person of any size and not feel cramped.

hbot Toronto

How does a hbot Toronto work?

After the client has settled in the pressure chamber, we tightly close the “zippers” on the chamber and close the air release valve. Also, we turn on the compressor, oxygen concentrator and air conditioner.

The compressor begins to take air from the room, clean it, and feed it through the air conditioner into a hermetically sealed chamber throughout the entire session.

Process of adsorption is fed into the hbot Toronto.

The oxygen concentrator also draws in air from the room, cleans it through filters. Further, using the adsorption method, the air is separated into oxygen and nitrogen. hbot Toronto obtained in the process of adsorption is fed into the pressure chamber.

However, When the pressure in the pressure chamber is reached, special valves open, through which carbon dioxide is automatically emitted and the pressure is maintained at which the body is maximally enriched with oxygen.

It was recommended to undergo a course of barotherapy.

After the first session you will feel:

  • Removing fatigue
  • Also, No hangover
  • Increased mood
  • Furthermore, Increased endurance
  • Improving performance
  • Lack of air sickness

Advantages of oxygen pressure hbot chambers

Improving the quality of your life

The brain, which regularly receives enough hbot Toronto, begins to produce more endorphins – hormones of joy, and a positive attitude and confidence will undoubtedly improve the quality of your life.


Oxygen pressure chambers are mobile and assembled within 60 minutes. They do not take up much space – they install in almost any room on an area of 3 m2, and only require a 220V outlet to work. Power consumption 1 kW.

Quality and reliability of hbot Toronto

You can be sure that oxygen pressure chambers will last a long time without losing their qualities. Also, we provide warranty service and repair, and the absence of consumables guarantees ease of use.

Minimal contraindications

Almost everyone can use pressure chambers, with rare exceptions: claustrophobia, severe forms of hypertension, obstruction of the Eustachian tubes, the presence of implanted medical equipment, mental illness, epilepsy.

Ease of operation of hbot Toronto

Operation of oxygen pressure chambers DOES NOT REQUIRE:

  • consumables
  • hbot Torontocylinders
  • special education
  • specially equipped room

Hyperbaric oxygenation (HBO) – a method of saturating tissues with oxygen under high atmospheric pressure in a special device (pressure chamber)

hbot Toronto 2021

The principle of Hbot operation

The principle of operation is due to the laws of physics. Also, Oxygen in a pressure chamber in large quantities enters the organs and tissues, where hemoglobin does not reach. Thus, it is possible to eliminate oxygen starvation in the diseased organ, restore its function and resistance to disease-causing components.

Only with the advent of hyperbaric medicine did doctors manage to eliminate the lack of hbot Toronto in the tissues. Furthermore, HBO has a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory effect, promotes the proliferation of vascular capillaries and DR-HBO normalizes many body systems, reduces the risk of disease.

The processes of healing wounds and fractures

Since the body’s metabolism, the production of hormones, vitamins and other necessary substances are normalized, the processes of healing wounds and fractures are activated. Sessions in a pressure chamber relieve fatigue, restore strength after strenuous work, increase muscle tone, have an anti-stress, restorative and tonic effect.

method in preparation for and after surgery

It is recommended to use this method in preparation for and after surgery. The patient quickly and painlessly comes out of anesthesia, the healing time is significantly reduced, and the risk of complications reduces. This is the basis for the widespread use of HBO in cosmetology and plastic surgery.

Patients who have completed the HBO course note an increase in efficiency and stabilization of the psycho emotional state. The time and number of sessions assign individually, it depends on the diagnosis and presentation.

Operating principle of hbot Toronto:

The method is based on an increase in the partial pressure of oxygen (pO2) in the blood and other liquid media (lymph, interstitial fluid, etc.) of the body. However, consequently, this leads to a corresponding increase in their hbot Toronto capacity.

HBO is carried out in a pressure chamber – a vessel that hermetically isolates the gas environment contained in it from the surrounding atmosphere and is equipped with a safe life support system. Furthermore, the pressure in the pressure chamber is raised by air injection.


  • stimulates wound healing mainly by enhancing intracellular regeneration;
  • enhances the effect of a number of pharmacological drugs (antibiotics, cardiac glycosides, diuretics and many others);
  • has a tonic effect on the body, relieves fatigue and significantly increases efficiency;
  • also, significantly improves the general condition of a person with overwork and stress;
  • has a rejuvenating effect on the body;
  • promotes the fastest burning of fats and normalizes the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates, which in turn contributes to quick and harmless weight loss


  • Atherosclerotic vascular lesions (coronary, cerebral, peripheral).
  • Diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2 and its complications.
  • Furthermore, Trophic ulcers in chronic venous insufficiency.
  • Moreover, prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Also, Consequences of acute cerebrovascular accident.
  • Hypertension 1 – 2 tbsp.
  • Moreover, Vegetovascular dystonia.
  • Similarly, migraine.
  • Dyscirculatory encephalopathy 1-2 tbsp.
  • Also, Asthenic conditions.
  • Insomnia, meteorological dependence, anxiety, depressed mood, decreased mental and physical performance.

Effect of the oxygen chamber on general well-being:

  1. Improving concentration, memory, normalization of sleep
  2. Elimination of meteorological stability
  3. Also, Elimination of chronic fatigue syndrome, asthenia
  4. Hangover, overeating
  5. Improving adaptation to physical and emotional stress
  6. Moreover, Increased endurance, muscle tone
  7. Anti-stress, tonic effect
  8. Also, Reducing the consequences of exposure to adverse environmental factors


Research proves that skin cells receive hbot Toronto both from the external environment and directly from the body. The balance between these two sources is constantly changing depending on the availability of absorbed oxygen. In the case of oxygen therapy procedures, the balance shifts towards external consumption.

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