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Is hbot treatment effective for adults?

By hqt / November 17, 2021

What is hbot treatment?

hbot treatment is a vital element on our planet. For the normal existence of a living organism, exactly as much oxygen is needed as is spent on providing energy. At the same time, the cell’s need for oxygen can change 5 or more times, depending on its activity.

hbot treatment 2021

Lack of oxygen, like its excess, can lead to great destruction; therefore, there is a mechanism for self-regulation of oxygen delivery in the body. However, with vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypertension and diseases associated with age, this mechanism goes wrong and oxygen deficiency accumulates in the tissues or hyperoxygenation develops.

hbot treatment deficiency in tissues underlies the overwhelming number of diseases?

Barotherapy has a persistent therapeutic aftereffect, its regular use 1-2 times a year (a course of at least 10-12 sessions) leads to active longevity and the preservation of intelligence and working capacity.

The use of oxygen treatment is in routine for many years. There a lot of modern ways where we can get portable oxygen chambers for home.

Traditional methods of oxygen therapy

The new technique is devoid of the drawbacks of traditional methods of oxygen therapy and significantly surpasses them in clinical effectiveness.

The experience of clinical application of medical compression in an hbot treatment in the treatment of more than 10 thousand patients has proved the high efficiency and safety of the developed method.

Stroke, heart attack, hypertension – how to deal with them for a modern person living in conditions of constant stress and maintain the high performance for many years?

In what cases is it advisable to use?

hbot treatment and Vascular Diseases:

  • Hypertension
  • Furthermore, hypotension
  • Vegetovascular dystonia
  • Moreover, peripheral vascular disease
  • Obliterating endarteritis

Nervous system diseases and hbot treatment:

  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Cerebral Palsy (Cerebral Palsy)
  • Similarly, parkinsonism
  • Systemic connective tissue diseases
  • Furthermore, migraine
  • Concussion

Infectious and autoimmune diseases:

The use of barotherapy for these diseases can improve microcirculation in the spine and significantly speed up the recovery process in pain.

  • Immunodeficiency treatment
  • Chronic infection
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

In the acute period, only against the background of anti-inflammatory or antiviral therapy.

Prevention of the development of atherosclerosis

The pressure rises as if traveling by plane. You are allowed to yawn, sit down, turn your head – perform any action that will help compensate for the pressure in your ears. When the chamber is already pressurized, the vent valve is released and it feels like there is no more pressure.

After balancing the pressure in the ears, diving is relaxing and enjoyable. At the beginning of the session, it takes about 5-7 minutes to build up the maximum pressure, and 10 minutes or less for decompression at the end of the session (different for each person).

During therapy, it can listen to music, read, relax, meditate, sleep.

Before the session, it is necessary to empty the bladder.

Breathe normally. Don’t hold your breath.

There is enough room in the cell for two adults. Ideally, there should be one person inside, unless the child is undergoing therapy and the parent wants to be around.

How and why does it work?

In mild hyperbaric hbot treatment therapy (HBOT), the patient is exposed to elevated atmospheric pressure while inside an inflatable bladder. Hyperbaric therapy is considered mild at a pressure of 1.5 ATA (absolute atmospheres) or less. At 1.3 ATA, pressure or submersion is like being 10-13 feet underwater.

Oxygen molecules inside the hyperbaric chamber are compressed and become more soluble, obeying the scientific principles of Henry’s Law in physics. Also, This phenomenon allows oxygen to freely penetrate cell membranes and enter all fluid systems of the body, including plasma, synovial, lymphatic, interstitial (intercellular) and cerebrospinal fluids.

Alternative transport routes for supplemental oxygen

Usually, only red blood cells can transport hbot treatment throughout the body. Now, alternative transport routes for supplemental oxygen share by all body fluids. Furthermore,

Due to this, more oxygen reaches those areas of the body that are difficult to access under normal conditions. HBOT has proved to promote cellular regeneration and the body’s natural repair processes.

Increased circulation.  The circulation of oxygen and blood in the body increases.

hbot treatment

Increased content of superoxide dismutase (SOD).  SOD is an essential enzyme found in the cells of the human body that inactivates the most abundant free radicals in the body – superoxides, which cause cell destruction. hbot treatment stimulates the production of SOD, thus helping the body to get rid of metabolic waste products during inflammation and free radicals that cause cell damage.

Restoration and reconstruction of damaged cells

Detoxification of the body by increasing circulation and through mechanisms such as stimulating SOD production.

Also, Restoration and reconstruction of damaged cells. If the cage is dead, it is dead. However, in many cases it only gets damage, and using a camera will help repair and rejuvenate the damaged cell.

Growth of new capillaries in the body

HBOT stimulates the growth of new capillaries in the body (angiogenesis), which starts around the 12th and 15th session. A new collateral circulation system will serve both damaged and healthy tissues.

Such vascularization, occurring again, is extremely important for reaching tissues and organs with limited blood flow (ischemic areas), as well as areas of the body with a lack of or impaired supply of available hbot treatment (hypoxic areas).

Improving concentration and clarity of thought

Increased vitality

Increase in the formation and circulation of stem cells by 8 times (800%) in 40 sessions. Stem cells are the body’s primary healing power. If any areas get damage, it is thanks to these cells that they restore.

Assisting in the destruction of bacteria. Moreover, the conditions that come inside the hbot treatment chamber are unfavorable for the viability of bacteria, fungi and viruses – organisms that cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment.


Improving the functioning of the immune system.  The extra oxygen goes to the white blood cells (leukocytes). Moreover, it receives charge to fight off bacteria that cause infection and disease. Similarly, hbot treatment stimulates the production of SOD.

Hence, it helps the body to get rid of metabolic waste products during inflammation and free radicals that cause cell damage.

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