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How does household hyperbaric chamber help in weight loss?

By hqt / 31 8 月, 2020

Oxygen Hyperbaric therapy: How does it work?


What is Household hyperbaric chamber?

Hyperbaric oxygenation is a physiotherapy procedure that is carried out in special household hyperbaric chamber. Here a person breathes only pure oxygen, under increased pressure. Moreover, much more oxygen enters the body than during normal breathing.

The use of hyperbaric oxygenation makes it possible to improve the penetration of oxygen from the lungs into the blood vessels. It is to achieve 100% saturation of hemoglobin with oxygen.

Oxygen, 5 times more concentrated than in air. And under pressure dissolves better in the blood flowing through the lungs, then in all body fluids. Thus, saturates the entire body, all tissues, even those in which blood circulation is severely impaired. Du to this reason, household hyperbaric chamber is getting popularity.

The essence of the method is to restore self-regulation of oxygen consumption and energy production in the cell.

Why go there?

Oxygen capsule – a technology aimed at combating oxygen starvation.

Sessions in a pressure chamber will help improve the condition of the:

  • Skin
  • hair and
  • nails,

It slowdowns the aging process. Moreover, it also significantly enhances the effect of any weight loss program! An oxygen capsule is a breath of fresh air that will nourish the body with health and increase efficiency.

The method of barotherapy , which is now used in household hyperbaric chamber, has been successfully applied in Europe, in large medical clinics.

Effects of sessions in the household hyperbaric chamber:

– Prevention and treatment of:

  • vascular diseases
  • hypertension
  • heart attack and stroke
  • asthma and allergies

It helps in getting rid of meteorological dependence and headache. Similarly, it normalizes of the work of internal organs, pressure and sleep, improving the quality and duration of life. Improving mental and physical performance, getting rid of lethargy and chronic fatigue syndrome.

In addition, it improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails, slowing down the aging process. Significantly enhance the effect of any weight loss program. In addition, household hyperbaric chamber improves memory and concentration.

How does brain work in household hyperbaric chamber?

– The brain, which has absorbed enough oxygen, begins to produce more endorphins – hormones of joy. A positive attitude and confidence will improve your quality of life.

– Sessions in the oxygen chamber increase mental and physical performance. It relieves lethargy, chronic fatigue syndrome and headache. The brain consumes about 25% of the oxygen entering the body.


Normalization of oxygen delivery activates brain cells. This is manifested by a decrease in lethargy:

  1. increased attention
  2. concentration
  3. and improved memory.

As a result, the efficiency of mental and creative work, learning and assimilation of new material in children increases.

How does household hyperbaric chamber help in weight loss?

Household hyperbaric chamber are used for a rejuvenating effect. They can significantly enhance any weight loss program. Furthermore, it provides an instant effect for the recovery of the athlete’s body after exertion, injuries and before preparing for competitions.

It is a well-known fact that athletes and other sports persons use household hyperbaric chamber to heal their bodies. Because, it helps them to increase the flow of oxygen in the body. A number of celebrities have purchase portable chambers to carry with the on various trips.

How does a household hyperbaric chamber work?

The essence of the method is to improve the transport of oxygen into the cell. And increase its useful use with the release of carbon dioxide. Thereby, it restores the regulation of oxygen delivery to the brain on demand.

Indeed, the main regulator of oxygen delivery is carbon dioxide. It is formed during its useful (with the formation of energy) consumption. Therefore, the therapeutic effect of a short session is persistent and grows from session to session.

Moreover, with an improvement in oxygen consumption, pressure is normalized. Because the body does not need to increase the pressure in the vessels in order to improve the blood supply to the tissues. Cell membranes are restored. It means there is no development of aging factors.

The body becomes, as it were, younger, because oxygen consumption is restored to normal and enough energy is generated,

household hyperbaric chamber Contraindications

The main contraindications of household hyperbaric chamber are:

  • chronic and acute inflammatory processes in the lungs
  • ears, runny nose
  • poor airplane flight tolerance
  • the presence of cysts and cavities in the lungs,

Consult your healthcare professional before use.

What is a cryosauna?

Cryosauna (from the Greek kryos – “cold”, “frost”) is a modern technology of treatment with metered cold, which appeared in the middle of the last century. But is now gaining popularity all over the world.

This gives explanation very simply – with high efficiency, cryotherapy has no side effects. It is not associated with pain, discomfort, or the use of any synthetic drugs that destroy the body.

Cryotherapy is an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent that enhances blood circulation. It restores microcirculation in tissues, and elasticity of muscle-ligamentous structures. Cryotherapy relieves muscle spasm, increases immunity and has a general strengthening effect on all functional systems of the human body.

Why household hyperbaric chamber?

In response to temperature stress, our body announces “general mobilization”.  A powerful “shake-up” of all regulatory systems of the body takes place: nervous, endocrine, immune.

All protective and restorative processes activate. Natural anesthetic substances release. Blood circulation, microcirculation and metabolism, nutrition of bone, cartilaginous, muscle tissue increase. As a result, pains pass, swelling and inflammation subside, and many diseases recede.

You can also minimize all these problems by passing a household hyperbaric chamber from an expert hyperbaric oxygen chamber maker.

The effect of cold treatment in terms of its power of influence on the body is much stronger than that of any newfangled medicine. Unlike drugs, cryotherapy does not destroy the body’s self-regulation system. But, on the contrary, improves it many times over.

Scientists have proven that household hyperbaric chamber is able to restore the normal functioning of the immune system. Therefore, cryosauna comes with as a means of treating inflammatory and autoimmune processes in joints and throughout the body.

  • Arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • gout, psoriasis, allergies
  • dermatitis of non-infectious origin.

How it works?

The cryosauna looks like a vertical solarium. The cabin fills with cryogenic gas – a mixture of liquid nitrogen vapor and air cooled to an ultra-low temperature. Due to the special properties of cold gas, the procedure is comfortable.

During a session in a cryochamber, the body immerses up to the shoulders in clouds of liquid nitrogen. Hands and feet get covering by special gloves and socks, and the head is above the surface of the booth.

The first session usually lasts only 30-40 seconds. Subsequent visits last no more than 2-3 minutes.

The health-improving course is 10-15 sessions for 2-3 weeks. The effect lasts from six months to two years.

How many types of household hyperbaric chamber therapy procedures are there?

It is important to understand that today there are different types of cryo procedures:

  1. cryo masks
  2. massages
  3. cryo peeling
  4. cryo moxibustion with liquid nitrogen.

All of them act locally, on certain parts of the body, and prescribe for cosmetic purposes. You can practice it at your home in a household hyperbaric chamber too.

Household hyperbaric chamber Conclusion

The use of household hyperbaric chamber is increasing day by day. It has been scientifically proven that hyperbaric therapy brings astonishing results on body. Subsequently, its use is not limited to any age. Moreover, before using it is necessary to know all precautions.