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Hyperbaric chamber manufacturer: benefits and side effects of oxygen chamber

By hqt / January 16, 2021

Table of contents

  1. What is hyperbaric chamber good for?
  1. How long do you stay in hyperbaric chamber?
  1. What are the risks and benefits of hyperbaric chamber therapy?
  1. How will you feel after hyperbaric treatment?
  1. Chamber cost
  1. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home
  1. Hyperbaric chamber wound healing
  1. How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work?
  1. What issues and injuries  can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
  1. How long does treatment last?
  1. Types of hyperbaric chambers
  1. How will I feel after hyperbaric treatment?
  1. Can you drive after hyperbaric oxygen therapy?
  1. Could hyperbaric treatment heal the brain?

Hyperbaric chamber manufacturer

What is hyperbaric chamber good for?

Hyperbaric chamber manufacturers focus on hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Likewise this therapy is multi-purpose. Moreover, it is good for various health issues. If you are feeling decompression sickness due to diving, hyperbaric oxygen chamber will heal you. Then, it is useful for serious infections and air bubbles in blood problems. Last but not the least; it is useful for the wounds which take time to heal due to diabetes.

How long do you stay in hyperbaric chamber?

If someone is facing breath problem, he needs to lie on the table and take oxygen therapy. But, the duration of the therapy varies person to person to person. For example, if you are feeling severe problem, it may take time for 2 hours. On the other hand, if there are mild symptoms, it may take only few minutesHyperbaric chamber manufacturers stress the need of the patients.


 What are the risks and benefits of hyperbaric chamber therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has both benefits and risks. On one hand, it treats mildness, dizziness, and muscle cramps. On the other hand, too much exposure to the machine may risks middle ear injuries, near sightedness, claustrophobia and oxygen poisoning.

 How will you feel after hyperbaric treatment?

Hyperbaric treatment has no after effects in general. But, sometimes patients feel popping sounds in the ears. Moreover, they may report cracking sounds between the treatments. Although, there is no after effect, but sometimes patients complain about the mild effects.

Similarly, hyperbaric chamber are pressure chambers. Patient may feel ear fullness after the treatment. Likewise, these chambers have increased temperature inside. A patient may feel slightly high temperature. Hunger and fatigue are also come the mild effects after oxygen therapy.

 The Hyperbaric chamber cost

Generally, the cost of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy varies country to country. But, average cost of the therapy remains between 100$ to 250$. Similarly, people buy the chambers for use at home. Now, there are different prices for chambers according to their sizes and hyperbaric chamber manufacturers. Small chambers cost nearly 4000$ to 8000$ and on the other hand, large chambers cost up to 20000$.

 Oxygen therapy at home

The basic purpose of the oxygen chamber is to provide more oxygen to patient than normal atmosphere. Moreover, people buy the chambers to treat themselves at home in order to avoid daily fatigue of visiting clinic. These chambers are equally suitable to use at clinic and at home. But, there are some legal provisions exist, therefore, one cannot put the oxygen chamber at home.

Chamber wound healing.

For wound healing, oxygen is needed. You will get maximum oxygen when exposed to the chamber. Similarly, outer atmosphere has less oxygen as compare to therapy chamber. So, hyperbaric chamber is much supportive for wound healing. Hemoglobin which is present in the blood works for oxygen transportation in the body.

When a patient is exposed to the chamber, too much oxygen is transported to the blood. The wound will definitely get larger amount of oxygen and it will heal it soon. Hyperbaric chamber manufacturers know the need and working for betterment.

How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work?

The air we inhale from atmosphere is mixture of multiple gases. Human beings need oxygen for life. Moreover, when a person inhales less oxygen than requirement, he feels giddy. Hyperbaric chambers are pressure chambers which give you pure oxygen.

Pure oxygen gives you healthier feelings as compare to normal breathe. So, exposure towards the oxygen chamber delivers more oxygen typically and your lungs become more powerful and healthy.

What issues and injuries can be treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric chamber manufacturers provide oxygen chamber therapy which can cure multiple health issues. For example, carbon mono oxide poisoning. Too much exposure to bad air and close places provide you with less amount of oxygen. Similarly, coal burning produces carbon monoxide which makes you suffocated.

Similarly, gas gangrene, where gas collects in tissues also needs fresh oxygen for health. Moreover, if you are having diabetic wound, oxygen can heal it well in time. Likewise, oxygen chamber therapy treats bone and skin problems.

How long does treatment last?

This question is not easy to be answered. The treatment varies according the disease. For example, if the disease is severe, then therapy will take long time. On the other hand if the disease is mild it will take less time for treatment. Normally, it takes 100 days to fully cure an average disease.

Types of hyperbaric chambers

Hyperbaric chamber manufacturers make 2 type of chambers; monoplace chamber and multiplace chamber. Monoplace chamber resembles MRI machine and designed for one person. On the other hand, in multiplace chamber 2 to 3 persons can fit at the same time. But as far as treatment is concerned, both types of chambers perform the same.

How will I feel after hyperbaric treatment?

The temperature inside the chamber is slightly high. So, after the treatment, one can feel rise in temperature. Similarly, other can feel fatigue or hunger. Then, next can feel ear fullness and tiredness.

Can you drive after hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

Hyperbaric chamber manufacturer 2021

When you visit the clinic blood sugar level is rested before and after treatment. Moreover, after the treatment, patient can face several complications like fatigue, tiredness, dizziness etc. it is suggested that if you are not feeling good, do not drive after treatment.

 Could hyperbaric treatment heal the brain?

Hyperbaric chamber manufacturers also design chambers for brain treatment. Brain injuries increase the risk of anxiety, fatigue, muscle cramps and trauma. Oxygen chamber can promote brain healing. Although, it may take time but ultimately, patient will feel better.

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