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SPA Capsule Business: (How to start spa saloon capsule business)

By hqt / December 6, 2020

Treatments and Main functions of dry capsules

SPA Capsules is a device in the form of a cabin. This machine works on the principle of the radiation of heat or infrared rays by special ceramic heaters. The peculiarity of the infrared sauna is the heating method: the radiation of warm rays is identical to the thermal radiation of the human body.

How does SPA Capsules work?

Infrared rays deeply warm the entire body. The waves of infrared emitters gradually penetrate into the patient’s skin. It envelops the inner tissues with soft heat. Hence, it accelerates metabolic processes at the cellular level, thereby purifying and healing the body.

Infrared heat promotes skin healing and strengthens the human immune system. In addition, as a result of the penetration of the rays into depths of up to 3-4 cm. Similarly, they remove toxins and excess fluid. The special microclimate of the infrared sauna affects the cellular structure. Thus saturates it with oxygen and nutrients. Similarly, it destroys pathogens, and increases the level of immunoglobulin.

How do infrared rays work in SPA Capsules?

In addition, infrared radiation increases the activity of enzymes and estrogens in SPA Capsules. This effect applies to all types of cells in the body and blood. The elasticity and strength of the walls of blood vessels increases. Furthermore, blood supply improves, water balance is restored, and the protective functions of the body improve.

The beneficial effect of the sauna lies in the general strengthening, healing, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic, relaxing effect.

The infrared sauna cleans well the surface of the skin. Hence, it makes it possible to carry out cosmetic procedures for rejuvenation, and promotes relaxation.

SPA capsules

The oxygen treatment in SPA Capsules

Oxygen therapy comes from the Latin oxygenium (oxygen) and the Greek therapeia (cure). In other words, the use of oxygen for treatment and prevention. Decreased oxygen content in blood vessels and body cells causes aging.

In the skin, lack of oxygen can bring a lot of problems. It can slow down the functions of cell that impact body functions overall. Furthermore, the excess of this process will start destroying skin. Hence, it can enhance aging process. But SPA Capsules treatment can cure all these problems.

To slow down the processes of dermis degradation, the body needs artificial saturation of skin cells with oxygen. That is why the oxygenation method has recently become widespread in the field of cosmetology.

To carry out the procedure of oxygen therapy in spa capsules, oxygen is common both in pure form or carbon dioxide (5-7%).

In the capsule, it is possible to carry out both the complete spa procedure and its individual parts. It depends not only on the program of the procedure offered by the salon staff, but also on the technical capabilities of the equipment itself.

The major applications of spa capsules in different areas

. Spa capsules today can be seen not only in beauty salons, but also in:

  • large sports centers
  • in medical organizations of various profiles
  • Weight loss and cellulite treatments.

The possibilities of spa capsules are common for weight loss: special creams for splitting fats under the influence of various massages and saunas are better absorbed.

The procedure in the spa capsule helps to bring your body into shape harmlessly and with pleasure. An additional bonus in such weight loss is:

  • Relaxation
  • elimination of anxiety
  • a positive charge

All this has a beneficial effect on the normalization of eating behavior.

Traditionally, for their implementation, special spa capsules are famous. They carry “Shirodhara System” function. This enables the specialist to carry out unique relaxation programs.

Hair and scalp treatments with Oxygen capsules

The capsules maintain the moisture balance of the skin. Moreover, it provides the transport of nutrients to the outer layers of the dermis, and guarantees an antioxidant effect.

What to look for when choosing spa capsules?

When choosing a spa capsule, we must follow certain criteria.

First, it is worth deciding on the type of equipment: you need a dry or water capsule. Using the properties of a water capsule, you can arrange full sessions of:

  • hydro massage
  • therapeutic showers
  • infrared and steam saunas

Carrying out cosmetic procedures in such a capsule is much more effective than analogs under traditional conditions. Steam and infrared saunas work in parallel and create a hydro fusion effect that facilitates and accelerates the process of penetration into the dermis of cosmetic products.

They have been used on the skin and their absorption. Steam warms up and moisturizes the human body. It keeps these drugs in a liquid or viscous state. Thereby contributing to the complete absorption of funds and saturation of skin cells with nutrients.

Using the functions of SPA Capsules, additionally a built-in hand shower, we can wash off excess cosmetics. This whole process goes through without disturbing the client’s comfortable conditions during the procedure.

What is hydro and aero massage capsule treatment?

Procedures such as hydro massage and aero massage have a general strengthening effect on the human body. It improves tone, restore elasticity and skin color, and normalize blood circulation. Dry spa capsules work like a dry sauna. The body heats up with little or no water.

They make it possible to carry out the procedures of:

  1. aero ionic
  2. chromo
  3. Aroma

Such devices are ideal for rehabilitation procedures, use in wellness centers and spas. Because they act on the body in combination. Similarly, it accelerates metabolism and get rid of excess weight.

In general, a spa capsule is fairly multifunctional equipment that combines various options:

  • calorie counting
  • a comfortable bed
  • a monitor

These options, in fact, do not have a healing effect. They are just distracting functions that only bring additional comfort.  And therefore they are rarely used, but they have a significant impact on the price of the spa capsules.

SPA Capsules procedure

How much SPA Capsules cost?

The cost of spa capsules, like any other medical equipment, varies depending on the components and the manufacturer. For example, in China today, devices are offered from several hundreds to thousand dollars.

Please note that for the installation of the spa capsule you will need a special room that meets all requirements and regulations. Additionally, there must be communication connected in compliance with the established rules, especially if water spa capsules are installed.

Why it is important to choose best SPA Capsules before starting salon?

Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the choice of the device long before the launch of the salon, even at the stage of repairing the premises. It is necessary to ask the equipment manufacturer for the communication wiring diagrams.

What are major requirements to start spa capsule services?

The spa capsule will require a medical license from the organization. Pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • installation of the capsule by a specialist from the manufacturer
  • warranty for at least one year and repair after the expiration of the warranty

What is the price for procedures in spa capsules?

To do this, it is worth determining the number and frequency of procedures in the spa capsules. It is based on the requests that brought the patient to a specialist for help. To get rid of cellulite, for example, procedures are prescribed as a course.

Sometimes just one procedure is enough to relieve an excited state under stress and to get rid of depression. But it can be repeated very often, as soon as there is free time and even the slightest need.

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