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How to control pressure of hyperbaric chambers during treatment?

By hqt / November 15, 2021

Hyperbaric chambers are popular for therapeutic purposes. The patient inhales a gas mixture enriched with oxygen (in special cases it is 100% oxygen), thereby saturating the cells of the body and stopping their oxygen starvation.
hyperbaric chambers

Also, this method of healing has long been common to treat people and has become available relatively recently. A clinic should have the necessary equipment for oxygen therapy sessions for pets.

What is the Hyperbaric Chamber?

The Hyperbaric chambers resembles a capsule with some portholes placed laterally from which it is possible to see the outside, inside it is possible to breathe pure oxygen at pressure levels higher than those normally present in the environment.

Method of Hyperbaric chambers Treatment

There are several methods for this procedure:

oxygen chamber: the animal is in the chamber in consciousness;

inhalation of the gas mixture through an oxygen mask: the animal can be both conscious and sexually anesthetized;


use of endotracheal tube: only under anesthesia.

The choice of oxygen therapy depends on the condition of your pet. However, If the animal is not able to breathe on its own, the procedure is performed under anesthesia, and oxygen enters the lungs through a tube installed directly into the trachea. Also, In the presence of independent breathing, the animal is placed in a Hyperbaric chamber, or a breathing mask is common.

Indications for oxygen therapy:

  • Oxygen therapy is common for the treatment and prevention of both acute and chronic diseases:
  • Also, Acute pulmonary edema of various etiologies;
  • Chronic asthma;
  • Acute hypoxia – can develop with excessive exercise, sun or heat stroke, acute respiratory disorders, poisoning, chest injuries.
  • Furthermore, Chronic hypoxia is caused by various problems in the endocrine system, heart disease and respiratory diseases.
  • Anemia is also an indication for oxygen therapy.
  • Moreover, Injuries with respiratory depression, including in the absence of self-breathing. Then this procedure is mandatory, as lack of Hyperbaric chambers can cause irreversible damage to the brain, stroke, cardiac arrest.
  • Rehabilitation of the body after childbirth, surgery and other serious conditions.

course of Hyperbaric chambers

If you notice your pet’s constant shortness of breath, then this is an occasion to go to a veterinary clinic and undergo a course of oxygen therapy. However, that is why in a critical situation it is very important to quickly restore air supply to the lungs and enrich the cells with oxygen.

The procedure of oxygen therapy has no contraindications. Due to the saturation of body cells with oxygen (its content in the gas mixture is 5 times higher than in the air we breathe), improves blood circulation, central nervous system, heart, lungs, the whole body of the animal recovers – improves the appearance of your pet, increases appetite.


OTI: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is essential for the survival and well-being of the human being, in fact it feeds our organs by circulating in the blood and reaches the cells of the body favoring their sustenance and functioning.

It is precisely on oxygen that protection from infections and the release into the blood of those substances that allow tissue healing processes depend.

How does hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy work?

Hyperbaric chambers treatment is better known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, without side effects and non-invasive. The main element on which oxygen therapy is based is pressure; it has in fact been calculated that inside the hyperbaric chamber.

The quantity of oxygen in the blood can reach a level 15 times higher than normal values, with a consequent penetration of oxygen in depth.

Pressure rate of Hyperbaric chambers

Inside a hyperbaric chamber a pressure of about 2-3 times higher than the ambient one creates, in such a way the oxygen dissolves in the plasma in a higher than normal way.

Once inside the hyperbaric chamber, the most common sensation among those who undergo the treatment is a sensation of acoustic fullness, such as that experienced when going high up in the mountains.

And an increase in temperature. For the entire duration of the treatment there is a specialist doctor ready to intervene immediately if necessary.

The Benefits of Hyperbaric chambers

The benefits related to hyperbaric medicine are many and all concern the oxygenation of the tissues at controlled pressure.

  • It reactivates the skin microcirculation, stimulating the tissue repair mechanisms
  • It increases tissue oxygenation even through semi-obstructed vascular layers
  • Also, Helps reduce swelling due to the accumulation of amounts of lymphatic fluid in the tissues (for example, swelling of the lower limbs)
  • It can be of great help for some bone diseases, especially those come by an insufficient supply of blood and therefore of oxygen (for example, osteonecrosis)
  • Moreover, Indicated for the treatment of sudden hearing loss and retinopathy pigmentosa

The Hyperbaric chambers can therefore also be useful in case of skin or bone infections that cause tissue damage, in the healing of wounds, sudden deafness or burns. Good results are often quick and very noticeable.

In which pathologies can it be common?


Post-Surgical Injuries Burns
Venous Ulcers Implants and flaps
Ulcers and Injuries in Patients with Diabetes


The hyperbaric chamber nurse must be present and must know how to treat:

  • Patients undergoing therapy at pressures above 2.5 absolute atmospheres
  • Patients in serious condition
  • Also, Infusion therapies
  • Pediatric patients
  • Furthermore, Patients monitored
  • Multi-patient rooms

Hyperbaric chambers can be divided into 4 fundamental areas

The nurse, as a healthcare professional, must have multiple skills to be able to manage activities in different sectors in the hyperbaric environment. They can be divided into 4 fundamental areas:

  1. Administrative skills
  2. Outpatient skills
  3. Moreover, Skills related to assistance inside the Hyperbaric chambers
  4. Skills for the conduction of the hyperbaric chamber

Must check for preliminary examinations

In the administrative field, the nurse must be able to check medical records, authorizations, referrals and informed consent.
hyperbaric chambers 2021

Must check for preliminary examinations. Also, He checks the correspondence of the therapy, highlights particular aids or medical provisions to implement. Manages and compiles the nursing record, coordinates patient programming.

Conclusion: Why do we need hyperbaric chambers?

In the outpatient setting, the nurse assists the specialist doctor in examining and ascertaining the patient’s suitability for hyperbaric treatment. Also, fill in the file by means of a nursing assessment. Where there is a clinic for advanced dressings, the nurse collaborates with the multidisciplinary team.

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