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How to reduce stress in hyperbaric chamber Malaysia sessions?

By hqt / November 15, 2021

Unlike older models, our hyperbaric chamber Malaysia cabin offers a comfortable compression and decompression process. During his stay in the pressure chamber, the patient does not experience any unpleasant sensations.

Advantages of Hyperbaric chamber Malaysia


You can have a Hyperbaric chamber Malaysia therapy session with a family member or a friend, as the sessions are for two people at the same time.
Hyperbaric chamber Malaysia


Unlike older models, where the sessions were held in a supine position, in our hyperbaric cabin the sessions are held in a sitting position.


If you have a fear of confined spaces (claustrophobia), feel free to sign up for a session. Large interior space will allow you to relax and enjoy the session as much as possible


During the procedure, you will be under constant supervision of medical personnel. The O2 Prime Cabin has a built-in audio communication system that allows you to communicate with your healthcare professional.


However, With a gradual increase in oxygen pressure at the beginning of the session and its decrease at the end.

You can only feel sensations like those that occur during takeoff and landing of an airplane, you may experience a feeling of stuffiness in your ears.

How to relieve stress before hyperbaric chamber sessions?

You just need to do swallowing and chewing movements, as well as some exercises, which will be introduced to you before the start of the session. Chewing gum or sucking on lollipop can also help relieve this feeling.

  • You take off your shoes, take a lollipop, phone or book with you and settle in the pressure Hyperbaric chamber Malaysia.
  • Within 5 minutes, the pressure will rise to working pressure.
  • 30 minutes you can sleep or go about your business.
  • Also, Within 5 minutes, the pressure will decrease to normal.
  • Relax after the session for another 5-10 minutes so that the body gets used to the usual pressure
  • Moreover, Enjoy the positive effects of the procedure.


Diseases of the internal organs:

  • Anemia (mild)
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Also, Diseases of the lungs of a non-infectious nature
  • Heart disease in compensation
  • Furthermore, Connective tissue diseases
  • Kidney disease in compensation
  • Moreover, Diseases of the endocrine system in the stage of compensation (Diabetes mellitus – only non-insulin dependent)

Connective tissue diseases: (in the stage of compensation, in the inactive phase)

  • Rheumatism (in the stage of compensation, in the inactive phase)
  • Also, Rheumatoid arthritis (in compensation stage, in an inactive phase)
  • Furthermore, Systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Dermatomyositis

The use of Hyperbaric chamber Malaysia therapy for these diseases can improve microcirculation in the spine and significantly speed up the recovery process in pain.

Oxygen is essential for human life and for the good functioning of cells.

We already know that the cell is the structural unit of our body. Moreover, A series of cells create tissue. The tissue forms the organ. Several organs form an organ system (vascular, muscular, bone, endocrine, nervous, etc.). And several systems are combined into a whole organism.

The oxygen carrier to all cells and tissues in the body is blood. Accordingly, the more efficient the blood circulation, the more oxygen and nutrition they receive. If there are violations in the patency of blood vessels or a violation of oxygen exchange in the blood, then all cells of the body suffer from this.


Our health depends on whether the cell is healthy

This means that our health depends on whether the cell is healthy. And the health of any cell in our body depends on the condition of the capillaries – the smallest blood vessels, the efficiency of blood circulation and the quality of blood.

And the quality of blood is associated primarily with the presence of oxygen in it, that is, with the purity of the air.

21% is the optimal amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, at which we feel comfortable

24 – 26% – contained in the air on the seashore or in the forest – you feel a surge of vital energy: mood, well-being improves, activity increases.

Also, 17 – 18% – a critical decrease in oxygen in the atmosphere for health, which is typical for large metropolitan areas.

What does the decrease and lack of oxygen lead to

In the case of a lack of oxygen, oxygen starvation develops – hypoxia, which leads to malfunctions in the work of all cells, then tissues and then to their premature death.

The human body begins to feel a lack of oxygen, which is manifested by a deterioration in well-being, headaches, dizziness, sleep disturbance, decreased efficiency, and a disorder in the work of internal organs. And if a person had any chronic diseases, their course worsens, exacerbations occur, which often forces them to consult a doctor.

How Hyperbaric chamber Malaysia therapy works

As you know, the use of new generation Hyperbaric chamber Malaysia chambers is growing in the world from year to year. These cameras make it possible to improve human health.

And it provides significant assistance in the rehabilitation of patients in the conditions of creating the highest possible fire safety and comfortable carrying out of hyperbaric therapy procedures.
Hyperbaric chamber Malaysia 2021

Furthermore, the fundamental factor in the effect of hyperbaric therapy in the new generation chambers is the process of effective saturation of body cells with oxygen under excess pressure.

Why oxygen is so necessary for us?

Oxygen deficiency leads to the progression of diseases of the:

  • cardiovascular system
  • respiratory system
  • central nervous system
  • endocrine glands and to disruption of metabolic processes in all cells of the body

That is why oxygen is so necessary for us.

Unfortunately, the environment is deteriorating every year: the gas pollution of city streets is increasing, the area of ​​green spaces is decreasing – the number of parks, squares, ecologically clean recreation areas is decreasing.

Conclusion Hyperbaric chamber

Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to the development of Japanese designers, oxygen chambers have appeared, available to everyone. Now you can make up for the lack of oxygen in the body with the help of healing sessions of Hyperbaric chamber Malaysia therapy and feel the healing result of this technique.

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