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Hyperbaric Chambers Manufacturers Guide 2022

By hqt / 21 5 月, 2022

Hyperbaric chambers manufacturers provides a therapeutic modality in which the patient breathes pure oxygen (100%), while being subjected to a pressure 2 to 3 times the atmospheric pressure at sea level, inside a hyperbaric chamber.

Hyperbaric Chambers Manufacturers

Hyperbaric chambers transport oxygen on what ratio?

It causes a spectacular increase in the amount of oxygen transported by the blood. It comes on the order of 20 times the volume that circulates in individuals who are breathing air at sea level. Under these conditions, oxygen will produce a series of effects of therapeutic interest, such as:

  • combating bacterial
  • fungal infections

Furthermore, it compensates for oxygen deficiency resulting from clogged blood vessels or destruction of the same, as in cases of crushing and amputations of arms and legs, normalizing the healing of chronic and acute wounds; neutralizes toxic substances and toxins.

Hyperbaric Chamber’s equipment’s

The hyperbaric chambers manufacturers provides equipment that consists of closed, pressure-resistant medical equipment, usually cylindrical in shape and constructed of steel or acrylic and which can pressurize with compressed air or pure oxygen. They can be large, accommodating several patients simultaneously, or smaller, accommodating only one individual.

Oxygen administers through masks and plastic helmets suitable for this purpose. There is also the possibility, in the case of single-patient chambers, for the patient to breathe oxygen directly from the atmosphere of the chamber, when it pressurizes with this gas.

General Indications for treatments in Hyperbaric chambers

Hyperbaric chambers manufacturers delivers usually the treatment indicates for wounds that are difficult to heal (such as, for example, on the buttocks of people bedridden for a long period and on the feet of diabetics); severe infections with destruction of muscle, skin, or subcutaneous fat; bladder, bowel, bone and brain injuries, caused later by radiotherapy.

As well as traumatic crushes and amputations; chronic bone infection; reconstructive plastic surgery procedures, when a wound covers with skin or muscles taken from another part of the patient’s own body.

Hyperbaric chambers comes with a risk of failure; presence of air bubbles in the bloodstream (“arterial gas embolism”), a complication that may occur after performing some medical procedures; extensive burns; collection of pus or air in the brain, caused, respectively, by an infectious process and trauma.

Who looks for you more? Are they more civilian or military?

Hyperbaric medicine is mainly sought after by civilian patients, who represent 90% of our patients, only 10% are military. Popular clinics provide great support to civil society.

The hyperbaric chambers manufacturers are good for routine and emergency treatments, where the disease can be life-threatening. Our emergency works 24 hours a day.

Within the emergency situations, the most frequent is carbon monoxide poisoning. It results from intoxication by water heaters, fireplaces, braziers. In this case, the treatment can even save the patient’s life.

How does it work and what is expected from the treatment?

It was built primarily to treat diving-related illnesses such as decompression sickness. When there is a diving accident, inert air bubbles release, which scatter throughout the body. This causes vascular occlusion and no oxygen supply to these tissues.

Hyperbaric chambers manufacturers indulge with increased pressure will reduce the size of the bubble and make the vessel finally open. On the other hand, hemoglobin can only bind to four oxygen molecules, after which it cannot bind more.

By increasing the hyperbaric pressure and delivering 100% oxygen, we get the oxygen to go through the plasma and surrounding tissues. Even if there is an occlusion, we are able to ensure that there is a supply of oxygen to the suffering tissues.

And in the case of healing, how does it work?

Another condition is necrotizing fasciitis (an infection that causes the death of soft tissues in the body), often associated with Fournier’s gangrene. It is also an emergency situation, because it has a high risk of mortality.

In this situation, not only does hyperbaric chambers manufacturers provides the oxygen necessary to produce free radicals (molecules produced by cells during the process of burning oxygen), to kill bacteria – we need free radicals to kill them – but it will also favor the activity of blood cells. Whites, to kill the bacteria – there are several studies to prove this.

On the other hand, it causes the concentration of the antibiotic in the suffering tissues to be higher, due to the increase in pressure. And it will improve vascularity. There are several studies to prove, it improves the quantity and quality of collagen, which is fundamental in our body.

How do hyperbaric chambers work exactly?

The person enters hyperbaric chambers and then…Let’s thinks it’s a submarine with some hatches – there are several chambers. The patient places in the chamber, the environment pressurizes – the pressure level depends on the treatment we want to do, the clinical situation.

It can go up to 15 meters deep, which corresponds to two and a half atmospheres, or it can be much more.

Hyperbaric Chambers Manufacturers 2022

Treatment in this chamber also improves de novo formation of muscle tissue and bone tissue. It ends up not only healing the soft tissues, but also tedious and bone healing.

How effective is this method?

When the patient is at the bottom with the desired pressure, a mask places and 100% oxygen is inhaled. Routine treatments are normally one and a half hours in total, with pressurization, oxygen being done for 75 minutes and then depressurization, but there prolong treatments that can go up to eight hours. You can contact with hyperbaric chambers manufacturers without any hesitation they can gave your desired information about chambers.

There must always be a nurse accompanying the patients inside the chamber, because there may be some complication and he must act immediately. The doctor is outside and, if necessary, an antechamber is pressurized, and he also goes in to help the patient.

What are the most serious cases you have already treated?

Just last year we treated ten ventilated patients, who are at risk of death. The chamber has the capacity to receive ventilated patients – we must have all devices adapted to a pressurized environment.

Hyperbaric chambers manufacturers grant treatments equipment is usually effective. Every day we assess the patients and it may be necessary to repeat the following day, with the same duration or not. It’s a dynamic process.

We cannot think that we do a certain number of sessions and evaluate at the end. Patients are routinely and comprehensively evaluated.