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What is oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price in 2022?

By hqt / 21 5 月, 2022

Firstly, oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price is important to know before getting treatment.  We study the effects of varying environmental pressure on people and how this variation can help in the recovery of patients suffering from some diseases. Further, in high concentrations, oxygen works as a medicine and, for this reason. It needs to have well-established dosage and indications for use.

oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price

Oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber features

Oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price is a reference in the region in this type of treatment. Through hyperbaric chambers, among the various diseases that can be treated and, in this way, benefit patients, the most frequent are:

  • Complications of surgeries such as plastic, orthopedic and dental
  • Late complications of radiation therapy
  • Lower limb sores with signs of infection or delayed healing
  • Wounds in diabetic patients, also known as “diabetic feet”
  • Chronic bone infections or necrotizing infections
  • Burns
  • Arterial gas embolism and decompression sickness

Under what conditions oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber works?

Moreover, oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber consists of the inhalation of “pure” oxygen – under increased environmental pressure. This pressure can correspond to up to 15 meters of depth in the sea. By subsequently, breathing oxygen under these conditions, the patient is able to increase the amount of oxygen diluted in the liquid part of the blood, known as plasma.

Due to this increase, oxygen spreads up to four time’s greater distance than it would if the individual were under normal atmospheric pressure.

In addition, the physiological mechanisms of oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price therapy begin with the inhalation of pure oxygen, in a hyperbaric environment. It provides an increase in the amount of molecular oxygen dissolved in the plasma, the arterial tensions of this gas and its transfer to the tissues.

What are the normal conditions of oxygen level?

In the atmosphere, the pressure of oxygen is 150 mmHg. As well as, as air travels through the tracheobronchial tree toward the alveoli, the partial pressure of oxygen is reduced to approximately 100 mmHg as it mixes with residual air, of lower oxygen pressure, due to the removal of oxygen by the blood.

In fact, the gradient across the alveolar capillary bed of the lungs is approximately 10 mmHg, producing a partial pressure of oxygen in the blood of 90 mmHg.

Eventually, at this oxygen level, circulating blood hemoglobin has a saturation of approximately 97%, with a content of about 20ml/100cm3 of blood. The oxygen dissolved in the plasma, in physical solution, reaches 0.3ml/100cm3 of blood (0.3 volumes %). It is doing a lot of better works then oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price.

Start of treatment in oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber

In addition, inhaling 100% oxygen at normal atmospheric pressure increases the oxygen tension of the breathed air from 150 to 760 mmHg. The partial pressure reached in the pulmonary venous blood approaches 650 mmHg.

This increase in the partial pressure of oxygen does not significantly affect the level of oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber transported from the blood, whose saturation only increases from 97 to 100%.

It does, however, increase the dissolved oxygen content of the plasma to a level of 2ml/100cm3 of blood, or 2% volume. This change corresponds to a 700% increase in dissolved oxygen and is equal to 10% of the oxygen transported by hemoglobin.


From the moment the patient is placed in a medium with a pressure equal to 2 atmospheres, the partial pressure of oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber in the environment raises from 760mmHg to 1520mmHg. Breathing 100% oxygen with a partial pressure of 1520mmHg, the partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood rises to 1400mmHg.

This will increase the dissolved oxygen content of the plasma to a level of 4ml for 100cm³ of plasma. Furthermore, increase in the oxygen carried by the hemoglobin, the dissolved oxygen now corresponds to 20% of the oxygen in the hemoglobin.

Increase in atmospheric pressure

When the pressure of the environment in which the patient is found raises to 3 atmospheres, the partial pressure of the oxygen available for breathing this gas at 100% increases to 2280 mmHg, so that the content of dissolved oxygen in the plasma is 6 volumes. %. Oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price works better than its price.

As well as, the increase in dissolved oxygen in the plasma is directly proportional to the increase in ambient pressure (Henry’s Law). With the partial pressure of oxygen at 3000mmHg, the 6 volume % of dissolved oxygen exceeds the difference by 4 to 5 volume %.

How the body reacts in oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber?

Dissolved oxygen can then provide most of the oxygen extracted by the brain, viscera, kidneys, and inactive muscles. As well as, a large portion of the oxygen extracted by the myocardium can supply by this uncombined oxygen, thus allowing the existence of “life without blood” or hemoglobin.

Furthermore, oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber causes a hyperoxic, non-hypoxemiant, selective vasoconstriction.

oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price 2022

It occurs predominantly in healthy tissues, with attenuation of edema and redistribution of peripheral blood volume in favor of hypoxic tissues (Robin Hood effect), reinforcing the effects anti-ischemic and anti-hypoxic agents of this therapy.

Hyperbaric Medicine has a high-tech therapeutic

In certain pathological situations that lead to hypoxia at the tissue level, such as in the case of wounds, this greater local availability of molecular oxygen promotes healing through the quantitative and qualitative increase of fibroblast collagen deposited at the level of the extracellular matrix of the connective tissue. In fact, oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price is not more than its better working features.

Stimulation of local angiogenesis; re-epithelialization; and; fighting local infection with increased phagocytic activity of bacteria and their lysis, synergism with certain antibiotics, bacteriostatic and bactericidal effect.

How Hyperbaric Medicine helps patient?

Starting treatment in the Hyperbaric Chamber, the patient breathes 100% pure oxygen. It causes an increase in the amount of oxygen transported in the blood.

The result is the fight against bacterial infections, in addition to the normalization of healing of chronic or acute wounds.

In addition, oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber helps in the neutralization of toxic substances in the body. Thus, it potentiates the action of some antibiotics, making them more efficient in fighting infections.

Keep reading our content and learn more about this innovative treatment!

When is Hyperbaric Medicine used?

Furthermore, the benefits presented by the treatment with the Hyperbaric Chamber activate the cells related to the healing of complex wounds.

Therefore, treatment indicates for the following situations: 

  • Serious infections with destruction of muscle, skin or subcutaneous fat;
  • Chronic bone infection;
  • Unsuccessful plastic surgery procedures, when a wound is covered with skin or muscles taken from another part of the patient’s own body;
  • Bladder, bowel, bone and brain injuries, crushing and traumatic amputations;
  • Presence of air bubbles in the bloodstream;
  • Extensive burns;
  • Pus or air in the brain caused by infections or trauma.

Lastly, in these cases, oxyhealth hyperbaric chamber price accelerates the treatment of wounds. It represents a great advantage to the patient will recover in less time.