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Hyperbaric o2 chamber: What are successful treatment procedures?

By hqt / November 25, 2021

What is hyperbaric o2 chamber?

hyperbaric o2 chamber consists of delivering oxygen artificially to people suffering from various pathologies. In addition to scuba diving accidents, the sessions are used to treat poisoning, burns, etc.

Oxygen therapy refers to a medical treatment aimed at providing oxygen to the body through the respiratory tract.

Remember that oxygen is an essential element in life. It is carried in the blood by hemoglobin, from the respiratory system to the rest of the body. Moreover, the cells thus supplied with oxygen can use it to produce energy, essential for their functioning.

hyperbaric o2 chamber Purpose.

Hyperbaric o2 chamber can take place in a hospital environment (most often) or at home, in the event of a chronic problem (chronic respiratory failure).

Oxygen can be supplied by nasal probe, via a mask or by placing the patient in a chamber provided for this purpose.

Hyperbaric o2 chamber

 Normobaric or hyperbaric oxygen therapy: what are the differences?

Normobaric oxygen therapy is a method of artificially supplying a patient with oxygen at atmospheric pressure.

As for it, hyperbaric oxygen therapy consists of making a patient breathe oxygen who happens to be placed in a chamber provided for this purpose (we speak of a hyperbaric chamber). Similarly, the administered oxygen is at a pressure greater than normal atmospheric pressure.

 The benefits of hyperbaric o2 chamber

The normobaric oxygen delivery device consists of a nasal catheter, or mask. Most often, this is to correct hypoxemia (i.e. a decrease in the amount of oxygen carried in the blood) or hypercapnia (i.e. an excessive presence of CO2 in the blood).

The technique of hyperbaric o2 chamber shows benefits to treat many ailments and ailments. Furthermore, let us quote:

  • decompression accidents (diving accidents);
  • carbon monoxide poisoning;
  • air embolism, ie the presence of gas bubbles in the bloodstream;
  • certain infections (such as osteomyelitis – an infection of the bone);
  • a skin graft that does not heal well;
  • a thermal burn;
  • also, an intracranial abscess, that is, an accumulation of pus in the brain;
  • or a significant loss of blood.

Purpose of hyperbaric o2 chamber

The purpose of this treatment is to provide you with a large amount of hyperbaric o2 chamber. It takes place in a hyperbaric chamber (comparable to a large recompression chamber for divers).

  • The sessions are collective, placed under nursing supervision and accompaniment in the room.
  • Also, during these, you will be able to listen to music, read, do crossword.
  • Furthermore, each session lasts less than two hours.
  • Moreover, it breaks down into three parts.
  • compression (15 ‘), oxygenation (60’), decompression (15 ‘).
  • In addition, the number of sessions and their frequency depend on the treatment.
  • Course of your disease.
  • Also, appointment for the next one is?

Value of hyperbaric o2 chamber

HBOT is the administration of oxygen at a pressure above atmospheric pressure.
By breathing pure oxygen at 2.5 times atmospheric pressure.
its concentration in the lungs and then in the blood is multiplied by more than fifteen. This allows
this gas – essential for life – to be in greater quantity in poorly vascularized regions of the organism.

How to Operate of hyperbaric o2 chamber

The pressure increase is obtained by introducing compressed air into the hyperbaric chambers (or chambers).
The variations in ambient pressure also have e? and to modify the volume occupied by gases, including in the body (ear cavities, sinuses).
Patients, seated in armchairs or lying down according to the needs of their condition, breathe hyperbaric o2 chamber in a mask or through an intubation or tracheostomy tube. They can, if necessary, benefit from the same monitoring as in a hospital room.

Specific preparation before treatment:

  • a preliminary interview specifies the course of the treatment,
  • he is taught the balancing maneuvers of the ears,
  • the doctor sees him in consultation.

During the session, an airlock allows entry or exit of the main chamber without
modifying the pressure. A second allows the passage of small care equipment.

This treatment will apply to emergencies:

  1. gas embolisms
  2. also, diving accidents
  3. carbon monoxide poisoning
  4. moreover, sudden deafness
  5. Also, wound healing disorders
  6. post-radiation injury
  7. gas gangrene

Hyperbaric o2 chamber Possible incidents
There are other indications, much rarer. For each patient, the doctor decides on the interest of undertaking the treatment and the number of sessions.

Hyperbaric o2 chamber 2021

The preliminary examinations, the personal preparation of each patient, the continuous monitoring by qualified nursing staff? In hyperbaric conditions, possible incidents and complications during this treatment remain rare and minor.

Benefits of a portable oxygen machine

Nothing is more beautiful than spending an unforgettable vacation. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a lazy weekend or if you are going to a faraway destination on the plane. It is quite possible to travel if you are on hyperbaric o2 chamber.

Also, this is essential for every person, and even more so if you suffer from a chronic illness. In this blog post, you will learn about the benefits of a portable oxygen machine and we will give you tips to prepare for your trip.

A portable oxygen device, ideal on the go

Normally, the oxygen cylinder is prescribed as standard. For many users, this cylinder is too heavy. It empties fairly quickly; you will then be without oxygen. Moreover, the portable hub is a solution to this problem. The device filters nitrogen from the ambient air.

You will never be without oxygen (provided you have a power source)! This type of concentrator is light, compact and easy to transport. Ideal during your trip and at your vacation destination. Go out when you want, go for walks by the sea, or do sports activities

How do I transport my concentrator?

How you transport your portable hyperbaric o2 chamber extractor depends on your mode of transport and your specific needs (whether to use oxygen during your trip). Are you going to use your device on the go? In this case, it is recommended to carry it in a shoulder bag or on a cart.

Are you going to travel by plane? And you won’t need oxygen on board? In this case, you can carry the concentrator in the checked baggage. Most airlines will require you to pack the battery with the oxygen concentrator.


A portable oxygen machine operates on a battery (battery), which you charge from the mains (with AC power) or to 12V (with the DC cable). On the Internet, the abbreviation “POC” is very common.

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