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8 Reasons to Choose Leader life Hyperbaric Chambers

By hqt / November 25, 2021

Introduction of Leader life hyperbaric chambers

Leader life hyperbaric chambers are famous to be effective in treating the fourteen disease states mentioned below. However, some private clinics claim that it can also treat diseases like multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, cancer, AIDS, heart disease and migraines, but there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Leader life Hyperbaric Chambers

Hyperbaric chambers to treat the following fourteen disease states:

  • Carbon monoxide poisoning (inhalation of smoke or exhaust fumes);
  • Also, Gas gangrene;
  • Crush injury, compartment syndrome.
  • Decompression sickness (aeroemphysema);
  • Also, Injuries such as diabetic plantar ulcer;
  • Significant blood loss (anemia)

Hyperbaric chambers More states

  • Intracranial abscess (accumulation of pus in the brain);
  • Also, Necrotizing soft tissue infections (flesh-eating disease);
  • Osteomyelitis (infection of the bone);
  • Moreover, Delayed radiation syndrome (radiation burn that appears after cancer therapy);
  • Skin grafts that heal poorly;
  • In addition, Thermal burns (caused by fire or electrical heat sources); and
  • Sudden idiopathic sensorineural deafness (SSNI).

How Leader life hyperbaric chambers works

The Leader life hyperbaric chambers therapy promotes the healing of these fourteen health problems because it sends a high concentration of oxygen quickly and deep to the affected parts of the body.

The patient is placed in a closed box inside which the atmospheric pressure is increased. When this reaches the prescribed level for treatment, the patient is made to breathe pure oxygen for a set period.

The patient breathes pure oxygen through a face mask and is instructed when to take breaks and breathe the normal air inside the chamber. Normal air contains 21% oxygen.

Hyperbaric chambers accommodate two or more people.

Some hyperbaric chambers are designed for one person, while others can accommodate two or more people. Sometimes a caregiver comes into the room with the patient.

The duration of each treatment, the number of treatments and the pressure common vary depending on the patient’s condition.

Safety of Leader life hyperbaric chambers

The Leader life hyperbaric chambers therapy promotes the healing of these fourteen health problems because it sends a high concentration of oxygen quickly and deep to the affected parts of the body.

Health Canada has reviewed the scientific data relating to the hyperbaric chamber. Health Canada has therefore issued permits authorizing the treatment of these 14 conditions in a hyperbaric chamber, but not any permit authorizing the use of the hyperbaric chamber for other purposes.

Unsubstantiated Claims About hyperbaric chambers

Beware of anyone advertising or offering hyperbaric treatment to cure conditions like multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, cancer, AIDS, heart disease, and migraines. At present, there is nothing to demonstrate the usefulness of this treatment in this case.

In a private clinic, the Leader life hyperbaric chambers treatment is very expensive. The patient who receives hyperbaric treatment to cure unrecovered disease is spending a lot of money for little or no benefit. Worse still, it may be that he delays or deprives himself of a proven treatment.

Leader life hyperbaric chambers Risks

To treat the 14 listed pathological conditions, hyperbaric treatment is usually safe, if

  • The operator and attendants have received adequate training; and
  • a certified hyperbaric physician is on site is reach quickly and easily.

Hyperbaric chambers should consider the following factors:

  • Pressure inside the chamber can damage the middle and inner ear, sinuses, lungs and teeth of both adults and children.
  • Some people will experience claustrophobic angst inside the cabinet.
  • Therapy may affect the eyes ( eg , promote myopia or the development of cataracts).
  • Because hyperbaric oxygen therapy affects blood sugar levels, people with diabetes should have their blood sugar levels checked before and after treatment.
  • High oxygen concentration can cause serious problems in some children with congenital heart disease.
  • Although rare, too much oxygen can sometimes cause a seizure or lung problems prevent by giving the patient breaks during which they must breathe normal air rather than pure oxygen.
  • A high concentration of oxygen under high pressure can constitute a fire hazard.

There is a risk of explosion if the Leader life hyperbaric chambers is not installing correctly or if personnel have not been properly trained. Additionally, it may be difficult, if not impossible, for the operator to respond to a possible medical emergency while the patient is in the room.

Leader life hyperbaric chambers Reduce the risks

If your doctor advises you on this treatment, Health Canada recommends that you:

  • make sure that your health problem is on the list of the 14 problems for which hyperbaric oxygen therapy is known to be effective.
  • to answer frankly the questions of the specialist in hyperbaric medicine. The doctor needs to know everything to determine if the treatment is right for you.
  • You can do this through the Internet, in the Health Canada approved medical devices online database.

Leader life Hyperbaric Chambers 2021

If you are dealing with a private clinic:

  • to check whether the installation and use of the hyperbaric chamber comply with safety standards.
  • ensure that the operator has received adequate training and can intervene in the event of a medical emergency during treatment. Learn about emergency procedures.

Risks and contraindications of Leader life hyperbaric chambers

If hyperbaric chambers have many benefits, it nevertheless carries risks, which the doctor will present to you. These include:

the pressure can cause damage to the inner ear, sinuses, lungs or even teeth;

being locked in a box can make the patient feel claustrophobic anxiety (if he is prone to this type of anxiety).

How does a Leader life hyperbaric chambers session take place?

A hyperbaric oxygen therapy session usually lasts 90 minutes and takes place by following several steps:

  • slow compression, usually corresponding to 1 meter per minute – it is as if the patient dives into the depths at this speed, the pressure slowly increases;
  • a stage during which the patient breathes oxygen (the pressure and the duration vary according to the pathology from which he suffers);
  • decompression, ie a slow return to atmospheric pressure.


Leader life hyperbaric chambers allow oxygen to penetrate 3x deeper into damaged tissue, which can drastically speed-up healing and recovery times. In addition, this therapy has garnered attention to help people suffering from post-concussion syndrome, something that is common among professional athletes.

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