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Hyperbaric oxygen chamber cures sudden deafness

By hqt / 17 5 月, 2021

28-year-old Xiao Tao is a middle school teacher. In order to prepare for the city’s key teacher exams, she actively prepared lessons during the day and immersed herself in studying at night. After a month of hard work, she greeted the exam with confidence. But just a week before the exam, she suddenly found that she was not in good condition, a little dizzy, and a little nauseous, mainly because her left ear could not hear clearly. On the day after the exam, she went to the hospital to see a doctor, trying to solve the ear trouble. Unexpectedly, the hospital diagnosed him with sudden deafness.

The doctor said that in fact, sudden deafness occurs at all ages. There are many causes, such as fatigue, noise, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, viral infection, emotional agitation, nervousness, and excessive fatigue. The doctor recommended Xiao Tao to do hyperbaric oxygen therapy and give drugs to nourish nerves and improve circulation. After a course of treatment (10 days), Xiao Tao’s symptoms were relieved a lot. After the second course of treatment, my tinnitus disappeared and my hearing was basically restored.

At the same time as drug treatment, hyperbaric oxygen showed its skills:

  1. It can quickly increase the oxygen content of human arterial blood, increase the diffusion distance of blood oxygen in the capillaries, increase the oxygen partial pressure content in the inner ear and perilymph, improve the hypoxic state in the capillaries, and restore their functions;
  2. Improving local hypoxia can also constrict local blood vessels, reduce capillary permeability, reduce exudation, and improve edema caused by hypoxia in the inner ear;
  3. Improve blood rheology, reduce the specific volume of blood cells, thereby reducing blood viscosity, improve inner ear circulation and tissue metabolism, and promote the recovery of auditory hair cells and nerve endings.

The incidence of sudden deafness in my country has been on the rise in recent years, and it is a common phenomenon for young people to suffer from sudden deafness. The cause of sudden deafness is complex, and many pathogenic factors may cause it. Hyperbaric oxygen is an important measure for the comprehensive treatment of sudden deafness. Clinical practice has proved that the combined treatment of hyperbaric oxygen with drugs is more effective than drug treatment alone, and the early use of hyperbaric oxygen has a better effect than the late use. Experts believe that even with early delays, hyperbaric oxygen therapy should not be given up. Even European and American experts suggest that hyperbaric oxygen can be used as a remedy when conventional treatment is not effective.