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Some questions the patient wants to know before using the hyperbaric oxygen chamber

By hqt / 17 5 月, 2021

I believe that many people who do hyperbaric oxygen for the first time will ask a variety of questions. After all, this kind of treatment is relatively new. However, the questions raised by some people are too novel and alternative. Today these questions are all answered in detail for you.

1. How high is the pressure of hyperbaric oxygen?

People call pressure exceeding 1 atm high pressure, and breathing oxygen under high-pressure environment is called hyperbaric oxygen. Conventional treatment pressures are 0.06Mpa, 0.08Mpa, 0.10Mpa, 0.15Mpa and so on. Under normal circumstances, doctors will choose different pressures according to different conditions. For example, when rescuing patients with carbon monoxide poisoning, the pressure will be higher; for chronic diseases, the pressure will be relatively low. In addition, different pressures will be selected according to adults and children.

2. How long does each treatment take?

Complete hyperbaric oxygen therapy is mainly divided into three stages, namely boosting, stabilizing and inhaling oxygen, and decompressing. Generally, the whole course of hyperbaric oxygen treatment takes about 90 to 120 minutes.

3. Is hyperbaric oxygen treatment according to the course of treatment?

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is generally once a day, usually 10 days as a course of treatment, but the treatment time for different diseases is not the same. Acute and mild cases can be less than one course of treatment; chronic diseases and severe cases can reach more than 5 courses, but every 1-2 course should be intermittent for several days. It can be seen that, for patients with different symptoms, the doctor will instruct the patient to perform hyperbaric oxygen therapy according to the course of treatment.

4. Can normal people do hyperbaric oxygen?

Hyperbaric oxygen is a way to treat diseases. However, is it not possible to do hyperbaric oxygen if there is no disease? of course not! For normal people, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also be performed under certain circumstances. For example, after high-intensity exercise, muscle soreness, and extreme fatigue, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can effectively relieve the body’s soreness and fatigue. If the brain is used excessively in work and study, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can also relieve headache and dizziness symptoms, improve memory and maintain energy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy also has cosmetic effects such as delaying skin aging, whitening and removing acne.

5. Do you need an empty stomach for hyperbaric oxygen?

No! Hyperbaric oxygen has the function of lowering blood sugar, so doing hyperbaric oxygen treatment will consume some physical strength. Therefore, before undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you must eat a normal diet.

6. Is it cold in the hyperbaric chamber?

In the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the temperature change with the pressure. As the temperature in the cabin is required during hyperbaric oxygen treatment, air conditioning is necessary for the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. National standard: 24-28℃±2℃ in summer; 18-22℃±2℃ in winter.

7. Do hyperbaric oxygen inhalation with the nose or mouth?

You can breathe as you normally do in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The doctor recommends: Breathing with your mouth and nose at the same time can alleviate dry mouth and tongue during oxygen inhalation. However, if you are suffering from rhinitis, it is recommended to breathe through your mouth.

8. Is it addictive to always do hyperbaric oxygen?

Is oxygen a drug???

9. Does hyperbaric oxygen dangle?

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is firmly placed on the ground without shaking.