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HP1501 Hard Type Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Home

By hqt / December 31, 2021

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home?

Hyperbaric Medicine is the medical field dedicated to the pathophysiological aspects of diving and working in pressurized environments (dry diving). Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home is a medical treatment in which the patient breathes 100% oxygen, inside a sealed and pressurized device, called a hyperbaric chamber.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Home

The Hyperbaric Chamber is safe

The Hyperbaric Chamber is safe, offering comfort for the patient, equipped with an internal circuit that allows monitoring of pressure, temperature, oxygen levels, and the patient’s clinical conditions, in addition to a sound and image system, enabling communication between the operator and the patient.

Hyperbaric chambers can be of two types

: Single-place (single-patient) or multi-place (multi-patient).

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home is a complementary treatment to those traditionally common in various acute or chronic pathologies and from different causes (ischemic, infectious, traumatic, and inflammatory).

Its use has expanded due to cost reduction, speed, and greater effectiveness of the treatment. Decreased response time improves the results of healing processes, thus decreasing the rates of sequelae, surgeries, mutilations, graft rejections, deforming burn scarring, use of medications and long hospital stays.

The benefits of HBOT are:

  • Vasoconstriction – favorable in cases of edema;
  • Also, Antibacterial and antimicrobial effect – facilitating the action of leukocytes and reducing the production of toxic substances;
  • Moreover, Potentiation of the effects of various medications;
  • Furthermore, Increased blood oxygenation – dissolved hyperbaric oxygen therapy at homein plasma;
  • In addition, Growth of new capillary beds or neovascularization;
  • Moreover, Restoration of tissue oxygenation – cases of carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Elimination of air embolisms – for example in cases of diving accidents.

Number of frequencies

HBOT sessions are held almost daily, the number and frequency of which depend on the type and severity/extension of the lesions, even depending on the pathology to treat. On average, they last from 90 to 120 minutes and are accompanied by a responsible professional.

In USA, the Federal Council of Medicine, together with the USA Society of Hyperbaric Medicine and the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (USA), issued Resolution 1457 in 1995, regulating the application of treatment.

HBOT Indications:

  • Air embolism;
  • Also, decompression sickness;
  • Moreover, traumatic air embolism;
  • Furthermore, carbon monoxide poisoning or smoke inhalation;
  • In addition, cyanide or cyanide derivative poisoning;
  • gas gangrene;
  • Fournier’s syndrome;

Necrotizing soft tissue infections: cellulitis, fasciitis, myositis;

  1. traumatic acute ischemia: crush injury, compartment syndrome, reimplantation of amputated extremities and others;
  2. acute vasculitis of allergic etiology, drug or biological toxins (arachnids, snakes, and insects);
  3. thermal and electrical burns;
  4. refractory lesions: skin ulcers, diabetic foot lesions, bedsores, autoimmune vasculitis ulcers, suture dehiscence;
  5. radiation injuries: radiodermatitis, osteoradionecrosis, and actinic mucosal lesions;
  6. compromised or risky flaps or grafts;
  7. chronic osteomyelitis;
  8. acute anemia, in cases of impossibility of blood transfusion.


As hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home speeds up the recovery process from various pathologies, it reduces hospitalization time and the use of antibiotics.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Home 2022

Many comparative studies have systematically demonstrated that the addition of HBOT to conventional treatment almost always reduces the final cost, since it reduces the length of stay, the number of dressings, surgeries, and the use of medications. When there is a real need for mutilating surgeries, these have their intensity and extension reduced.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home cost issue

In addition to the cost issue, the result related to aesthetics must check carefully. With the use only of conventional treatment, there is the possibility of tissue loss comes by necrosis, resection, and healing with deformities, presenting both hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home and functional damage.

Hyperbaric oxygen helps heal wounds

There are cases in which the body’s healing processes may be affected, and wound healing is slower than normal. There are many factors that can prevent healing, making the patient more likely to suffer an infection, emotional stress, or have to undergo surgery due to the spread of an existing infection in the wound treatment process.

How your body heals with hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

When a wound is made, your body starts the healing process where various types of cells and chemical mediators intervene and is divided into 3 phases: inflammation, proliferation, and maturation. In this way, your body seeks to repair the wound as well as possible.

Platelets reach the wound site first, followed by macrophages and fibroblasts. All these cellular components are responsible for cytokines, essential for the healing process. These help by increasing hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home and angiogenesis so that granular tissue is formed and the wound begins to heal.

Active oxygen for wound healing

Hyperbaric medicine plays an important role, as the inhalation of active oxygen helps increase partial pressure in the tissues and facilitates the transport of the body. This helps in the production of collagen, fibroblasts, and vascular neoformation that help to heal better and in less time.

Chronic wounds

There are many different types of wounds, some with a greater difficulty to heal, so hyperbaric chamber treatments are ideal for enhancing the healing and recovery process.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a treatment know for 300 years. Being a therapeutic modality that is based on subjecting a subject to partial pressures of pure hyperbaric oxygen therapy at home, carried out within a hyperbaric chamber, with a pressure greater than atmospheric.

This means that there are higher levels of oxygen in the blood to be transported throughout the corners of the body, accelerating the recovery processes and increasing the physical well-being of the person.

How does hyperbaric chamber treatment work to improve cases of sudden hearing loss?

This pathology requires an immediate diagnosis by health specialists, an otolaryngologist and an audiologist as well as a hyperbaric doctor that the patient is treated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and an optimal final result is obtained in the recovery of hearing abilities.

This procedure inside the hyperbaric chamber helps to:

  • Send more hyperbaric oxygen therapy at hometo the tissues.
  • Fight inflammation and infection.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Reduce edema and improve earache.
  • Promote the recovery of brain nerves.
  • Promote the appearance of some regulatory substances.
  • Act in the transmission of intracellular signals.


Although everything documented before 1961 only has a historical and anecdotal value, it is important to know it. We will walk from the present, and then jump back and forth over the important historical dates that illustrate the evolution of HBO.

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