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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Sale China 2022

By hqt / 24 4 月, 2022

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What Is High Pressure Oxygen Chamber System?

Find out what High Pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale with Macypanhbot.

Hyperbaric oxygen is pure oxygen under high pressure (or high content). Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the use of a sealed chamber containing completely pure oxygen under high pressure or high concentration to treat and treat a number of incurable diseases. For treatment with this method, the patient needs to lie in a specialized machine.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

This is a method that can be used to treat many different diseases.  However, for each specific case, there are specific treatment indications.

For the treatment modality with the hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale, there are two forms of treatment according to relative indications and absolute indications.

Hyperbaric oxygen system is a method develops in most countries with developed economy and medicine. In particular, China is also one of the countries that have recently put this system into application.

The current hyperbaric oxygen system offers many benefits in the treatment of diseases. Based on the method of using pure oxygen pressure gas generator at high pressure in the treatment and nursing of patients.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale: an important role in human life

All metabolic activities in the body go from the molecular, cellular to organ levels, all of which require oxygen. Oxygen is the substance that sustains life. When lack of oxygen can be one of the causes for the disease mechanism to arise.

In fact, it is possible to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen by increasing the inhaled pressure and oxygen content. Once the inspiratory oxygen pressure increases by 1 at a constant temperature, the amount of oxygen dissolved in 100 ml of blood increases by 2.3 ml. This method of increasing the oxygen content carries out through a dedicated high-pressure system.

Relative indications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale

Relative indications are the use of hyperbaric oxygen systems to combine the treatment of medical conditions such as:

  • Stroke, headache, insomnia, cardiovascular disease, cerebral infarction, vestibular
  • cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation in children
  • Cerebral circulatory disorders, atherosclerosis
  • Absolute indications for treatment
  • Indications Absolutely use high pressure system to treat cases of CO poisoning, depressurization in divers, embolism due to gas.

Benefits of using a Hyperbaric Oxygen System

Many people still mistakenly believe that hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale will help to completely eliminate all diseases. However, this is something that has never been clinically proven to be curative or effective, especially in the treatment of cancer, autism or diabetes.

That’s not to say that completely negates the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This method of therapy not only has a therapeutic effect, but also has a nursing effect, and is safe for both newborns and the elderly.

This method does not introduce any foreign substances into the body, so there are almost no side effects. It also does not cause discomfort to the patient.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale has significant benefits, but should not overuse. According to the advice of a specialist, the treatment method should be carefully considered and strictly prescribed to avoid unwanted effects.

Does hyperbaric oxygen therapy have side effects?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber almost does not cause any side effects.

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment has almost no side effects because there is no need to introduce foreign substances into the human body. However, if the patient has one of the diseases such as closed air abscess, pneumothorax; epilepsy; hypertensive disease (BP>160/90mmHg).

Patients who are afraid of entering a closed room, are sensitive to oxygen, and have infections in the nose, throat, sinuses and middle ear are not allowed to treat with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale.

High Pressure Oxygen System is a good support in the treatment of some diseases

What diseases does the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber System support?

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As mentioned above, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber treats and supports many incurable diseases. In particular, in the following cases, high-pressure oxygen therapy can use to support therapy with extremely high efficiency.

For the treatment of external injuries

Long-healing open wounds: These wounds can cause by infection, by arterial occlusive disease or by long-term paralysis, causing ulcers, foot ulcers in diabetics and many cases of unknown cause. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale helps these wounds stop necrosis, reduce exudation, edema, skin tissue grows faster and heal easier.

In orthopedic trauma: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has a nourishing effect, limiting edema in the wound area. Not only that, they also help avoid causing infections, especially anaerobic infections. Hyperbaric oxygen helps bones, joints, skin patches heal quickly, function of the injury area, and surgery recover quickly, contributing to better surgical results.

Hyperbaric oxygen is very necessary in the preparation and after surgery for patients with poor blood clotting, patients with diabetes, heart disease.

Traumatic brain injury, cerebrovascular accident

Early treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale contributes to the effective against cerebral edema; treatment and rehabilitation of sequelae of movement, language, excretion…

Cardiovascular disease: Hyperbaric oxygen has a rapid effect on myocardial ischemia, cerebral circulatory insufficiency, lower extremity vascular occlusion. Hyperbaric oxygen rapidly reduces symptoms of the disease such as chest pain, dizziness, fatigue…etc.

Sudden deafness, sudden vision loss

These diseases happen quickly, suddenly, often without warning symptoms. There are many causes of this condition, but it is usually due to decreased blood supply to the cochlea, central retinal artery. May be due to blood vessel spasm, thrombosis, hemodynamic disturbances.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale acts on the above factors to help restore hearing and vision. This is an emergency, so hyperbaric oxygen should treat as soon as possible.

Diabetes: Hyperbaric oxygen stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin to lower blood sugar. Especially, the most obvious effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen for this disease is to treat complications of the disease such as necrotic ulcers in the feet, arteriosclerosis, and vision loss.

Complications due to radiation therapy in cancer patients

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy stops the process of soft tissue necrosis (usually ulcers in the maxillofacial region and sacrum), osteonecrosis (common in bones). jaw) and enhanced nourishment to help injuries recover quickly.

On the other hand, hyperbaric oxygen therapy for sale also has the effect of constricting blood vessels, increasing the amount of oxygen to nourish damaged areas in the bladder and colon, thereby reducing and alleviating the symptoms of blood in urine and bowel movements. blood in these patients.

Nervous breakdown, body weakness: High-pressure oxygen helps the body recover quickly after intense mental and physical work; after severe illness, after prolonged fatigue, after surgery…etc.