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9 Reasons to use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Montreal

By hqt / 3月 16, 2022

It is important to know that psoriasis is a chronic disease and that today it is not possible to eliminate it, but treatments such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal manage to minimize the symptoms and make the lives of those who suffer from it completely normal.

What are the changes during treatments?

The main changes noted in a very high percentage of patients with hyper oxygenation treatment are as follows:

  • Improvement of the color of the skin thanks to the oxygenation of the tissues. The blood circulates charged with a greater amount of oxygen, it nourishes the tissues and this is reflected in its color.
  • Reduces edema and inflammation of plaques. A hyperemia produces that helps to mobilize the substances that produce this inflammation.
  • Restores the normal scheme of the skin. We have already mentioned that the tissues improve their nutrition, which makes them healthier and recover their original scheme.
  • Reduces plaques.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal?

Hyperbaric medicine is a medical specialty that treats the physiological and pathophysiological changes of the human being, subjecting it to pressures greater than atmospheric with medicinal oxygen (99.5% richness) inside a hyperbaric chamber.

This causes high levels of oxygen in the blood, causing the different effects of hyperbaric oxygenation, including the improvement of chronic fibromyalgia pain.


Fibromyalgia is a chronic, persistent and debilitating disease of a neuropathic nature, characterized by widespread pain and chronic fatigue, with a direct impact on quality of life.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal has usually been treated with dual antidepressants, anticonvulsants and other types of drugs, supplemented with rehabilitation and/or psychological therapy; but there is an effective complementary therapy: hyperbaric medicine.


Hyperbaric medicine has shown clinical evidence in the management of fibromyalgia and other pathologies associated with pain. It works as an adjuvant therapy within the multidisciplinary treatment of the disease.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal generates a state of hyperopia. It is directly intervenes in the mechanisms of pain action, improving the symptoms and quality of life of patients with fibromyalgia. Furthermore, HBOT promotes neuroplasticity and significantly rectifies abnormal brain activity in pain-related areas. As well as, decreases pain of central and peripheral origin.

Therefore, hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal, in addition to reducing pain, improves cognitive function, reduces fatigue, and increases physical capacity. In addition, it reduces sore spots and improves pain threshold, while reducing headache and associated digestive symptoms.

The cases treated at Oxen show that in just a few sessions the patient feels that his quality of life improves and he regains his will to live.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal should be applied as complementary therapy. Oxen’s medical team assesses each case and, in agreement with the treating physician, prescribes the best treatment to improve the patient’s quality of life.

Oxygen Making Machine 2022


The human body at rest consumes 300 ml/min of oxygen, which can increase to 3,000 ml/min during exercise and up to 6,000 ml/min during intense physical exertion.

Due to this increase, during intense physical activity, the body accelerates breathing to provide adequate Hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal to the body. However, you may experience slight hypoxia (low oxygen), even if it is momentary.


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy consists of providing the patient with pure oxygen at a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure. This generates a direct and significant increase in tissue oxygenation, which may be in a state of hypoxia due to exercise; decreases the formation of lactic acid and prevents and reduces edema.

In addition, it helps prevent ischemia syndrome (suppression of blood supply to tissues) due to the great formation of antioxidants, while stimulating tissue regeneration and increasing the mobilization of stem cells.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal has shown utility in various indications within the field of traumatology, including the early treatment of musculotendinous injuries.


In addition, to the treatment of injuries, an unexpected effect has been confirmed. Therapy come improvements in the athlete’s physical performances and recoveries from fatigue in high-level athletes. It receives HBOT after a traumatic injury. His recovery after the efforts and his performance improved markedly.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Montreal 2022

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal can help us recover faster after games. It also recovers from intensive training, championships and long, hard or very strenuous races. It is necessary to remember that it should always be applied as a complementary therapy.

The increased supply of oxygen to the muscle in the state of fatigue, or at the time of muscle recovery, stimulates cell activity and helps reduce the feeling of tiredness.

The studies carried out seem to indicate that hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal oxygenation increases exercise tolerance. It increases muscular energy, increases elasticity, and decreases the levels of chemical products. It gives the feeling of exhaustion and decrease physical capacity, such as lactic acid.


They are very effective drugs, although in recent years an increase in the number of clinical cases has been confirmed. The use of bisphosphonates relate to osteonecrosis of the jaws. Therefore, the dentist must be very alert about possible complications in patients who take them.

In these cases, collaboration with the oncologist and the maxillofacial surgeon will be essential to take the necessary measures to prevent osteonecrosis, such as caries control or the use of traumatic prostheses in the lingual area.


Osteonecrosis manifests with acute pain, constant recurrent infections, and characteristic odor due to necrosis or chronic inflammation. Currently, there is an effective complementary therapy for its treatment, such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal.

This is indicated by the American Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS).  It includes it within it approve indications and develop a specific protocol for its treatment.

Summary hyperbaric oxygen therapy montreal

The presence of medicinal oxygen at a pressure two or three times higher than normal atmospheric pressure produces a series of changes in the tissues. This ranges from the increase in angiogenesis which in its time promotes healing; to the reduction of the presence of anaerobic bacteria.

It is difficult to eliminate in many cases; or the control of inflammation thanks to the same increase in pressure.

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