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Hypoxia produces free radicals

By hqt / 8 6 月, 2021

Under hypoxic conditions, the metabolism of free radicals in the organism is disordered, the overall concentration of free radicals increases, and the body’s antioxidant system is destroyed. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can remove free radicals in the body and repair the damage caused by hypoxia; it can maintain normal physiological indicators and protect organ functions.

When a lot of people hear about oxygen, they think of free radicals, and they think of free radical damages. Free radicals are the products of aerobic metabolism. As long as oxygen is inhaled, free radicals will be produced. When aerobic metabolism is in good condition, the free radicals produced will be disposed of in time. When oxygen supply is insufficient, free radicals produced are not treated in a timely manner and can accumulate locally, damaging adjacent tissues, cells and other components. Adequate oxygen supply can make cells in a good state of aerobic metabolism…However,free radicals are not to be feared. Oxygen will eventually defeat them.