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Introduction of Combination of Medicine and Oxygen

By hqt / 8 6 月, 2021

Introduction of Combination of Medicine and Oxygen

Because oxygen intake is too common, many people don’t think that oxygen is a treatment. So there are many misunderstandings about oxygen therapy, but this is not the case. How important is oxygen to the human body? A person can survive for a month without eating, and a week without drinking water. A series of changes will occur in the body for a few minutes without oxygen. If the blood flow to the brain is completely blocked for 3 minutes, it will fall into a coma, and the chance of waking up is very low. That is, the “vegetative” that the common people often say.

01. The urgency of combination of medicine and oxygen

With the aging of the population, the country has decided to conduct pilot projects of integration of medical care and elderly care in individual cities to explore new models of elderly care. The medical and elderly care institutions accept and treat customers who are completely or partly self-care customers, and needs for elderly care as well as basic medical services. Institutions can provide some basic medical services. Oxygen therapy is an effective and rigid demand in medical services, which can bring tangible health assistance to customers.

02. The necessity of combination of medicine and oxygen

Many common chronic diseases of the elderly are inextricably linked with hypoxia, such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, cerebral infarction, insufficient blood supply to the brain, diabetes, sleep disorders, dementia, deafness and tinnitus. In the final analysis, many treatment methods adopted for the above diseases are to improve tissue hypoxia. Oxygen therapy is to improve hypoxia by directly increasing the oxygen content in the blood, which is of positive significance for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

03. The feasibility of combination of medicine and oxygen

As a medical measure, oxygen therapy has a history of more than 100 years. In 1887, Holzapple gave oxygen to patients with pneumonia in the earliest record of oxygen therapy attempts. During the First World War, an oxygen chamber was built to treat pulmonary edema. In 1920, oxygen tents were invented. At present, nasal catheters or open masks are the most widely used in clinical practice. Oxygen hyperbaric oxygen has a history of about 50 years in China and provides strong oxygen therapy protection. Atmospheric saturated oxygen inhalation is the youngest member of the oxygen therapy family. Compared with other oxygen therapy measures, it has a unique comprehensive advantage.

04. Effectiveness of combination of medicine and oxygen

Among the many oxygen therapy methods, considering that the medical institution is not a real medical institution, and there is no management experience in a medical institution, the most suitable oxygen therapy measures are the micro-pressure soft oxygen chamber and the normal pressure saturated oxygen inhalation, two methods each has its own advantages, complements each other and makes up for each other. Clients of integrated medical care institutions often have chronic hypoxic diseases. A large number of clinical practices have proved that reasonable oxygen therapy plays a role in health care, treatment and maintenance of chronic hypoxic diseases in a relatively stable state for these customers.

05. Combination of medicine and oxygen is also suitable for family elders

Affected by the traditional Chinese old-age care model, most elderly people still choose to rely on community hospitals to adopt a family-based old-age care model. In addition to the necessary drugs, active oxygen therapy is a kind of chronic hypoxic disease that integrates health care, prevention and treatment positive measures.  Example: a woman is a retired teacher who lives on the third floor. She has to rest twice every day when she goes home and goes upstairs. Otherwise, she will suffer from chest tightness, breathlessness, and weakness. After 60 minutes of normal pressure and oxygen inhalation every day, her condition improves quickly.