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Is animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatment expensive?

By hqt / March 2, 2021

What is the function of oxygen chamber?

The animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber is oxygen supplying machine to the tissues of the pet animals. This process of supplying oxygen to different tissues of the body is called oxygen therapy for animals. However, apart from compensating for the shortage of oxygen, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is also useful in the healing of stubborn wounds.

Thus, this article is helpful for you if you are trying to get crucial information about your pet oxygen therapy. It will also narrate the method of oxygenating the pet and the use of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber for animals. It will also discuss the important questions related to the oxygen therapy of animals inquired by most of the people.

Can I buy oxygen for my dog?

animal oxygen chamber

If you want to buy an oxygen chamber for your dog, you should have an idea of the prices and costs of the chambers. However, their price varies according to the model and features of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The price of the oxygen chamber that has domestic use is generally of low cost as compared to others. The general cost for these animal hyperbaric oxygen chambers is almost $3999.

However, you should take into account the necessary precautions for the use of a domestic hyperbaric chamber at home. Generally, the hyperbaric oxygen chambers for the animals are of two important types. The mild type of oxygen chambers and traditional type of oxygen chambers are of frequent use.

The traditional type of oxygen chambers is expensive as compared to the mild type of oxygen chambers. But the advantage is that they have the insurance coverage that is not available in the case of a mild type of oxygen chamber.


What is oxygen therapy for dogs?


The process of supplying oxygen to the different sensitive tissues of the body is known as oxygen therapy. When your dog is present inside the animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the process of oxygen transmission to the different tissues of the body starts. The oxygen chamber contains pure oxygen gas that is 3 times greater in volume as compared to the level in the atmosphere.

Inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the rate of supply of oxygen to the body tissues is fast as compared to the atmosphere. In this environment, the repair of damaged tissues becomes very easy and fast. Moreover, the tissues having sensitive and vulnerable nature can also get sufficient oxygen. As I have mentioned earlier, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber is also useful for the cure of different blood circulatory ailments.

How can you get oxygen at home?


The oxygen therapy for the animals does also include the essential and precautionary steps as are in the case of humans. There is no chance of treating your pet with negligence during the oxygen therapy. It is important to consult with the veterinarian to know whether your dog requires oxygen therapy or not.


If the veterinarian says that your dog needs the supply of oxygen through the hyperbaric chamber, you should also inquire about the dose of oxygen essential for the dog. You should provide the accurate and required amount of oxygen to your dog.

Once, you have collected all the relevant information and guidelines from the veterinarian, then you can go on according to the instructions. The animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the best oxygen supply machine for your pet. This is a type of chamber or tank to provide pure oxygen to different tissues of the body.

Is it safe to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber?


It is important to know the effects of residing in the hyperbaric chamber for the whole night or sleeping inside the chamber. The fundamental purpose of the oxygen chamber is to provide oxygen to the different parts of the body. However, the veterinarians say that there is no use in residing in the chamber once the tissues have got a sufficient supply of oxygen.

However, the doctors narrate that it is of no use to keep your pet inside the hyperbaric chamber after the first two hours. The reason behind it is that maximum oxygen is supplied to the body tissues in the first two hours. After this period, there is no use or harm in keeping the dog inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

How long can you breathe pure oxygen?


The breathing process to get the pure oxygen in the hyperbaric chamber is of different spans for different pets. It does depend upon the patient and requirement of the oxygen to the patient.

The fundamental purpose of the oxygen chamber is to provide oxygen supply to tissues of the body. The condition of the patent can tell us how much oxygen and how long it has to supply.

In the case of normal circumstances, there is a need for two sessions of breathing pure oxygen. One session usually contains five days a week. These sessions will help to maintain the supply of oxygen in the body.

If the session is appropriate to meet the oxygen requirement for the week, the patient has to take the next session in the next week.

Under what condition your pet need hyperbaric oxygen chamber session?

However, in the intense shortage of oxygen in the body, there is a need for more sessions. The sessions will continue until the patient recovers from the deficiency of oxygen. However, the physicians indicate that patient can need up to 30 sessions for the complete recovery.

So, the duration of the breathing in pure oxygen inside an animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber varies for the different patients.


animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber


Who is not a candidate for hyperbaric oxygen therapy?


There is no doubt that oxygen therapy has proved a miracle for patients having an oxygen shortage. They can get sufficient oxygen inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber. However, this oxygen therapy is not suitable for all patients. If we do this for the patients, who are not candidates for oxygen therapy, it will result in adverse conditions.

We should not do oxygen therapy for patients who are not candidates for oxygen therapy. The patients who have the issue of hypertension, are not suitable candidates for oxygen therapy. The reason is that they are vulnerable to higher blood pressure. Moreover, the patients facing diabetes mellitus are also excluded from the list of candidates for oxygen therapy.

What does the oxygen chamber do for you?


The animal hyperbaric oxygen chamber provides an excellent method to supply oxygen to the different tissues of the body. It can provide oxygen to the body quickly and fast as compared to the atmospheric air. Moreover, it is also helpful in the treatment of stubborn wounds and carbon dioxide poisoning.

What does the oxygen chamber do?

The oxygen transmission to the body tissues is fast when the patient is present inside the oxygen chamber. The reason is that pure oxygen is present inside the hyperbaric chamber. It has as much as 3 times the oxygen in the atmosphere. That is why oxygen therapy is a great contribution to the patients of oxygen shortage.

Different types of hyperbaric chambers have different costs. Moreover, the type of hyperbaric chamber determines the use it. The condition of the patient also determines the duration of oxygen therapy.

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