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How much does animal oxygen chamber cost in 2021?

By hqt / February 15, 2021

An ultimate Guide to treat Pets in Modern Oxygen Chamber


animal oxygen chamber

The hyper baric oxygen chamber is a machine that has the tremendous use for the supply of oxygen to the different tissues of body. The hyper baric oxygen therapy is the best therapy for doing this. This technique is also useful in the healing of the stubborn wounds and treatment of the oxygen shortage. The animal oxygen chamber provides a great opportunity for the treatment of these disorders in you pets.

This article will provide you the necessary information about the hyperbaric oxygen therapy and the use of oxygen chambers for your pets. It will also demonstrate the pros and cons of this therapy. Moreover, the precautions and factors affecting this type of treatment are also part of this article. It will also throw some light on the method of oxygenating your pets at home.


What does the oxygen chamber do for you?


The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the machine that has the purpose of oxygenating the tissues of the body. When the desired animal is present inside this chamber, the process of the oxygen supply to the tissues starts. There is a supply of the pure oxygen gas inside the chamber. However, the concentration of the oxygen inside the chamber is almost 3% greater than that in the air. Therefore, it provides the sufficient amount of oxygen as compared to atmospheric oxygen.

When the desired animal or pet is present inside the chamber, there is a fast and greater supply of oxygen to the tissues of the body. Ultimately, the tissues of the body are able to repair very fast and get the sufficient amount of oxygen.  In this way, the use of the animal oxygen chamber solves the issue of the low supply of oxygen to the tissues of the body.

Moreover, the disorder like carbon dioxide poisoning and the stubborn wounds are also treated by this method.

Can I buy a hyperbaric chamber?

The pricing and cost of the hyperbaric oxygen chambers are different according to the model and properties. The types of the oxygen chambers that are for the domestic use, are usually cheaper in the costs. There are many types of the chambers that are have the facility of the wheelchair use. In the most cases, the domestic hyperbaric chambers have the cost up to $3999.

However, there are necessary precautions for the use of every type of the hyperbaric chamber. There are two kinds of the animal oxygen chambers that have the most frequent use. One of them is the mild oxygen chamber while the other is traditional oxygen chamber.

The cost of the mild oxygen chambers is usually lower than that of the traditional oxygen chambers. But the beneficial feature of the traditional oxygen chamber is that they come with the facility of insurance covering with them. This facility of the insurance covering is not present in the case of the mild oxygen chambers.

Is it safe to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber?


In the most cases, the clients have asked this question from the physicians to sleep in the hyperbaric chamber. They inquired whether their pets can stay the whole night in the chamber sleeping there. The answer to this question is quite simple that there is no harm for sleeping in the hyperbaric chamber. The purpose of the chamber is to provide the oxygen gas to the tissues of the body.

However, the doctors have indicated that there is no benefit of residing your pet in the animal oxygen chamber after first two hours. The reason is that the amount of the oxygen inside the chamber is greater. The tissues of the body get the double amount of oxygen in the chamber. Therefore, there is no use of reside in the chamber once the tissues have got the sufficient amount of oxygen.

How long can you stay in a hyperbaric chamber?


The time span for the stay in the oxygen chamber is different for the different patients. It mostly depends upon the condition of the patient animal and the requirements of oxygen. The fundamental purpose of the oxygen chamber is to provide the oxygen to the tissues of the body in a quick and effective way. However, the duration for the proper treatment varies according to the condition of the pet.

In the most cases, at least two sessions of the oxygen therapy are essential for the patient. The session of the oxygen therapy includes five days in a week in a row. This will help in the maintenance of the oxygen needs in the body for the week. The patient will get the session for the next week again.

What if we need more oxygen in chamber?

However, if the patient needs more oxygen supply to the tissues of the body, more sessions are advisable for the patient. This process will be helpful in coping with the requirements of oxygen to the tissues of the body.

Therefore, according to the doctors, some patients have to take about 30 to 40 sessions in the Animal Oxygen Chamber for the complete recovery. That is why the duration for the different patients is different.


animal oxygen chamber 2021

Can I give my dog oxygen at home?


The oxygen therapy for your dog will need the same precautions as for human in the Animal Oxygen Chamber. You should not deal with the negligence and indifference while performing oxygen therapy for your dog. First interact with the veterinarian to know whether you dog need the oxygen supply or not.

If it needs, specify the amount of the oxygen for your dog. You should know the amount of the oxygen your dog needs for the home oxygen supply.

After discussing with the veterinarian, you can go for the oxygen therapy of your dog at home. For the purpose of the oxygen therapy at home, there is usually a tank or machine for the supply of oxygen to you. This has the wide use for the supply of oxygen to the different parts of the body.


Does HBOT kill viruses?


Hyper baric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the technique to ensure the supply of oxygen to the body tissues for the breathing purpose. However, it supplies the more and increase amount of oxygen to the damaged tissues of the body. But there is not confirmation for the killing of the viruses by this animal oxygen chamber. However, this oxygen chamber can eliminate and remove the harmful substances and oxidizes them.

This hyperbaric oxygen chamber is helpful in the removal of the bacterial and viruses that thrive at the low oxygen levels. When the oxygen level rises up in the oxygen chamber, the poisoning of these bacteria and viruses occurs. The reason is that they need the low supply of oxygen for their survival. As soon as the supply of oxygen increases in the chamber, their survival becomes difficult.


One important benefit of the hyperbaric chamber is that it produces the stem cells in the body under the pressurized oxygen levels. The stem cells of the body have the ability to become the specialized cells of the desired nature. In this way, they can generate the cells that are in the constant need in the body.

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