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Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber: 2 Major Types

By hqt / December 9, 2021

Indications for Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber

Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber is a method of treatment that allows you to increase the concentration of oxygen in the inhaled air. Delivery of the enriched mixture carries out through a system of metal pipes using special equipment. Oxygen stores in cylinders.

Thanks to a well-thought-out dilution system, oxygen is available in every office of our clinic. This is very important in the treatment of emergencies.

The oxygen concentration in the medicinal mixture is 40-60% (the use of pure oxygen has a toxic effect on the animal’s body). In the inhaled air, the percentage of oxygen is 21%.

Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber for better concentration

For convenience and better concentration of the inhaled mixture, special masks are common. The doctor can also place your pet in a so-called Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The patient feels safe and the incoming mixture does not scatter around the office).

Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber

 When is oxygen therapy needed?

When an animal cannot breathe normally, it requires a higher concentration of oxygen than that we find in the air. It is then that access to an additional volume of oxygen (oxygen therapy) can significantly improve the patient’s condition. Moreover, it helps restore tissue metabolism.

Indeed, during oxygen starvation, all kinds of toxic metabolic products accumulate in the cells, which significantly worsens the course of the disease.

Conditions in which oxygen consumption increases significantly.

In severe anemia, it is necessary to improve the access of oxygen to the tissues. Hence, its delivery to the cells is reduced. Relevant for blood loss.

Thus, oxygen therapy increases the concentration of Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber available to the patient. This allows him to breathe with less effort. It also increases the chances of survival in severe acute conditions. It is due to oxygen deficiency, the patient can die before the drugs take effect.

Indications for oxygen chamber Therapy

Indications for oxygen therapy in dogs and cats:

  • pulmonary edema
  • also, injury (car accident, fall from a height);
  • respiratory distress syndrome;
  • shock;
  • also, a serious cardiac problem (may occur without pulmonary edema);
  • asthmatic attack;
  • pneumonia ;
  • recovery from anesthesia or surgery.

Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber is common with other drugs

Oxygen therapy is always common in combination with other drugs / treatments. For example, in the treatment of shock conditions, the use of aggressive infusion therapy, drugs that stabilize the acid-base balance, etc. is common.

Hence, it comes with pulmonary edema – adequate diuretic therapy, cardiac support, with pneumonia – antibiotic therapy.

According to the results of many studies, it has been proven that Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber significantly improves the prognosis. Moreover, it has a strong effect on the monitored indicators, and is extra.

Oxygen therapy in most cases serves as the first stage in the provision of emergency care for animals. Oxygen provides cellular metabolism and tissue integrity. There are many methods for providing oxygen to a patient. Their choice depends on his condition.

How much oxygen chamber contain in?

Among the many methods of providing a patient with oxygen, the choice of the most appropriate one depends on how much oxygen should contain in the patient’s inhaled air (Fi02), the duration of treatment, the equipment available, and the temperament of the animal.

Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber 2021

In most cases, to meet the patient’s needs for oxygen, it is enough that the inhaled mixture contains 30-40% – this level combines high efficiency and safety. Mixtures containing more than 60% oxygen should be common for no more than 24 hours (this is a general rule), and pure oxygen it is easy to common for no more than 12 hours.

Violation of principle increases the risk

Violation of this principle increases the risk of developing lung damage due to the increased formation of cytotoxic free radicals. If the duration of Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber exceeds two hours, it is important to humidify the oxygen supplied to the patient.

Unmittened oxygen causes drying of mucous membranes, increases the viscosity of secretions. Moreover, it induces degenerative changes in the epithelium of the respiratory system.

This device can be common from the very beginning of treatment or when the planned duration of treatment is short.

Advantages of the hyperbaric oxygen chamber

  • The advantages of this method of oxygen therapy are its simplicity and speed of implementation,
  • as well as the absence of the need for any additional equipment
  • If the oxygen mask is worn correctly, then through it is possible to provide the patient with a gas mixture containing 40-50% oxygen.
  • It is important to apply a gas mixture through the mask at a rate of 2-5 l / min (depending on the size of the animal).

Blowing Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber

This method involves holding the oxygen source close to the patient’s nose or mouth (approximately 2-4 cm). It is not as effective as an oxygen mask, but provides an acceptable alternative for patients who do not tolerate the mask they are wearing.

The oxygenate feed rate using this method is typically 2-5 L / min.

Major advantage of Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber

The main disadvantage of the Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber should be a high oxygen consumption during its operation. It is to maintain the optimal level of oxygen content in the mixture inhaled by the patient.

Similarly, it is necessary to supply it to the chamber at a rate of 10 l / min. In addition, during the procedure, the veterinarian completely deprives of access to the patient.

An animal in such a chamber is difficult to provide with a gas mixture with a relative oxygen content of more than 40-50%, and as soon as the chamber opens, this indicator drops sharply. Despite the disadvantages, the oxygen chamber is very convenient to use when treating cats with shortness of breath. Similarly, it does not cause additional stress in them during oxygen therapy.

How to tell if an animal needs oxygen therapy?

Treatment may require for the following conditions:

  • lethargy and lethargy of the pet, decreased interest in the environment;
  • restless animal behavior, aggression or change in behavior;
  • frequent and shallow breathing, coughing and sneezing;
  • increased heart rate with positive conduct disorder.


Treatment is prescribed by a doctor, but the owners themselves can take the initiative and make an appointment with a veterinarian. Timely administration of Macy pan hyperbaric oxygen chamber will benefit the animal and help avoid complications from diseases.

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