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Things to Know About Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers Manufactured in China

By hqt / 18 8 月, 2020

Everyone knows that oxygen is one of the most indispensable things for one’s life. Because it helps in sustaining the activities of life. Every living being, including humans, plants, and animals, breaths in oxygen to survive in this world. Without breathing in under the environment with oxygen one cannot dream to be alive. But, it has recently been proved that oxygen can also help in improving the immune system of a living being.

If someone eats food in an environment full of oxygen. His oxygenated cells will convert the food into various types of energy. In this way, oxygen is important for humans not only to keep them alive but also for controlling the quality and speed of their metabolism. For this reason, hyperbaric oxygen chambers are developed. The concept of HBOT is not new as the oxygen chamber in china is used for almost 50 years as an adjuvant or primary therapy to treat various types of diseases.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber?

Normally red blood cells in the human body help in transporting oxygen throughout the body. But to take oxygen to the areas that are blocked or the circulation has been diminished due to any reason the oxygen has to be dissolved into the body fluids like fluids of the central nervous system, the plasma, bones, and the lymph. This process can be completed with the help of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber or HBOT. The ability of blood cells to reduce swelling, kill bacteria, and grow new blood cells fast into the affected areas can be greatly increased by increasing the intake of oxygen. It is simply a painless and non-invasive way of treating any health problem.

Oxygen Chamber in china

Introduction With The Company Producing HBOT in China

Oxygen Chamber in china, Shanghai Baobang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd, or MACY-PAN is a company that specializes in manufacturing HBOT or Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for more than 13 years. They distribute these oxygen chambers throughout the world on the basis of their professional experience of OEM. Macy-Pan has become a world-class manufacturer of oxygen chambers based on its powerful resources of R&D. They are distributing their oxygen chambers in the UK, USA, Australia, Poland, Japan, Russia, and New Zealand, etc for the last 8 years. Macy-Pan has a high reputation in the international market. Because they focus on providing high-quality products, according to the requirements of their clients, at a competitive price.

Description of The Product

MACY-PAN has offered a hard type Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to treat various types of diseases through Pure Oxygen know as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or HBOT. In this therapy, the patient is completely enclosed in a pressure chamber to breathe in pure oxygen at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. In the atmospheric air, there is about 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Normally red blood cells help in transporting the oxygen in the entire body.

But when you breathe in oxygen through an HBOT then it gets dissolved into not only your blood but also in body’s cerebral fluids including the fluid in the central nervous system, lymph, bones, and the plasma, etc. to reach in the entire body including the damaged tissues to activate the process of its healing. This increase in the oxygen level can considerably increase the ability of white cells of blood to reduce swelling, kill bacteria, and rapid growth of new blood vessels in the areas affected by some disease. In this way, it is a painless and non-invasive way of treating a health problem.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

It is a well-known fact that without the right level of oxygen in the tissues several parts of the human body cannot heal properly. For this reason, most of the injuries and illnesses usually remain on tissues or cells. In certain problems like non-healing wounds, strokes, and circulatory problems, the natural ability of the body to heal cannot work properly due to a lack of enough oxygen in the damaged area. An additional dose of oxygen can be provided to such patients by using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat their problems with minimum side effects. In this way, in many areas, this therapy can improve the overall health of the patients where other medicines were not effective. The use of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber can be beneficial for certain conditions like stroke, autism, head injuries, chronic fatigue, and cerebral palsy, etc.

Application in Which Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Can Be Used

Oxygen Chamber in china with the help of a hyperbaric oxygen chamber can be provided clinically to the people suffering from various diseases like:

Autism: It has been proved through various studied that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be beneficial while treating autism. In a large study, it has been revealed that of all the biomedical therapies given to autistic patients, the rank of HBOT was 5th. Almost 80% of the autistic children treated with this therapy have shown noticeable improvements in the fields of repetitive behaviors, social deficits, intestinal, sensory, emotional, and language-related issues.

Cerebral Palsy: A general improvement in the neurological deficits was experienced with the children with cerebral palsy by using HBOT. According to an expert, there are 7 common problems are found in autistic children like:

  • Awareness and alertness
  • Movement of legs and arms
  • Movement of fingers and hands
  • The tone of voice as low-tone increases and high-tone decreases
  • Speech and cognition
  • Oral motor function including swallowing, chewing, handling secretion and drooling
  • Balancing while standing or sitting

After using this therapy has shown improvement in 4 out of these 7 dysfunctions have been noticed. Moreover, improvement is also seen in patients with autonomic dysfunction and cortical impairment of hearing or vision. The published reports of these studies have mentioned these improvements.

Anoxic Brain and Drowning Injury: In 2016, a little girl was treated after a non-fatal drowning through HBOT. She was able to show the regrowth of brain tissues on MRI and started talking and walking after treating her for 8 weeks with HBOT and 3 weeks with supplemental oxygen. Similarly, various other patients of non-fatal drowning injury have been treated by using hyperbaric oxygen therapy due to its wonderful and fast results.

In this way, the hyperbaric oxygen chamber in china can offer a number of health benefits in a natural manner.