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What is HBOT Treatment?

By hqt / 28 8 月, 2020

What is HBOT Treatment?

HBOT or hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a kind of treatment that can help in making healing faster from certain conditions, where tissues starve for oxygen like gangrene, poisoning with carbon monoxide, infections, and stubborn wounds. The information provided here under will help you to know WHAT IS HBOT TREATMENT.


While using this therapy the patient is entered into a particular chamber where he can breathe in air containing pure oxygen under a higher pressure, 1.5 to 3 times more than usual. The main aim of this therapy is to restore the normal functioning of the body and repairing tissues by providing them enough oxygen.


In the start of 20th century, HBOT was initially used in the US by Orville Cunningham to treat a flu affected dying patient successfully. For this purpose, he designed and developed a chamber but after failing in treating other conditions he destroyed it.

In the 1940s, this therapy was again used by the US navy to treat decompression sickness of the sea divers.

In the 1960s, this therapy was used to treat poisoning from carbon monoxide.

At present, it is normally used to cure people poisoned with carbon monoxide and sick scuba divers, miners and firefighters, etc.

The FDA has approved to use HBOT for treating several bones and burn-related injuries as well as cyanide poisoning, poisoning from carbon monoxide, gangrene, crush injuries, the acute inadequate flow of blood in the arteries, decompression sickness, bone infection, compromised skin flaps and grafts, a disease that eat flesh, belated radiation injury, chronic infections, the trapped air bubble in a vessel of blood and non-healing wounds of diabetic people.

This oxygen therapy for treating such conditions has also been covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and several other health insurance companies according to circumstances. So before going for an HBOT treatment you should check with your insurance provider about its coverage in your case.


In HBOT, plasma rich in oxygen is brought to the tissues starving for oxygen to heal wounds. The blood vessels of your body get damaged due to injuries and wounds. In this situation, swelling is caused due to leak of the fluid released by these blood vessels into the tissues. The cells damaged in the injury could not get oxygen due to swelling on the body part. The amount of oxygen in the blood is increased due to the increased pressure in the HBOT chamber. The main aim of using HBOT is to disturb the cycle of starvation for oxygen, death of tissues, and swelling.

The flow of blood through the injury is prevented by HBOT. The blood flows through the injury when the tissues are severely damaged and the supply of blood returns to the tissue, due to lack of oxygen. The damaged cells release harmful molecules of oxygen when the flow of blood is obstructed by the injury caused by crushing as it triggers several effects inside the cells. These harmful oxygen molecules can cause irreversible damage to the tissues and stop the flow of blood by clamping the blood vessels. The hunters of these oxygen radicals in your body are encouraged by HBOT to continue healing the injury wound and finding out the problems caused by the harmful blood molecules.

HBOT helps in strengthening the immune system of the body along with stopping the action of harmful bacteria by disabling tier toxins. It also enables the tissues to resist infections by increasing the concentration of oxygen in them. Moreover, this therapy also boosts the ability of white cells in your blood to detect and demolish the intruders.

HBOT also encourages the formation of new blood vessels which in turn help in the formation of new cells of the skin as well as new connective tissues known as collagens. The cells of your body are also encouraged by HBOT to produce substances like a factor of vascular endothelial growth to attract and encourage endothelial cells required for healing wounds faster.


Two types of chambers are used for hyperbaric oxygen therapy including monoplace and muliplace chambers.

* Monoplace chamber is used to treat one person at a time. It is a long tube made of plastic and it looks like the machine of MRI. The patient is slipped into the chamber and 100% pure oxygen is gradually entered into it under pressure.
* Multiplace chamber can be used to treat two or more persons at a time. But they have the breath in pure oxygen through their hoods or masks.


The treatment from HBOT can be prescribed only by a health care provider. The chambers of hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be found in several hospitals. In these chambers, people lie or sit comfortably for up to 2 hours to deep breathe pure oxygen and relax.

As the pressure of oxygen in increased you may feel as your ears are plugged as you feel while on a mountain or in an airplane. Your ears can return to normal levels if hearing just by chewing or swallowing chewing gum.

To infuse the injured tissues, additional oxygen is carried away throughout your body by your blood so that they can start healing by getting more oxygen. You may feel light and wobbly after the completion of a session. You can also experience fatigue, headaches, and claustrophobia as a side effect of this treatment.

To heal all the wounds and injuries you may need several sessions of HBOT. So to cover the costs you should check with your Medicaid, Medicare, or other insurance companies in advance.


Everyone may not be suitable for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. People who have recently had a trauma or surgery in the ear, lung disease of certain types, fever, or cold should not go for this treatment.

After HBOT, a trauma in the middle of the ear can be the complication commonly experienced. Sinus problems and damage to the eye are some of the other possible complications after this treatment. This oxygen treatment can become poisonous in severe cases but it rarely happens. But if it happens then it can cause problems like fluid in lungs, seizures, and failure of lungs, etc.

So, before going for HBOT you must meet your health care provider to know its pros and cons.