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What purpose oxygen therapy chamber serves to you?

By hqt / November 25, 2021

What diseases can be treated with the hyperbaric chamber?

The oxygen therapy chamber medicine is an effective alternative for treating different types of diseases. These include arterial embolism and poisoning with carbon monoxide.

It comes on the use of pure oxygen. It uses dose intermittently in a pressurized cabin, to help oxygenate the body for the benefit of health, without generating side effects.

In this article, we are going to learn about some diseases. These are easy to treat effectively with the use of a hyperbaric chamber.

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy – HBO?

The hyperbaric oxygen -OHB is therapy applying intermittent high-pressure oxygen in the blood. It goes through the inhalation of pure oxygen, in a booth, called hyperbaric chamber. Hence, it exerts much greater pressure to the atmosphere.

The effects produced by oxygen therapy chamber are relevant to hemodynamics and O2 transport. Therefore, it is usually important for the treatment of various pathologies. It comes with proven beneficial effects for most of them.

oxygen therapy chamber

Fundamental objective of oxygen therapy chamber

The fundamental objective of HBO is simple. In the first place, it guarantees the adequate distribution of enough oxygen to the tissues. It is normal when the red blood cells are not fully fulfilling this function, as occurs in cases of intoxication or anemia.

Second, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is especially effective when we face with a condition. Here, a decrease in oxygen generates to the tissues. It is due to the decrease in blood flow, as is the case of tissue hypoxia.

Recent scientific research shows the benefits of hyperbaric chamber treatment in those cases in which the repair of injured tissues at the bone and skin level is required, especially in situations of burns or transplants.

How to apply oxygen therapy chamber?

Under normal conditions, the body’s tissues function properly with a certain level of oxygen. When these tissues are injured in some way, they usually need a higher dose of oxygen to heal. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides a greater amount of oxygen therapy chamber to the blood.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment focuses on breathing pure oxygen into a hyperbaric chamber that has a pressure level up to three times higher than normal atmospheric pressure. What is sought is that the lungs manage to obtain a greater amount of oxygen than in normal pressure situations.

Diseases treated with the oxygen therapy chamber

Arterial air embolism consists of the obstruction of the blood flow to the organs due to the presence of gas bubbles in the arteries, producing organic ischemia. Arterial air embolism lists as one of the main deaths among divers.

Moreover, it causes damage to the central nervous system, causing them to lose consciousness and present symptoms very similar to those of a cerebrovascular accident – CVA.

The diagnosis of this condition is clinical and it is easy to celebrate with imaging studies. For its treatment, it is necessary to administer oxygen as soon as possible to the affected person, taking them immediately to an oxygen hyperbaric chamber.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning – CO in the body occurs when this gas builds up in the bloodstream. When you inhale carbon monoxide present in the air, the body includes it within the red blood cells, replacing oxygen. This situation is extremely dangerous. Hence, it can represent irreversible brain damage, and can be lethal in a very short time.

Some symptoms that can indicate carbon monoxide poisoning are loss of consciousness, dizziness, headache, disorientation, and shortness of breath. Immediate medical attention to perform hyperbaric oxygen therapy is essential in these cases.

Thermal burns oxygen therapy chamber

Thermal burns are those sores or injuries that generates by contact with heat sources, such as hot liquids, steam or fire. In general, these types of burns clinically classify from first to fourth degree, although they are also usually identified as mild, moderate or severe, according to their size and level of depth.

oxygen therapy chamber 2021

Oxygen therapy chamber therapy is especially important for the treatment of severe thermal burns. It helps prevent dermal ischemia, decrease edema, and promote healing. In addition, it is very useful to modulate the stasis zone.

Risks associated with the use of the hyperbaric chamber

It is essential that hyperbaric oxygen therapy carries out by true specialists in the field, since there may be certain risks comes with the use of the hyperbaric chamber.

Some of these risks may be minor, such as joint pain or hearing pressure, but others can be serious, such as paralysis or aeroembolism. Additionally, hyperbaric chambers can present a fire hazard.

That is why it is important, in case of considering the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, to consult with the specialist doctor to evaluate the suitability of this treatment in your specific case. The professional assesses the benefit of this therapy and determine the best option for your health.

How the symptoms of the disease improve via oxygen therapy chamber

oxygen therapy chamber is the treatment based on the application of pure oxygen to the patient in a pressurized chamber. That is, the patient breathes 100% oxygen at a pressure greater than 1.4 absolute atmospheres.

This treatment, which some elite athletes have applied for years to treat their injuries and accelerate recovery, is today much more accessible. In addition, it is easy to apply to a wide variety of pathologies. Specifically, today we are going to talk to you about the benefits of the relationship between hyperbaric medicine and fibromyalgia.

Objectives of application of oxygen therapy chamber

First, it must be clarified that the application of high-pressure oxygen pursues an objective. Moreover, it is to increase the supply of oxygen to the cells of the person receiving the treatment. The reason is that the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing capacity of the cells accelerates thanks to the supply of oxygen therapy chamber.

Now, for us to talk about hyperbaric medicine, it is necessary that both requirements concur. Similarly, it can be pure oxygen and high-pressure chambers. The processes does not activate until the cells do not have enough oxygen, and this is only possible under these conditions.


Only from a minimal result are the therapeutic properties. When high-concentration oxygen applies at high pressure, there is a dilution effect in the fluids that facilitates the analgesic, anti-inflammatory and healing action.

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