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Portable hyperbaric chamber price: An ultimate Guide

By hqt / November 25, 2021

What is Portable hyperbaric chamber price?

Portable hyperbaric chamber price

Portable hyperbaric chamber price can be a tricky question. To search for a comprehensive answer, we need to understand some basic parameters.

These factors belong to the type of hyperbaric chamber you are going to buy. There are chambers for vet, domestic and portable.

Generally, the cost of a hyperbaric chamber starts from:

  1. $4000
  2. $8000
  3. It can be even $18000

Fibromyalgia is a disease whose origin is unknown and its most characteristic symptom is chronic and generalized pain.

In Europe, the prevalence of this disease exceeds 2.4% of the general population, that is, 700,000 people in our country suffer from it. This disease is most common in women and especially between the ages of 40 and 49 years.

How to find symptoms of patients

Fibromyalgia is accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, paresthesia in the extremities (tingling), joint stiffness, headaches, and among the psychological symptoms, depression and anxiety stand out.

Generalized fibromyalgia Pain

It is the common symptom of fibromyalgia patients. The pain is generalized to the spine, proximal part of the extremities, suboccipitals, trapezius, knees, wrists, hands, ankles and feet.

They wake up frequently and sleep is not restful

It often defines by patients as continuous pain. This worsens in the morning. Moreover, it improves with the course of the day, and worsens again at night. The pain comes by joint stiffness, tingling, and muscle weakness.


It can occur both in the form of acute bouts of exhaustion that last 1-2 days or continuously that improves with rest.

Cognitive-affective symptoms

Attention and memory deficits, anxiety, altered mood … are the most frequent symptoms suffered by patients with fibromyalgia.

The origin and how the disease triggers is not common at present, as we have said previously. However, there are several factors that are popular among fibromyalgia sufferers.

One of them is that the disease is triggered by traumatic events, both physical and psychological, stressful situations, infections, major surgeries, mood disorders and even anxiety.

Causes of decrease of Portable hyperbaric chamber price

About the analytical, an increase in the concentration of substances typical of autoimmune processes is seen. Also, antioxidant enzymes are moderately decreased in patients. This causes a decrease in oxygen (hypoxia) in the body and, therefore, its tissues suffer high oxidative stress.

The high oxidative stress to which the body exposes is very characteristic of fibromyalgia and this is directly related to the most important symptom of fibromyalgia: pain.


The way to combat pain due to this oxidative stress to which the body subjects is through the hyperbaric chamber that people have in their center.

The Portable hyperbaric chamber price is a non-invasive and painless therapeutic method. In a pressurized chamber, oxygen breathes in at pressures above atmospheric. The lungs “breathe” more oxygen than under normal conditions and the supply of oxygen to the cells is greater.

Main symptoms of Portable hyperbaric chamber price

This phenomenon called hyperoxia slows down and slows down the oxidative process common in fibromyalgia patients.

Portable hyperbaric chamber price 2021

It has been shown in various studies that pain improvement is notably superior in patients who have common the hyperbaric chamber, which would be a solution to the main symptom of fibromyalgia and, therefore, an improvement in quality of life.

Benefits of Portable hyperbaric chamber price

In fact, in the last soccer World Cup, several teams brought hyperbaric chambers with them to accelerate the wear of their players between games and even the recovery of injured injuries.

A case that we all remember was that of the former Real Madrid player: Raúl González when he told the media that he was sleeping in a hyperbaric room to gain resistance

As well reflected by physics, the Portable hyperbaric chamber price attributes great advances in the world of sports, especially when we talk about high-performance sports. The blood circulates throughout the body distributing oxygen and nutrients, to carry out a normal life, since cells need this to live, reproduce and die, and thus follow a totally normal life cycle.

What does the Portable hyperbaric chamber price contribute to sport?

As we mentioned before, hyperbaric oxygenation as a treatment increases at atmospheric pressure inside the capsule.

And as the laws of physics clearly reflect, the higher the atmospheric pressure, the greater the percentage of oxygen accumulates in plasma. This circulates and distributes to the proper functioning of the body.

If to this characteristic, we add that in the hyperbaric chamber we are treating the patient with 100% pure oxygen, nor can we imagine the number of times we multiply the oxygen irrigation in the blood.

Also, it increases both due to the phenomenon of atmospheric pressure, and due to the increase of 21% of oxygen in the air, to 100% in the Portable hyperbaric chamber price.

Portable hyperbaric chamber price effect

A high-performance athlete requires an effort at a very high metabolic level. They work in a state of hypoxia (with low oxygen supply) for a long time.

In addition to the contributions of oxygen and nutrients that the body must contribute to their respective cells is higher. Fatigue is something to combat from this point of view.

Oxygen exposes to high pressures in recovery from fatigue. This comes on the fact that the increased supply of oxygen to the muscle in the state of fatigue. At the time of muscle recovery, stimulates cellular activity. Hence, it increases ATP synthesis and promotes metabolism and the elimination of substances that cause this feeling of fatigue

Portable hyperbaric chamber price Exercise at high altitudes

During the physical exercise that carries out during the practice of sport, when the oxygen demand increases, the tissues remain in a hypoxic state. It comes with a lower amount of oxygen than is normal.

The following conditions make exercise hypoxic:

  1. Vigorous exercise in normal people in a normoxic environment
  2. Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Different studies have found an increase in exercise tolerance. This is an increase in muscle energy, at the expense of an increase in the energy load.

And the redox potential of the muscle tissue thanks to the extra supply of oxygen breathed in the Portable hyperbaric chamber price.


The hyperbaric oxygen is useful as adjunctive therapy for the preparation of the athlete. Moreover, as an adjunct in recovering from their injuries, since breathing pure oxygen pressure two or three times that increases atmospheric tolerance exercise increases muscular energy.

Also, it is helps in the recovery of fatigue, which is very convenient for improving the physical condition and recovery of athletes.

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