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Pros and Cons of veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber

By hqt / February 15, 2021

What does the pressure chamber heal?

The range of diseases for which the use of the HBO method is shown is quite wide. However, veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy is especially effective for the following pathologies:

  • Vascular: obliterating vascular diseases of the extremities, trophic ulcers as a result of circulatory disorders, vascular gas embolism, etc.
  • Cardiac: ischemic heart disease (IHD), angina pectoris, arrhythmias, extra systoles, heart failure, decompensation of post infarction conditions.
  • Gastrointestinal tract: gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, post-hemorrhagic syndrome after gastric bleeding, bowel disease.
  • Liver: acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver failure.
  • Central and nervous systems: ischemic stroke, traumatic brain injury, encephalopathy, spinal cord injury.veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber

How is oxygen treatment in veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber?

For a HBO session, special pressure chambers (pressure devices) are used, in which an increased oxygen pressure is created in sealed conditions. However, there are modern domestic and foreign pressure devices that provide comfortable conditions during a treatment session. The patient is in a pressure chamber in a free position (lying or sitting), inhaling healing oxygen. During the session, he may even sleep.

However, before the veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions, the patient is examined. Moreover, he is diagnosed. In addition, the necessary laboratory tests are important to take. After which the doctor prescribes a course of treatment, if necessary, concomitant therapy.

What is an average duration of therapy?

The time and number of sessions are assigned individually and depends on the diagnosis and indications. Usually, depending on the pathology, the duration of treatment is 5-15 sessions, 40-60 minutes each.

The attending physician constantly monitors the patient’s condition. As a rule, patients tolerate HBO sessions well. A well-developed technique and constant monitoring guarantee the absence of undesirable effects.

What is HBO?

Hyperbaric oxygenation is the filling of the body with oxygen. The substance, being under high pressure, easily enters the cells and tissues of the body.

Therefore, it is used for the treatment of diseases and for the general improvement of the body. It is carried out in special veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber under the supervision of a specialist.

Additionally, it comes in conjunction with other medical procedures and as an independent therapy.

Indications for veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy

They are used in surgery, gastroenterology, nephrology, toxicology, otolaryngology, neurology and other fields.

Any condition that causes a lack of oxygen in the organs and tissues of the body is an indication for the use of hyperbaric oxygenation. For example, respiratory or heart failure leads to circulatory disorders and organ hypoxia.

A number of treatments will reduce oxygen deprivation, prevent decay and initiate cell repair.

Indications include:

  • burns and severe injuries;
  • frostbite;
  • diseases of the respiratory system;
  • heart diseases and their prevention, recovery after heart surgery;

Hyperbaric Oxygen Methodology

The whole veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber process takes place under the supervision of a doctor. He monitors the patient’s reaction to changes in the pressure chamber, checks the pulse, checks against the indicators of the devices.

However, the patient lies and inhales oxygen at this time. He informs the doctor about the unpleasant sensations through an intercom.

Similarly, for young children, parents or officials can show cartoons or a book through clear glass. The course usually lasts 5-20 sessions. In addition, the first session is always carried out in a gentle mode: they moderately increase the pressure and observe the patient’s sensations.

Pros and cons of veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy

HBO has a positive effect on the underlying disease or injury. Therefore, the organs and cells of the body suffering from hypoxia saturate with oxygen.

The veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber procedure allows you to reach hard-to-reach corners of the body.

Therefore, thanks to this, blood circulation improves and a complex detoxification effect occurs, the metabolism levels.

In addition, a person begins to feel more cheerful, his mood rises, his muscles relax. The effects of stress remove, immunity restores, brain activity increases, and physical endurance increases.

Hyperbaric oxygenation in many ways has a positive effect on the human condition. Patients notice a boost of vivacity, lightness and improved mood after the session. They feel refreshed and joyful.

Manipulation can harm the body in the following cases:

  • the patient has contraindications that he did not report before HBO;
  • individual reaction to the supply of oxygen under pressure;
  • humidity and air temperature in the pressure chamber does not correspond to the norm, the concentration of carbon dioxide increases;
  • negligence and insufficient qualifications of doctors.

How do you know if your pet needs oxygen therapy?

The most important sign that your pet is lacking oxygen is shortness of breath. However, if you begin to notice that the animal is beginning to breathe heavily, we recommend making an appointment at veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber clinic. Experienced veterinarians will conduct an examination and prescribe a set of procedures in accordance with the health of your pet.

Another reason for giving oxygen therapy to a cat or dog may be surgery or serious illness. In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system so that the animal does not get sick and feels cheerful.

Benefits, or why everyone needs oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy for animals will be useful in any case, since it has many advantages for the animal:

  1. The work of the lungs, central nervous system, liver, cardiovascular system improves.
  2. Blood circulation and metabolism go to normal value.
  3. The coat becomes shinier and healthier.
  4. Appetite and activity increase.

However pet oxygen therapy is a procedure that allows you to increase the amount of oxygen you breathe. Oxygen delivery carries out using metal pipes through which oxygen comes from special equipment.

There are 3 options for the veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber procedure:

  1. Oxygen chambers

 Generally, the animals are placed in special transparent veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber, where the medicinal mixture with oxygen is supplied. This method is the most convenient for pets, since oxygen does not diffuse around the room. And there is no need to constantly monitor that the mask fits snugly to the face.

  1. Oxygen masks

This option has used to treat large animals that cannot accommodate in oxygen chambers for small dogs and cats.

  1. Endotracheal tubes

This method is suitable for animals in a semi-conscious or unconscious state, for example, after a car accident or surgery, with respiratory tract damage and other pathologies.

The oxygen concentration in the mixture is approximately 40-60%, while in the inhaled air it is only 20%.

Question: In what cases does a pet need oxygen treatment?

Answer: Whenever an animal is in serious condition and needs intensive treatment –

  • Difficulty breathing, respiratory failure
  • Heart failure
  • Injury and shock
  • Poisoning
  • After surgery and difficult childbirth.
  • During the treatment of any serious illness.

Question: Does this procedure have any side effects?

Answer: No. All serious conditions are accompanied by a decrease in the level of oxygen in the blood of animals. And oxygen therapy just affects the main link of metabolism – tissue respiration, replenishing the lack of oxygen. And so that the oxygen mixture does not dry out the respiratory tract, the device additionally moisturizes it. So there are no side effects.

veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber 2021

What symptoms should alert the pet owner?

Each owner should know what changes in the animal’s behavior indicate that the pet is unwell. An attentive owner will always notice that the pet has become sad or does not want to eat his favorite food. Hence, these are the most common signs of most diseases.

What is especially important to consider when choosing a veterinary clinic?

If your animal has health problems, the best way out is to show it to a veterinary hyperbaric oxygen chamber veterinarian. What is important to know when going with your pet to the doctor? Basically, first you need to choose a clinic. Similarly, it is important to know that veterinary institutions are places of increased risk in terms of the spread of all kinds of infections.

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